Finding True Love

Rosalinda is an angel on earth, in a sense. She has been living for hundreds of years looking for that one true love. She's been told that she will get a certain feeling when she spots her true love. What happens when she gets that feeling for a worldwide pop star.
(Cover art is not mine, but there was no watermark to give credit.)


9. Visiters

*A Few Months Later*
"Thanks for coming. Have a nice day," I smile as the customers leave. It’s that time of day where not that many people come in. It is very nice to have a break and be able to do whatever.
"What kind of coffee do you want, Rosa?" Laurel asks.
"No coffee. But I'll take some peppermint hot chocolate."
"Any latte you want to make," Emmie smiles. Then her and I walk around the counter and sit down at one of the tables.
A few minutes later, Laurel brings us our drinks and a cookie. Then we all start eating and drinking.
"This is always my favorite time of the day," Laurel smiles.
"Yeah. And soon it'll be snowing and we can look outside to how beautiful it is," I say.
"I just like it because we can talk and just be ourselves," Emilia says.
"I'm really surprised Jake leaves us alone after half the day is done," Laurel says.
"He knows we've got it under control. He knows it’s not as busy after the morning rush," I take another sip of my hot chocolate.
We stay quiet for a little bit; nothing to really talk about. But then the door opens and we all jump to attention. Wondering who's coming during our down time.
The girls and I jump out of our chairs and turn to the door to see who's come at such an odd time. I can't believe who it is, and I don't know why they've come.
"Dad," I say. "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to come by to say hi," he gives a small smile.
"Mom forced you didn't she? Since you've been so busy lately."
"Yes, that's it."
"Well, now I can introduce you to my two best friends." I point to Laurel, "That's Laurel." Then I point to Emilia, "And that's Emilia, but we all call her Emmie."
"Hello girls. Well, I best be on my way. My business is picking up speed now, so I need to get back to my workers," he nods at each one of us. "Maybe I'll step in and say hi again someday soon."
"We'll be waiting to see you again," I smile.
"It was nice to meet you, Mr. Longfellow," Emilia says.
"Yes, thanks for stopping by sir," Laurel says.
"Bye girls," he smiles, turns around, and walks out the door.
The girls and I sit back down and get back to relaxing. "That was really weird that he'd just step in like that," I say.
"Was he going to work or something?" Laurel asks.
"Maybe he saw someone and just wanted to protect us," Emilia says.
"Doubt it. We could take anyone who would come in here."
"And my dad is very awkward and wouldn't fight anyone."
"Well, it’s over now so we can just relax," Laurel says.
*An Hour Later*
The three of us girls are back in the kitchen getting some more milk to put in the front room when I hear the door open. "Shit guys, someone's here," I say.
"Whoever's out there, we'll be out to help you in a second!" Laurel shouts.
We quickly get the milk we need and then head out to the front room.
"Sorry we keep you waiting," Emilia says as we walk back into the front room.
"How may we-" but that's as far as I get before I realize who are visitors are.
"Boys!" Emilia, Laurel, and I shout.
"Hello loves," Harry, Niall, and Louis smile at us.
"What are you doing here?" I ask.
"We wanted to visit you at work," Louis smiles. "Since you told us that you got jobs at a little coffee shop called Espresso Way."
"It was the only way we could think have to surprise you when we got back home," Harry smiles.
"So surprise," Niall gives a little jazz hands for a few seconds.
"Well, thanks for showing up," Emilia smiles.
"We've still got a little bit before closing time though," Laurel says.
"That's fine, we can wait," Louis says.
"Are you guys taking us somewhere or something after we close up?" I ask.
"We were thinking of taking you girls out to eat," Harry says.
"Then we want you to come over to Harry's place tomorrow to read all the articles about how us just because we took you girls out to eat, that we must be dating you."
"Yes, that will probably happen," Emilia says. "How will we deal with that?"
"Make their statement true," Louis smirks.
"That doesn't sound that bad," Laurel retorts back.
"Okay, so, when are you closing up?"
"Right now," I say.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :)
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