Finding True Love

Rosalinda is an angel on earth, in a sense. She has been living for hundreds of years looking for that one true love. She's been told that she will get a certain feeling when she spots her true love. What happens when she gets that feeling for a worldwide pop star.
(Cover art is not mine, but there was no watermark to give credit.)


6. Meet and Greet

After another twenty minutes of waiting, it is finally our time to get a picture with the One Direction boys.
We walk into the room and stop right in front of all the boys. My heart is beating so fast and loud. My stomach is doing flips. I can't think straight because the one who's making me feel this way is in the same room as me. And he's so much hotter in person. I can tell the other girls are feeling just like me.
"Hello, we're One Direction," they all say with smiles on their faces. "How would you like your picture?"
"Um, well I want to be next to Harry and Zayn," I say. My voice coming out a little less strong then wanted.
"And I want to be by Niall," Emilia says.
"I'd like to be by Louis and Liam," Laurel says.
"Okay, that can be arranged," Liam says. "If you come over here."
The girls and I walk over to the boys. All of us smiling.
"Hello Harry," I say when I get to Harry and Zayn. "Hi Zayn."
"Hello..." Zayn trails off. Wanting my name.
"That's a very pretty name," Harry says. "Any chance you're coming to the concert tonight?"
"Yes. And I have front row seats and backstage passes."
"Then we can't wait to see you tonight," Zayn says.
"I really can't wait," Harry gives me a sweet smile.
Then we get into our poses. Zayn is tugging on one of my arms while Harry is tugging on the other and kissing my cheek. Zayn is like the big brother trying to protect me from the bad boy. Niall is hugging Emilia and kissing the top of her head. Louis is holding Laurel bridal style while Liam looking at her over Louis' shoulder.
The picture happens way too quickly, and we're walking out of the building just as soon as we'd walked in. It’s sad, but we get to see them tonight. Harry really seemed to want to see me. Does it mean what I want it to mean?
*A Hour Later*
"I can't believe in a few more hours we'll be at the concert," Emilia smiles. We decided to come back to the hotel and just chill before the concert.
"Are we just going to wear what we're wearing now?" Laurel asks.
"We could change, I guess," I shrug. "But what's the point? The boys seemed to like us with the way we are."
"So you felt it too?"
"Felt what? Can I feel it?" Emilia asks.
"You can, but it’s very unlikely," I say. "And yes, I felt the boys really took to us. But that's it."
"I got a feeling that we'll see them sometime later on in the year," Laurel says.
"I felt a small tingling," Emilia says. "But that probably was just me exploding from being in the same room as the world's biggest boy band."
"So, do you think anything can happen between the boys and us?" Laurel looks at me.
"Yeah, do you?" Emilia ask, bringing her lips into a thin line.
"I'm not really sure. But I need to, so we will do whatever it takes to get them to hang out with us," I answer.
"How come?" Laurel asks.
"Harry's the one who can break my curse. He's the one who's going to make me mortal."
"Ah, so that's why you like him. That's the same with me and Louis. Though, he's pretty hot, and I wouldn't mind dating him anyways. I'm lucky I guess. Same with you."
"Yeah, we are. Though, I wonder about Harry's personality. I can see if humans are angels on earth, and I wonder how close he is."
"I wonder how awesome the concert is going to be tonight," Emilia says. "Let's get the topic onto something I can contribute to. All this mythical creature stuff is really new to me."
"Sorry, sometimes I forget that you're not wise in the world of mythical creatures. Though one day soon you will be."
"If we work at the same place, we can tell you all you need to know," Laurel smiles.
"Sounds fun. I really want to know all you guys do. Because you guys seem to be living a pretty interesting life. And I'm pretty boring," Emilia frowns.
"You're not boring to us."
"Being mortal is very interesting," I say. "You're gonna have to teach us a few things if we're gonna live in this world once we get true love."
"How come it is true love?" Emilia asks.
"Because it’s super hard to find, and you have to fight to become mortal."
"How many times have you come close to true love?" Emilia looks between Laurel and I.
"Five or six times," Laurel shrugs. "I just never thought to try until I got the feeling. How about you Rosa?"
"Twenty-five times," I say flatly.
"You're kidding?" Emilia exclaims. "That's crazy!"
"You've pretty much given up, haven't you?" Laurel asks. "So many chances have fallen through that you just want to fall in love for real so you can escape the hell it is to live forever."
"That's dead on," I say. "It sucks I've come so close. Thought for once I'd be free, but for there to be true love, the person who 'loves' you has to accept you for who you are. Every time I'd confess who I was, the man I was in love with would be creeped out and leave me. Then I'd have to go back to my parents and wait for my next love to come around."
"You live such a sad life," Emilia says. "But at least now I know you. And we've all got a chance to meet our true loves."
I smile, "That's true. And I'm so very glad I've met both of you."
"Soon you'll be done living forever and we can all grow old together."
"That's just what I was thinking," Laurel says.
"I can't wait," I smile.
*An Hour Before The Concert*
"Hello mom," I wave at my mom as we begin the Skype.
"Hello dear. Who's your new friend?" My mom asks.
"Hi ma'am, I'm Laurel."
"Why'd you call Mrs. Longfellow?" Emilia asks.
"I wanted to tell you what Arthur and Willow are," my mom smiles.
"What are they?" I ask.
"Vampires. Isn't that very interesting?"
"Vampires! You can have vampires!" Emilia exclaims.
"Calm down honey, the girls can explain later."
"Um, Mrs. Longfellow, we need to go," Laurel says.
"Yeah, sorry mom," I shrug. "We've got a concert to go to."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :D
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