Accident Prone.

If you were to search up the definition of clumsy, you'd find a picture of Skyler Grey smacked next to it.

Dylan Asher was nothing more then the boy who could give less than two damns about a girl. He avoided them like they were a disease, wanting nothing to do with them.

But after a drunken bet to get Skyler to fall in love with him by the end of junior year, Dylan finds him self catching the Accident Prone girl time after time.

And he starts to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he's the one that's actually falling.


3. I I I



C H A P T E R T H R E E • L I S T E N // T O // T H E // B F F //

"Think carefully about what you are doing. Who you are hurting. Is it really worth it?"


• D Y L A N •

"Let's go celebrate!" The guys shout, people in the bleachers cheering after our game.

I rolled my eyes, about to walk towards the locker room as the other team makes their way to the bench.

"Not this time Dylan!" Garett, and the guys grab me.

"Come on- You guys!" I groan in annoyance, as they put me on their shoulders.

"MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE TEAM CAPTAIN!" Garrett hollers, forcing me to pump my fist in the air.

The cheers got louder, and I couldn't help the small smile from making its way to my face.

They carried me over to the vans as people started piling in.

"Where are we going?" I laugh at Jace who sits next to me in the back trunk of the pick up truck with some other guys.

"This girl Stacey's house. She's throwing a victory party." He tells me, twirling the soccer ball in his hand.

"I don't want to go, Cleo!" A familiar voice whines.

I turn to look over, and I see Accident Prone.

She was wearing a beanie and little mittens to protect her from the cold, but her nose was turning a bit red.

"Hey Cleo!" Jace smiles at her.

"Hi Jace!" The girl waves.

Accident Prone turns, her blue eyes meeting mine.

She gives me a small polite smile, before turning to a different girl.

"You guys going to the party?" He asks.



Cleo and Accident Prone narrow their eyes at each other.

"You wanna ride with us?" Jace then asks. I glare at him.

"Sure!" Cleo says.

"Absolutely not!" Accident Prone says with a huff.

"Your going." Cleo tells her.

"No I am not! You know what? I'll just walk home." She grumbles turning to the road as she started walking.

"Scarlett! Scar! You can't walk alone this late!" Cleo scowls.

"Watch me!" She calls back, walking away.

"The little bitch.. Hey! Can you guys do me a favor?" She turns to the team with a sweet smile.

A couple guys jump out of the truck, following her quickly.

Two of them grab her arms while one grabs her legs.

"What the hell are you doing!?" She cries out, trying to kick out of their grip.

Something inside me snaps and becomes angry at the sight, and I quickly jump out, walking towards them.

"Hey!" I pull her out of their grip by her waist, pulling her to my side. "You don't have to manhandle her." I snap at them, shoving the annoying girl into the trunk before climbing in after her and sitting in my original seat.

"You don't need to manhandle me either." She growls at me.

I scowl.

"Hey!" I hit the passenger door with my palm as we got on the road.

"What?" David sticks his head out, his hair blowing away from his face from the wind.

"Come on man. I don't want to go to some party. Just drop me off home." I say loudly.

"You never hang out with us Dylan! You're going to this party." He says before disappearing.

I groan, letting my head fall back, the cool air soothing my hot and sweaty skin.

I didn't know how long I stayed like that, until we reached the house.

We all clambered out, but Accident Prone being, well, Accident Prone, trips.

I grab her quickly before she can hit he cement.

She flushes.

"Sorry." She says timidly as everyone chuckles at her.

I roll my eyes, shoving her away from me.

She stumbles, composing herself before glaring at me.


{ A C C I D E N T P R O N E }


"Dylan! You shouldn't have drank so much." Jace scowls.

"Stop being such a party pooper." I slur.

"Hey Dylan! You need some money?" Garett asks, his face looped with a drunk grin.

"Yes! I do!" I cry out.

"You wanna make a bet?" He slurred, forcing me to sit down next to him.

"Dylan." Jace's voice turns hard. "You know what kind of deals Garett makes.. Don't listen to him." He warns.

"Shh Jace! I'm trying to listen." I put a finger on my lips. "Now what kind of bet?" I ask.

