Everything has changed

Parker and Luke have been bestfriends forever. She always had feelings for him but he never knew. Suddenly 5sos go on tour with one direction leaving Parker behind. When Luke gets back he realises everything has changed.


1. Chapter 1

I wish he was mine.... Everything would be perfect, like him... He's so hot , his lip ring is really sexy and his eyes are amazing.

Parker's POV

*bang, bang*

I quickly sat up in bed, someone was throwing rocks at my windows, I swear to god if they break my window... xD. I opened my curtains to see who it was. It was Luke... I looked at my phone.. FUCK ! It's 7am.. He knows I don't like waking up early... it better be important.... I unlocked my window and slightly opened it..

" Go and get ready and meet me outside"

I ran to the bathroom and had a shower and slowly put my clothes on: my nirvana tshirt; black skinny jeans and black vans, then I went to the mirror and straightened my hair. I did my make up, I don't cake myself in it I just wear subtle make up.

I run downstairs and open the front door I then lock it and run into his arms, I haven't seen hi for so long!

" so where are we going" I ask him.

" hello to you too" he says whilst laughing.

"i said where are we going" pouting and trying to look annoyed.

"its a surprise"

ugh he knows I hate surprises. he then hands me a blindfold. so I put it over my eyes and he grabs my hand..

I must look like a right idiot with my bestfriend dragging me down the street with a blindfold over my eyes. "are we nearly there yet" I complain while he giggles. "nearly" he says. Finally when we get there he rips of my blindfold and I gasp. It's our special place.... our special tree. That probably sounds really lame but we always used to play there when we were little.

I skip over to the tree and sit down, Luke skis over to the tree as well as I burst out laughing and he sits down next to me.

L: so about that thing.

P: go on


Luke's POV


I don't know how to tell her :/ damn... she looks so hot with the sunlight shining over her like that.. what the hell Luke she's your bestfriend....

L: you know my band 5sos

P: yea your really good

L: well one direction invited us to go on tour with them for a year !!

P: OMG Luke that's  amazing


Parker's POV

I cant believe I wont see him for a year I will miss him so much :(

P: when do you leave ??

L: tomorrow

TOMORROW ?!?! I can't hold it in anymore.

P: Luke, I have to go

tears are brimming in my eyes

P: pick me up tomorrow I want to go to the airport with you now byee

I quickly run off without him saying anything

when I get to my house I run upstairs, slam my door and burst out crying.. I knew in a matter of minutes Luke would see me crying through his window.....



Hey guys,

my name is Izzi/ Izzy however you wanna spell it, and I hope you enjoy this so far, im sorry that this is a really short chapter, if there is any spelling mistakes then when I finish this book I will edit it.. it may take a while to update which im sorry about.. Anyway fyi Luke and Parker are next door neighbours and Parker has had a crush on him since 9th grade ( they are in 11th grade at the minute and Luke will be dropping out of schoo). So anyway Parker is played by Ashley Benson ( Hanna from PLL) and Luke played by himself.

Bye guys love ya xx

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