Accident Prone.

If you were to search up the definition of clumsy, you'd find a picture of Skyler Grey smacked next to it.

Dylan Asher was nothing more then the boy who could give less than two damns about a girl. He avoided them like they were a disease, wanting nothing to do with them.

But after a drunken bet to get Skyler to fall in love with him by the end of junior year, Dylan finds him self catching the Accident Prone girl time after time.

And he starts to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he's the one that's actually falling.


2. I I



C H A P T E R T W O • D E V I L S // H I D E // I N

C L O S E T S // A N D // P R E Y // O N // T H E

I N N O C E N T •


"In Fairy Tails, there is always a Prince Charming and a Bad Guy. In Real Life, Prince Charming is the Bad Guy."



• S K Y L E R •


Now, I've known hate. It's something that I've had to live with all my life.

And the look on Dylan Asher's face was much more than hate when I sat straddling his hips.

Let me explain.

It was lunch time, when I had to use the bathroom. The hallways were empty because people were either in class, or in the lunchroom.

I had rounded the corner when my foot got caught and I bumped into someone hard, both of us falling to the floor with him taking the fall.

I sat up, and almost passed out when I saw Dylan's face.

There I sat- straddling one of the most popular and handsomest boys in school, hands on his chest to push myself up to a sitting position, mouth gaping and wide eyed.

"Get off me." He growls, shoving me away from him roughly, not caring if I was hurt or not.

"I-I'm so sorry- I didn't mean to-" I began, but he glared at me, causing me to wince back.

"Can you just drop the clumsy act?" He suddenly spoke up, causing me to give him a surprised look.


He raises an eyebrow mockingly. "Anyone smart enough can see right through you and your disparity to be noticed." He snickers.

I felt anger enter me.

"I'll have you know, it isn't fun falling down the stairs every morning. It's not an act. Stop assuming things you don't understand." I spit venomously.

"Whatever." He grumbles, shoving past me.

"What's your problem with me anyway?" I turn to him.

He stops.

"No- wait. Not just me, but the entire female gender. Every girl in the Junior year has asked you out, yet all you ever do is decline them rudely. Why is that?" I question.

"Not my fault girls fall on their knees for me." He retorts, observing me with arms crossed as he leans against the lockers.

"You know, you may look like an Angel, but you're quite heartless, aren't you?"

At this, his eyes shoot up to mine.

The cooper color lightens slightly, wavering between my blue ones.

His lips part, but then he turns and quickly walks away.

My eyes follow his grey sweater covered back until he disappears behind a wall.

I shake my head, a frown appearing on my lips.

Some people are too arrogant for their own good.


{ A C C I D E N T // P R O N E }



• D Y L A N •


I marched quickly to gym from the locker room, Jace and River, another good friend of mine, close behind me.

"Dude, what happened? You've looked like that ever since we left lunch." River jogged to catch up.

Jace couldn't bother, his arms resting lazily behind his head.

"Yeah. You're cheeks are pretty red too. Do you have a fever?" Jace asked.

My hands shot up to my cheeks.

They did feel a bit warm.

"Damn it.." I grumble, glaring at absolutely nothing as I thought of her.

As I opened the gym doors, my eyes wondered around until landing on the girl.

Her light brown hair was pulled in a ponytail, her baby blue eyes looking incredibly innocent. Her pink lips were soft, her button nose reminding me keenly to a cute little kitten, except the kitten sitting in this room has claws.

She was wearing a tank top and volleyball shorts that were way too short, but required, and they showed off the tan legs she hid in leggings all day.

She was sat on the floor next to three other girls in the same attire, laughing and conversing.

I scowled.

Our eyes met, and I narrowed my eyes in an attempt to send invisible daggers her way, as she glared at me as well.

Another girl followed her friend's stare and grinned.

"Hey Jace!" She waved.

"Hi Cleo!" My best friend waved back with a smile.

The bell rang, and Coach Grimms blew his whistle.

"Alright losers!" He starts off, and everyone rolls their eyes.

"Boys on the left, girls on the right. We're playing volleyball. Crawford!" Coach yells.

Jace instantly looks up, blinking.

"You're Captain one. Greene! Captain two!"

"Daniels!" That girl named Cleo looks up as well.

"Captain one. Yields, Captain two."

Once teams were picked, we started.

The game was going fine, and I was shocked that Accident Prone wasn't acting very clumsy. She was actually pretty good.

She jumps up hitting the volleyball over the net, and I knew I spoke too soon when she slipped, her head about to hit the pole.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I jumped in front of her quickly, the collision knocking my shoulder into the pole hard.

