The fight for her


1. Love Struck

Yes finally it's a Saturday! I said as I just woke up. What's so good about Saturday's? Said Luke as he just woke up right beside me in bed. Well because no school.Duh. Sorry princess said Luke in a sweet voice. As I got up and started walking downstairs I saw Calum making eggs. Um hello? I said in a slightly quiet voice."Oh hey yeah Luke let me and he woke up early and then I guess he went back to sleep." Said Calum. And you're making breakfast? For the first time in forever! Calum giggled OK Anna. Hey! I said while giggling. Hey um…Cara?he asked. Ya Calum? So you and Luke is it like official or anything? Well… I don't know? Why? I said curiously. Oh no reason.He said as I raised an eyebrow. Speak of the devil.Calum said as he cracked an egg. Oh hey guys hey Cara he said as he walked to me. What you guys talking about? Oh nothing Calum said really fast

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