Finding True Love

Rosalinda is an angel on earth, in a sense. She has been living for hundreds of years looking for that one true love. She's been told that she will get a certain feeling when she spots her true love. What happens when she gets that feeling for a worldwide pop star.
(Cover art is not mine, but there was no watermark to give credit.)


11. Angel on Earth

*A Few Weeks Later*
~Rosalinda's POV~
"I can't believe we are going shopping with you girls," I smile as I look between Ariana and Taylor.
"Well, we can't believe we get to shop with you three," Ariana smiles.
"Why? You guys are way cooler than us." Laurel says.
"Wrong," Taylor says. "I mean come on Laurel, you're dating Louis. And Emmie is kind of dating Niall."
"And Rosa's standing there waiting for Harry to ask her to be his girlfriend," Emilia pats my shoulder. "Maybe he's waiting to ask on Christmas."
"I hope so," I say. "We say love you all the time but he hasn't asked yet. It makes me wonder what he's waiting on."
"Don't worry hun, he'll ask soon," Ariana says.
"Yeah, I guess. Now let's stop talking about this and let's get shopping."
"Yeah, I really need to get Christmas presents," Emilia says.
"Same here," Taylor says. "And I feel we'll need the whole rest of the day."
*That Night*
"Today was so much fun," I say as I flop down on Laurel's couch.
"It really was," Emilia says as she takes and seat in the recliner. Then Laurel plops down on the love seat.
"I'm so glad I got all my Christmas shopping out of the way days before Christmas," Laurel says.
"Yeah. We should be given medals," I laugh.
"Okay, Rosa, did you feel something from Taylor?"
"I did. Nothing from Ariana though."
"What is Taylor?" Emilia asks.
"I'm not sure," Laurel says.
"She could be anything," I add.
"So we'll have to ask her?" Emilia asks.
"Correct. Which will be at Christmas."
"I'll ask," Laurel says.
"Okay, fine by me."
"Do you think Zayn knows?" Emilia asks.
"Most likely. I would really doubt that he doesn't."
"You'll ask her in private, right?" Emilia directs this question to Laurel.
"Of course," Laurel answers. "I'll also ask if Zayn knows. If he does. Everything will be great."
"Does Louis know about you?" I ask.
"He does now. I told him before we went shopping. He was a little shocked, but he thinks it’s very cool. Though now I'm aging like everyone else. It’s a weird feeling to know, but I'm very glad it’s happening."
I smile, "Soon, I hope, I'll be aging just like you."
"I asked," Laurel says to Emilia and I just after we'd opened presents. Everyone is talking to someone else, so now is then perfect time.
"What'd she say?" Emilia asks.
"She's a werewolf. And Zayn does know and still loves her. So she's aging too."
"So I'm the only left, aren't I?" I ask.
"Yeah. But not for long."
"Um, Rosa," Harry calls for me.
I turn to look at him, "Yes Harry?"
"Um, I've been wanting to ask you something very important for the past week or so, and I think now is the perfect. Will you be my girlfriend?"
"I've been waiting for you to ask, of course I will," I stand up and walk over to him. "I love you." Then I connect out lips and cheers erupt.
*Hours Later*
"Thanks so much for coming," I give Ariana a hug and then Taylor. "Will we be getting together for New Year's Eve?"
"Of course," Ariana says.
Then everyone starts leaving Harry's house.
"Merry Christmas everyone!" I shout out the front door before closing it and turning to Harry.
"I'm so glad I get to call you mine," Harry smiles.
"Me too. But now I have to tell you my secret."
"Well, let's got get comfortable in the living room first. Then you can just let it all out."
"Okay." We walk to the living room and snuggle up on the couch.
"Okay, so what do you want to tell me?"
"I'm not like everyone else."
"I know. You are a very unique individual in looks and personality."
"No, not like that. I mean that I'm not human."
"Wait, what?"
"What are you talking about?" Harry asks. "Are you tipsy? I didn't think you had any alcohol tonight."
"I didn't have any alcohol."
"Then explain what you're talking about."
"I'm an angel. I'm immortal. I have to find true love to become mortal," I sigh. "Oh, and I find angels on earth."
"That's...pretty awesome babe. Really sudden and different, but I still love you. Just because you're an angel doesn't change my feelings for you. You are still the Rosa I fell in love with."
I smile as tears start to fall down my cheeks, "Oh Harry, thank you so much." I wrap my arms around his neck. "You have no idea how much that means to me." A shiver runs down my spine, and I just known that I'm now aging.
"You're welcome babe."
I pull away from him and give him a quick kiss. "Before we go to bed, I want to see something."
"What do you want to see?"
"I want to see if you're an angel on Earth."
"How do you do that?" He asks.
"Stand up," I order.
"Okay," he follows my order and stands up. Then I follow and get behind him.
"Okay, all I'm gonna do is put my hand on your back and focus. Then if you are an angel on earth, wings will appear."
"Okay. I'm ready."
"Well, here goes nothing." I place my hands on his shoulder bones and focus. Then I feel it, he's one of them. I pull my hands to the sides and wings appear.
"What's going on?"
"You're an angel. And I never doubted it for a second," I walk around to face him. "A very handsome angel you are."
"You're a very beautiful angel."
"So, now what's the plan for our life?"
"Live it like any other."
I smile, "Sounds perfect."
Then his lips crash into mine. And I feel like the happiest girl alive. Literally.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :D
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