The girl with a broken heart

This is a girls story well parts of it. Her thoughts on life till she made that final decision, her life with her 'friends' and life at home, sit back get some popcorn cause this is her movie.


1. Chapter 1

                            I was born on March 2nd in 2000, a happy little girl with so called pretty eyes. I had a older brother who I was going to be protected by (Yeah whatever sure he will). After three years later on March 7th my mom gave birth to another girl. (I'm the middle child now great). Life was pretty good, well till kindergarten. There was a girl who always picked on me and my best friend. She'll pull our hair punch us, slap us that whole year. We tried to run away from her but it never worked. We always got us into trouble which people believed. But during that summer she moved. 

              But in first grade stuff at home got worst. I had a dream that I killed my sister I picked up her sleeping body and put her on the floor I then pushed my dresser crushing her, her blood made me laugh. I started to have nightmares every night about killing my family. One day it was a Saturday my brother said "Hey you know that demons circle around your bed every night as you are sleeping I see them walking to your room."  I some what believe him I've always loved hearing ghost stories even in kindergarten I always watched things with ghost. I thought that about it as I was in bed that night. Knowing that demons are in your room watching you sleep it's pretty scary. My heart raced that night, as my eyes opened during my sleep I felt something touch my leg I wanted to scream but I couldn't breathe. That morning my brother said the same thing "Demons circle around you as you sleep but this time I saw them standing over you wanting you dead."

             That night we heard crashing coming from my brothers room but everyone was in my mom's and dad's room which was on the other side of the house. We ran to his room to see his room messed up "Dad the demons they want to hurts us I see them there going to her room" my brother said as he pointed to me. My dad ran to his room and got a bible as he tried to cast them out the demons pushed my dad down my brother looked at my sister and me and told us to run. My brother picked up my sister and ran to my mom. As I ran to the room they knocked me down to the floor my bottom lip busted open. I got up as my brother pulled me into the room. About ten minutes later my dad came back to his room tears running down his face he turned around and there was long red lines down his back. "Their gone" my dad finally said, but for about a month I slept on my parents floor. After that I was scared of the dark. 

               You want to know how it started one Saturday I was in our large closet by my room which was a like storage area I walked to the back of it there was a old box I picked it up and opened it and there was an Ouija board. I brought it to my parents and the took it away and burned it. That's how it happened. 

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