The girl with a broken heart

This is a girls story well parts of it. Her thoughts on life till she made that final decision, her life with her 'friends' and life at home, sit back get some popcorn cause this is her movie.


2. Chapter 2

                          Let's skip to Middle school where I first started to get depression. It started in 5th grade I moved to Michigan the summer before 2nd grade. I was always a happy kid even when I hated myself and when people pulled me down. Smiling was something I always did. I had a lot of friends but their was one who I didn't really like because she always hurt me and my friends even to this day she says mean things. We were going to rule out her so we could get away from her. Everyone voted me to tell her that she can't sit by her my job was to seat at a different table. I did and that's when I found out that I was voted out the sat at our normal table. They told Hannah the one who everyone hated that I'm the one who tried to get Hannah to stop being our friend. She hated me since that day and that;s when I found out that the person who looks out for you is yourself. I started to push people out of my life, I started hating myself crying when I got home. 


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