"If you get.. A girl to fall in love with you by the end of Junior year.. I'll... I'll give you five hundred dollars!" He says in triumph. "And if you can't get her to fall in love with you.. Then you owe me five hundred dollars!"

"Any girl?" I ask, taking a swig of alcohol.

"Um.." He looks around blinking.


I look over to who he's pointing.

The girl leaning against the wall, nodding her head gently to the music with a cup in her head, a soft smile on her face.

"Accident Prone?" I blink, staring at her.

"Yes! The cute clumsy girl. Deal?" He drunkenly sticks his hand out.

Jace grips my arm in a death grip.

"Do you realize what you're about to do, Dylan?" He stares at me intently.

"I'm about to get five hundred dollars by getting that girl to fall in love with me! Have you been paying any attention Dylan?" I whine.

"No." He growls. "You're about to break an innocent girl's heart.. Break her trust.. Break her.. Don't do this." He pleads.

"You're not the boss of me!" I stick my tongue out at him before slapping my hand in Garett's.



{ A C C I D E N T P R O N E }


I walk into school the next day, no clue of what the hell happened last night.

I sigh, opening my locker.

"Hey Asher!" I voice calls out.

I look over.


"I hope you don't chicken out of the bet.." He winks, before walking away with a couple other guys while chuckling.

Jace walks up to me afterwards, glaring.

"What the hell is Garett talking about?" I blink in confusion.

My face fell into horror.

"Did I.. Did I make a bet with Garett McDean!?" I bit my lip.

Everyone knew not to make bets with Garett.. He makes the worst, and most expensive bets. He doesn't let you get out of them either. He blackmails if you refuse to pay if you've lost one of his bets.

"Yeah.. You did." Jace tells me.

"How much.." I whisper, running a frustrated hand through my hair.

"Five hundred." He says lowly, a look of disappointment flashing in his eyes.

"Shit!" I cry out. "What did I bet on?" I growl.

"You dumbass.." He shakes his head.

"What. Did. I. Bet. On?" I repeat.

"You have to make Skyler Grey fall in love with you by the end of the school year." He says softly.

I stop.

My heart stops.


"What did you say?" I turn to him, not believing it.

"You. Have. To. Get. Her. To. Fall. In. Love. With. You." He says harshly.

I slide my back against the lockers, groaning in my hands.

"Who the hell is Skyler?" I snap in anger.

"Accident Prone! She's Accident Prone!" Jace yells at me.

My eyes widened.

This can't be happening.

"Why didn't you stop me?" My voice cracks slightly.

"I tried." He glares. "You ignored."

I take a few minutes to let the words sink in. The bell had rang a while ago, and we were the only two in the hallway.

"Does she have a boyfriend?"

Jace stares at me with his mouth opened in shock.

"Are you- Are you serious!?" He exclaims.

"Yes. I'm serious." I say instantly.

"You're actually going through with it!? Get her to fall in love with you!?"

"Yes- I am." I stand up.

"Are you fucking insane? What are you going to do if she does fall in love with you? What are you gonna tell her? Um, sorry, but I only pretended to like you so you'd fall in love with me and I could win a stupid drunk bet and win five hundred dollars. No hard feelings though, right?" Jace says sarcastically.

I wince.

"So? She probably won't even fall in love with me the way you think she would. She'll probably only do it for popularity." I bite back.

"Not everything is based on status Dylan! There are people out there who care! Who'd do stuff just because they want to! Think about what you're doing.. Who you're hurting.. Is it really worth it?" He shouts quietly.

"Not her." I say easily.

He stares at me, looking like he wanted to kill me.

"Fine." He says quietly. "And if you fall in love with her too?" He stares at me intently.

The air in the room shifts to a dangerous level.

"Me? Fall in love with her?" I ask, staring at him like he's crazy.

"Yes. If you fall in love with her, then what?"

"I won't-"

"But if you did." He cuts me off.

"Then I'd still avoid her." I state, void of any emotion. "Now. Does she have a boyfriend?"

"No." He spits venomously.

"She's never had one. I don't even think she's been romantically involved with anyone."

With that he walks away quickly, his fists clenched.


