Everything has changed

Parker and Luke have been bestfriends forever. She always had feelings for him but he never knew. Suddenly 5sos go on tour with one direction leaving Parker behind. When Luke gets back he realises everything has changed.


7. Chapter 4

Parker's POV

I guess you could say I had the life that most teens dream of: sexy clothes hanging out with the popular squad, parties, clubs, dating hot boys, one night stands.

The more and more time that went past, the more I forgot about Luke, after all, Calum, Ashton and Michael sent me texts, occasionally calls and facetimes but Luke, he still said nothing. 

I guess you could say ' I was living the dream' until one day my world took a spin I the wrong direction...

9 months into the tour

 I was in the bathroom when suddenly  heard Chrissy's voice

" Remind me why we still haven't ditched Parker yet!"

Maddy replied

" Because she's best friends with Luke Hemmings, the hottest boy in the school"


I was shocked had they just been using me this whole time ?? tears started to trickle down my face- it then turned into floods. I couldn't stand being stuck in the cubicle any longer I had to leave. I slammed the down open and ran out. In the background I could hear Meadow say " Oops do you think she heard us??"

And then was when it started..



Sorry again that it's a short chapter hopefully the next one will be longer X

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