Everything has changed

Parker and Luke have been bestfriends forever. She always had feelings for him but he never knew. Suddenly 5sos go on tour with one direction leaving Parker behind. When Luke gets back he realises everything has changed.


2. Chapter 2

¬¬ Next Day¬¬

Parker's POV

*ding dong*

ARRGGHHH!! I yelled as I fell out of my bed.

What was that ??

The doorbell rang again.


It's probably Luke. I run to my shower and do the usual routine- light make up and straighten my hair. I ran downstairs and realised I still had my PJs on.


I forgot to put my clothes on, now I will wreck my make up :( I carefully try and put my tshirt over my head. YES !! It worked, I finished getting dressed and ran downstairs, I grabbed my keys and opened the door, Luke was there, looking sexy with his mess hairy, I locked the door and turned back around.

Luke's POV

Wow !!

She looked really pretty today- I have got to stop feeling this way about her>:( "So are we going then??" she asked. I realised we were still at the front door. "yep" I say making the p pop.

*Skips car ride*

Parker's POV

As soon as we entered the airport we met the boys. "Looking goo to day Parker" Ashton says. I blush and giggle then say " Not to bad yourself"

Suddenly the speaker announces their flight is ready to board. I burst into to tears and cling on to Luke. He starts to cry as well. " I will miss you so much" he whispers in my ear. " I will miss you more Lucas Robert Hemmings" then I started to giggle at the expression he gave me when I called him Lucas. Then our lips crashed together. Oh My God I'M KISSING LUKE HEMMINGS !! It started of gentle then it started to get a little more passionate. We pulled away. Tears were streaming down my face like crazy. Calum says if Luke doesn't get his butt over here then we would miss the flight. Luke turned back to me and said "Bye poptart." "Bye Lukey" I reply. He turns around and walks through to the tunnel to the plane.

Luke's POV

I board the plane and put my earphones in and listen to Green Day. God I'm going to miss her so much. I gaze out of the window, humming to American Idiot as I wait for the plane to take off.


This is what Parker is wearing










Hey guys,

I hope you're enjoying this book. I'm sorry that this chapter isn't very good but I wanted to make it longer but I was struggling for ideas. Thank you for 70+ reads.

Love ya x


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