{ A C C I D E N T P R O N E }


• S K Y L E R •

Danielle yawned as she sat down at our lunch table next to Cleo.

"I'm so tired!" She wines.

"I'm so hungry." I grumble, pulling out my container filled with delicious pasta.

I heard a chair screech next to me and looked over.

My eyes widened as Dylan Asher sat down next to me, his backpack set next to him.

Garett McDean sits next to Danielle with a smirk on his face.

Jace sits down next to Cleo with a nervous look.

Then David Hayland.

And before I knew it, our entire table was filled with jocks and cheerleaders.

Danielle stares at me with wide eyes as Cleo's mouth drops.

What the fuck. I mouthed to them.

"What a cute lunchbox!" A girl voice squeals.

Stacey O'Stefan grabs my lunchbox, examining it.

Woman.. Put. My. Food. Down..

"Where'd you get it?" She turns to me, blinking.

"Um.. My cupboard?" I say uneasily.

Everyone at the table bursts out laughing, with the exception on my friends.

Even Dylan was chuckling a bit!

I give them a nervous grin of confusion.

What's so funny..?

"You make me crack up Grey." Garett chuckles.

"Um.. Your welcome, I guess.." I open the contain and start nibbling at my pasta as Stacy set my lunchbox down.

"Where are we going today?" Garett asks.

"What?" I narrow my eyes on him.

"I was thinking maybe ice skating... What'd you say?" He turns to Cleo and Danielle.


"No way."

Cleo and I say simultaneously.

"Great! See you there." He gets up and leaves with a couple other guys.

I turn to glare at Cleo.

"What the hell was that?" Danielle says quietly as the other people start gossiping.

"Since when the hell do we hang out with Garett McDean Cleo!?" I whisper harshly at her.

"Hey! It sounded fun." She grumbles.

"Well- do you remember me!?" I growl. "Accident Prone? You know- the one that can't even walk outside without tripping! You expect me to go ice skating!?"

"I can help you." A voice cuts in from next to me.

I freeze, turning to Dylan with wide eyes.

Did he just..

He looked uncomfortable, but looked slightly determined.

"What?" I ask in shock.

"I can help you." He replied. "I'm good at skating."

And with that, he got up and left the lunchroom.


{ A C C I D E N T P R O N E }


• D Y L A N •

I tied the laces to my skates and stood up, walking to the entrance of the skating arena and turning to Skyler.

She was blinking at the others who were skating easily with fear in her eyes, her hands griping the walls.

I rolled my eyes, grabbing her hand.

She turns to me, biting her lip.

"Can I just sit please?" She whines softly.

"No." I reply easily. "Now come."

There was no one here. Mostly because it was a school day on a Monday. It was just Garett, Jace, Skyler, her two friends, and me.

I stepped onto the ice and pulled Skyler with me.

Her hand unconsciously gripped mine tighter as she wobbled slightly.

"I don't like this." She whimpers.

"I've got you. Calm down." I tell her.

This stupid bet. Because of it I was forced to touch a girl so intimately like this.

I hated it.

"Dylan." I turn to her.

Her nose was red from the cold, her cheeks pink. A beanie covered her head, and mittens. covered her hands.

I couldn't help it, I stared.

Well, it wasn't really staring, more like observing her.

Her eyes looked up, the baby blue blinking at me.

"Yes?" I ask.

"How do I.. Do this?" She flushes in embarrassment.

I stared.

I didn't like her. She was annoying, and way too bright and happy.

"Act like you're walking." I inform.

She takes a step, and slips.

I grabbed her, holding her tightly to me, my head shoved into her neck and hair by accident.

Neither of us moved.

She smelled like strawberries and mint.

It was.. A little addicting.

I inhaled softly, feeling myself relax slightly.

"Dy-Dylan?" She mumbles in my chest.

"Hm?" I snuggle into her shoulder.

I haven't ever hugged someone like this before.

I kinda liked it.

I like holding someone like this.

Her body was warm, and kinda small.


What was I doing?

I shove her away slightly, and she almost falls again, but I pull her up right.

"Can you take me back?" She grumbles, holding my hands slightly.

"Nope. Come on. Try again."

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