A Few Days in The Life...

This is for the Dear Diary... Competition. Please be considerate these are true events.

Some of the events have been exaggerated/altered to protect the individuals. Majority of this is real life. However, some stories have had to be changed to stop people from figuring out who these people are. No one in these stories are at a point where their life is in danger. People are aware of their situations. But as said, for privacy reasons stories have had to be exaggerated. Sorry.

Also, there could be triggers in here, so please be careful.


3. 25th December 2015

I have a new computer. It's got more room and better programs and a larger screen. Writing is going to be much easier from now on.

Christmas with my family is always great.

This is short. Almost as short as I am, but I have a migraine and i'm awfully tired.

Merry Christmas.

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