Finding True Love

Rosalinda is an angel on earth, in a sense. She has been living for hundreds of years looking for that one true love. She's been told that she will get a certain feeling when she spots her true love. What happens when she gets that feeling for a worldwide pop star.
(Cover art is not mine, but there was no watermark to give credit.)


2. The Feeling

"Mom," I walk into the kitchen where my very pregnant mom is making lunch, consisting of lots of sandwiches.
"Yes dear," she smiles at me for a few seconds before going back to making sandwiches. She and dad are generation two, they'll never die and keep making generation after generation for the rest of time. My little sister and brother will be generation four and will have to find a very special animal companion to live like every other human being.
"I had the feeling."
My mom stops everything she's doing and looks up at me. "Who did you see?"
"Harry Styles. That pop star from that band One Direction. How am I going to meet him and fall for me?" I sit down at the bar.
"Well, where does he live?"
"From what I know, somewhere around here. In a private neighborhood here in London."
"Well, there you go. Find his house and just go knock on the door. He can't turn down a pretty lady like you," my mom gives me a smile and goes back to finishing the sandwiches.
"Thanks mom," I smile. I have curly, blonde hair to the middle of my back. There's some red streaks on the right side of my hair. I have bright blue eyes; perfect teeth; perfect face; look 17 years old; five foot eight. Every boy who's ever laid eyes on me has been taken away. Maybe that's all I have to do. Get Harry to just look at me.
*A Few Hours Later*
I look down at the piece of paper containing Harry Styles' address. Another question just probably popped into your head. How did I get his address when it’s probably not even on the internet? Well, I used my super computer that can find anything in the whole entire universe.
A few more minutes of looking around and I find Harry's house. Well, more like a mansion. It’s a very beautiful house and I hope to one day see inside it.
After a second or two of thinking it over, I work up the courage to go up and ring the doorbell. Nothing. No one answers. I want to scream. All of this for nothing. I walk back to the curb and slump down to the ground. Placing my head in my hands. Tears start flowing down my cheeks. "I'm so stupid," I mumble. "I'll never find true love."
I'm not for sure how long I stay on the curb, but it feels like a long time.
I hear footsteps approach me and don't even dare to look up. I want to be left alone. "Um, hi. I'm Emilia," says a very pretty, British girl’s voice.
I look up at the person and see a very pretty, young girl. "Hi," I sniffle.
She sits down next to me and lightly brushes my arm. I get a feeling. A different feeling then when I saw Harry. This is the feeling where your very best friend touches you. So many things are falling into place.
"Are you crying? Why so sad?" This Emilia girl is one of the kindest girls I've ever meet. She has straight, light brown hair to the middle of her back, looks like she has blonde hi-lights too; dark green eyes behind very cool glasses; perfect teeth and perfect face; looks to be around 16 or 17; around five foot seven or so.
"Nothing’s been working out, so that's why I'm crying," I blurt out.
"Whoa, are you American?" Emilia seems overly excited about this.
"Um, yeah."
"Well, I've never met an American. This is awesome. We can be such great friends."
I giggle, "Maybe we can."
"So, why are you in this neighborhood?"
"I was looking for Harry Styles," I feel a heat come to my cheeks.
"Oh, even better. You like One Direction. Good."
"Here," Emilia stands up and puts her hand out for me. "None of the boys are home right now. But they'll be back in a few weeks."
"Why?" I take her hand and she lifts me up.
"They're on tour. Now follow me. We are going to figure out how to meet them. At my house, because I have all we need," she smiles.
This is awesome. I can't believe this. She's going to help me find my true love. And I'll help her find hers. Sounds perfect.


Please don't be too harsh on this story, I wrote it years ago. I still think it's kind of good though. There's some good elements in it. Um, hope you liked it! :D

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