I gasped in pain.


• S K Y L E R •


I looked back wide eyed at the pained expression on Dylan's face as we slid to the ground, his shoulder pressed against the pole.

"Dylan!" Jace ran over, grabbing the net as he looked down at his best friend concerned.

I moved back, his arms slipping off my ribs.

"I-I'm so sorry-" I reached out grabbing his arm.

He hissed with a wince, pulling back, slumping, his hair matted against his forehead from sweat, covering his hooded copper eyes.

I pulled my hand back quickly, wincing with him.

"It's your shoulder isn't it?" Coach kneeled next to me, concern flashing in his eyes.

Dylan just shook his head, trying to push himself up, but slumping back down, turning ridged.

"It's my fault- I, I don't even know how I fell-" I began, before coach cut me off.

"If that's the case, than you wouldn't mind helping him to the nurses office, would you?" Coach turns to me.

"Of course not." I answered quickly, reaching out and helping Dylan to his feet by his waist.

He slumped against me, and I dragged him to the nurses office.

He had his eyes shut the entire time, but I knew he was awake from the pants leaving his lips.

I knocked on the door, feeling entirely guilty.

Mrs. Halls opens the doors with a smile until she saw us.

"Oh my." She frowns in concern. "Come in, quickly." She opens the door further.

I walked inside quickly, putting Dylan on the bed.

"What happened?" She asks, observing at him.

"He whammed his shoulder into a pole helping me. It was pretty hard." I stated in complete remorse, rubbing my arm.

"Well I'm going to need to check up on it to see how bad it really is. I'm going to go grab the first aid kit from the back closet. Could you take his shirt off please?"

I nodded, "sure- wait, what?"

"I can't see his shoulder if his shirt is on, and it's probably too painful for him to take off on his own. Take it off, please?" She asked sweetly, her kind voice telling me that it wasn't really that big of a deal when it really was that big of a deal.

I looked over at Dylan, and his eyes were just as wide as mine.

"Why are you two staring at me like two little kittens who just got caught scratching up a couch?" She blinks.

We blinked back at her.

"Just do it." And then she disappears behind the door.

I stood there, frozen like a statue for a couple of seconds before turning around.

My eyes meet his- they pierce in a narrow, sending daggers my way.

I dare you. They tell me.

I took a step towards him, and then another. His copper brown eyes narrow even further, his scowl deepening at my movement.

I reach for the ends of his shirt, but he slaps my hands away.

"I can do it myself." He snaps.

"Your just going to hurt yourself further. Here, just let me he-"

"I said- I can do it myself." He growled.

I glare openly at him.

"Fine!" I spit back.

He rolls his eyes before trying to pull the shirt over his head, letting out a small yelp of pain.

"Dylan, stop being stubborn and let me help you." I exclaim.

He looks at me, his face pulled in a slight pained expression, before nodding slowly.

I grab the ends of his shirt, pushing his head out first, then his good arm, and then, very carefully, his injured arm.

And I pulled the shirt off, laying it down next to him on the bed.

I turn to look away, as Dylan lays on his side.

Okay. I know I basically hate this guy, but I am no lier.

He's really hot.

He wasn't really muscular, mostly lean. But he did have a good set of abs on him- probably from playing soccer. He was captain after all. I guess that's another reason why so many girls swooned over him.

I think he's just an asshole with a great face.

I let my eyes trail up from his torso to his eyes that were glaring.

"Do you need something?" He growls.

Yes. You in my bed.

I flushed at my stupid brain. "N-No. Sorry."

The nurse came back and checked his shoulder.

"Nothing to bad. It'll leave a pretty nasty bruise- but not fractured.. No bones broken either." She informs, wrapping the gauze around his shoulder.

"So he's fine?" I ask timidly.

"Yes." She smiles. "You don't need to worry. Your boyfriend is completely fine."

I choke on air, Dylan's eyes turning to the size of watermelons.

"I am not her boyfriend." Dylan hisses.

"Yeah- we're not dating." I say quickly.

"Sure." She says sarcastically, as Dylan puts his shirt back on.

"You don't believe us? He hates me." I point to Dylan who nods solemnly.

"Oh I believe you." She nods as we walk out of the the office. "I'm just gonna watch how long that hate lasts." She shuts the door.

I stare at the door with a frown.

"Well, she was weird." I turn to Dylan, only to see him walking down the hall.

I follow after him quickly.


He stops, turning with a raised eyebrow.

"Thanks." I smile.

He just stares at me.

I blink.

He stares.

And then, he nods subtly before turning and disappearing.

I sigh, turning to head back to my next class.

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