Everything has changed

Parker and Luke have been bestfriends forever. She always had feelings for him but he never knew. Suddenly 5sos go on tour with one direction leaving Parker behind. When Luke gets back he realises everything has changed.


8. Chapter 5

10 months into their tour  I was diagnosed with severe depression and the first stages of anxiety. My parents worked late so most days I was alone. I started wearing black, going out less and less- some days I couldn't even manage going to school, my wrists had cuts and scars on them and all my social media accounts ( which all had 3k followers/friends) got deleted.. I was the schools biggest loser, I stopped wearing make up and only bothered with brushing my hair and teeth, showering and getting dressed.

1 month later I became anorexic and had an eating disorder, but I had no-one, no-one to talk to, no-one to help me, no-one to listen.

Until one day I woke up and saw a piece of paper... GREAT.... a ticket to 5sos when they come back home to Sydney... Woww, thanks mom.



So guys this is another short chapter so I guess I will just do loads of short chapters but release them in batches ly all X

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