Finding True Love

Rosalinda is an angel on earth, in a sense. She has been living for hundreds of years looking for that one true love. She's been told that she will get a certain feeling when she spots her true love. What happens when she gets that feeling for a worldwide pop star.
(Cover art is not mine, but there was no watermark to give credit.)


4. Telling a Mortal

*The Next Morning*
Buzz. Buzz.
I slowly open my eyes and turn to my phone. Then I grab it and see what's going on. On the screen it shows I'm getting a call from Emilia. Now I'm wide awake. I click the screen twice and put the Galaxy S3 to my ear. "Emmie, why so early? What's so important?"
"Sorry, sorry. But I just had to tell you. After hours of begging, we are going to Vegas together!" Emilia squeals.
"Really? That's great!"
"So, I was thinking you could come back over later today to start work on our poster and shirts."
"How about I pick you up and bring you to my house?"
"Oh yeah. That sounds great. Do you have all the materials we will need?"
"Of course. I'm in to arts and crafts, so I have so much stuff we could use."
"Okay, so when will you pick me up?"
"Three hours."
"Okay. See you then."
"Bye," I hang up and set my phone back on my bedside table. Then I scream into my pillow. This is awesome.
*Four Hours Later*
"You have a lovely flat," Emilia smiles. "You must have just as much money as me."

We're sitting in the middle of my room working on our amazing poster. It has some of the boys’ tweets and pictures of them through their fame years.
"Yeah, my dad invests well and has a very well-paying job. Plus, my grandparents left us a ton of money."
"That's awesome."
"Okay, so do you think this poster is about done?"
"Yeah. Then we can work on our shirts and get to talking about our lives."
"Let's hurry up then. I know we have a lot to tell each other."
*A Few Weeks Later-Late At Night*
It’s been a long day, and now Emilia and I are in my room not able to go to sleep. We leave for Vegas in two days, our bags are packed, and we just can't wait.
Anyways, so right now we're slap happy and talking lots of different crazy shit. "Emilia, I have to tell you something very important. I've told no other human before. You'll be the very first mortal to know. You have to keep it to yourself though. I'll tell others later, but it’s only you for now."
"What is it?" She grabs my arm and gives me a small shake.
"I'm an angel. Well, not really, I'm immortal and have wings."
"Really? A mythical creature, they're real?"
"Of course. There's tons all around the world. When I turn 518 I get my full powers."
"When do you turn 518? What kind of powers?"
"I turn 518 a few days after the concert. August 5th. My powers, I'll be able to show who the angels on Earth are."
"How is that?"
"I'll be able to give them temporary wings. They can't fly, but they'll be able to know they are angels."
"Why's that so important?"
"They have such pure souls and don't believe they do a lot to people’s lives. I'm here to show they do. They need to know just how important they are."
"That's very interesting. Are there any other powers people get?"
"It just depends on what you want. I can't remember any others off the top of my head. I chose that one because I wanted to help people."
"Is there any way a mortal can help in your deed to help others?"
"I think so. We can check on my computer tomorrow," I yawn.
"Sounds good," she yawns. "Goodnight Rosa."
"Night Emmie."
*Late The Next Morning*
"Rosa! Emmie!" My mom yells.
Emilia and I let out a loud groan.
"Mom, no!" I shout, not bothering to open my eyes.
"I need you now! My water just broke!"
Emilia and I bolt up and start to quickly change into somewhat nice clothes. "Hold on mom! We're coming!"
*A Few Hours Later*
"My baby brother and sister are being born," I smile.
"Did you know she was having twins?" Emilia asks.
"I did not. I'm not told until the day the baby or babies is born. Tradition from my kind."
"That's very interesting. When will your dad get here?"
"He won't. No need. He and my mom are going to be having lots of children in the future."
"So, do we get to help name the babies?"
"Miss Longfellow, your mom is calling for you. The babies have been born and she wants you and Miss Watson to help name them," a nurse walks up to us.
Emilia and I stand up and follow her to my mom's room. She's smiling and there's two bundles in carts beside her bed.
"Hello mom," I smile.
"I can't believe we get to name the babies," Emilia says as we walk over to the babies.
"Before we do, what's your full name?"
"Emilia Kay Watson. You?"
"Rosalinda Ann Longfellow."
"Oh, girls, I want sort of oldish names," my mom says.
I look down at my brother and sister. My brother has a little brown hair and dark green eyes. My sister has a little bit of blonde hair and dark blue eyes. They are such chubby babies. "Arthur James," I say. "That's his name. I can feel it."
"Willow Faith," Emilia smiles. "Something in my mind just tells me that's her name."
"Same here. You're told by the baby's pixie. There's not that many pixies, so each family just gets one. They whisper to you the names of the babies."
"Why are you telling her all this?" My mom asks.
"She already knows I'm immortal and who I am. It’s okay. She won't tell anyone."
"I promise I won't, ma'am," Emilia says.
"Well then," my mom smiles, "I think you two can go home now. Tomorrow is a big day for you two. You need rest."
"That's very true," I say. "We'll see you later than."
"Bye Mrs. Longfellow," Emilia smiles.
*The Next Day-Afternoon*
"This is kind of scary," Emilia says as we take our seats in first class. We're the second row right at the front.
"A little, but we'll be fine. Nothing's going to happen," I say as I take a glance out the window. "Soon we'll be in Vegas and then onto the concert. Well, we have a day to waste, but whatever."
"How are we going to waste it?"
"Not sure. Just walk around I guess. Can't wait until the meet and greet."
"Me either. Up close to the boys is going to be awesome. We also get to take a picture with them."
"How will are picture be?"
"We'll decide later. Let's pick a movie to watch. Since we will need something to quickly pass the time."
"Then later we can do whatever. I have some books I want to read."
"And I want to draw, so it’s all going to work out."
*A Lot Of Hours Later*
I take a look at my anime drawing of Emilia, Niall, Harry, and I. It’s pretty awesome. Anime is my favorite thing to draw. Emilia is very engrossed in her book, and we haven't talked a lot since we did a little after the movie.
I sigh and take a look out the window. Emilia has been taking who I really am quite well. She's asked a lot of questions, and I've answered them as best I can. Apparently mortals can help me if I give them a special dust. I asked for some and got it just before we left for the airport. Emilia is wearing the little vile it comes in as a necklace. It’s very interesting.
I look back at my drawing. It’s amazing to think that in just a couple more hours I'll be in Vegas. Then in two days I'll be able to see Harry. He could finally be the one to break my curse. I wonder if I'll meet any other girls that can help me in my journey for love. If I do, I'll help them get the guy of their dreams as well. It would be the least I could do if I get my true love.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :D
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