Everything has changed

Parker and Luke have been bestfriends forever. She always had feelings for him but he never knew. Suddenly 5sos go on tour with one direction leaving Parker behind. When Luke gets back he realises everything has changed.


3. Chapter 3

Parker's POV

I get a taxi back home and sit on my bed wondering what to do with my self while he's gone. One year. Jesus Christ I'm gonna miss him so much. The way his hair flops over his face, his bright blue eyes.

I decide to catch some more sleep as its only 5 am.

My eyes slowly close and I let the darkness take over me.


*beep beep*

I slam my hand down on my alarm. Ugh it's school today.. It finally clicks in my head that Luke's not here and I'm not really friends with anyone else. I'll try and fit in with the 'cool' kids.

*skips to school*

I walk up to my locker and admire all the pictures of me and Luke, I miss our sleepovers, watching Disney films and chilling out. Luckily next to my locker is the most popular girl in the school... Hi I say while smiling and waving.... We are quite good friends I suppose. She asks me if I want to hang out with them... That's my lunchtime sorted.


Hey guys this is just a filler so that's why it's so short I need four popular girls comment below if you want to be one.. There is the most popular then the others. You need to tell me

Your name

Age (17/18)

Hair colour

Eye colour

Fave colour.

Thanks for reading I have 300+ reads OMG so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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