Finding True Love

Rosalinda is an angel on earth, in a sense. She has been living for hundreds of years looking for that one true love. She's been told that she will get a certain feeling when she spots her true love. What happens when she gets that feeling for a worldwide pop star.
(Cover art is not mine, but there was no watermark to give credit.)


13. Ending

My life has never been better since I got with Harry. I'm alive and finally aging like everyone else. All because Harry gave me something no other guy could. The purest, truest love and accepting that I'm an angel.
My best friends are doing just as great as me. Emilia is with Niall and they are so much in love. Laurel got her purest, truest love with Louis and they couldn't be better. Taylor is so happy with Zayn, and the same is true for Ariana and Liam.
Lastly, my siblings are so amazing. They're growing up and I just can't wait until they find their animal companion so they can age like me. Though I might not be alive to see it happen, I can always come back as a ghost. Or a spirit, the word most people use. It'll be nice to come back and see them. 'Live' among people once again. It’s like a loop effect though, I spend a lot of time looking to live, and then once I become alive and then die, I'll always be around. I'll never disappear, but if I'm spending eternity with Harry, I'll be fine. And I can bring my best friends and they're boyfriends with me, so I'll be good.
I'm rambling now, so I better stop and get back to Harry. We've got our whole lives ahead of us and we need something to do. I still work at the coffee shop. We want to do something on our days off, so we're gonna plan. Maybe we'll talk again one day. As for now, the boy who gave me the purest, truest love is calling for me. And I just can't believe it. I did it. I found true love.

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