Accident Prone.

If you were to search up the definition of clumsy, you'd find a picture of Skyler Grey smacked next to it.

Dylan Asher was nothing more then the boy who could give less than two damns about a girl. He avoided them like they were a disease, wanting nothing to do with them.

But after a drunken bet to get Skyler to fall in love with him by the end of junior year, Dylan finds him self catching the Accident Prone girl time after time.

And he starts to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he's the one that's actually falling.


1. • I N T R O •




• S K Y L E R •


"Hurry up Skyler! You're going to make me late!"

I grabbed my phone, turning around and slamming face first into the closed door.

I groaned in pain, holding my nose as I stumbled back, but tripped over a stupid pillow, falling on my butt.


"I'm coming! Coming.." I jump up, opening the door and jogging down the hallway.

I whammed into the wall by accident, falling down the stairs.

I groan in pain, rolling onto my back.

"Honestly, how are you still alive?" My older brother Danny laughs, looking down at me with an amused smirk.

I smile back sheepishly.

"I have no clue."


• D Y L A N •


"Dylan.. Hurry up. Class is about to start, man." My best friend Jace taps his foot impatiently.

"Look Andy-" I say before she cuts me off.

"It's Ashley!"

"Whatever! I don't date, Okay? Now leave me alone please." I shut my locker and turn to the tall blonde.

"So what? You want a physical relationship? I can do that if you give me a chance, Dilly!"

God, this girl is desperate. And Dilly? What kind of nickname is that?

"No. Now leave me alone, damnit!"

She storms away in anger as I roll my eyes.

"What's wrong with you man? Every girl that asks you out, you deny them." Jace questions me as we walk towards homeroom.

"Girls are nothing but shameless gold diggers." I huff out as we enter the classroom.


• S K Y L E R •


"Stop making fun of me, you guys!" I whine, rubbing the top of my head, where I hit against the roof of the car.

"Seriously, Skyler. You are the most clumsiest person I've ever met." Danielle shakes her head at me, chuckling to herself.

"You need to find some serious help." Cleo runs a hand through her blond hair, amusement twinkling in her green eyes.

We walk into homeroom, and Mrs. Greens stops me.

"Can you pass these papers out for me sweetie?" She asks kindly.

"Oh- sure." I grab them from her, walking down the rows and passing them out until I tripped.

A gasp left my lips as I hit the floor face first, papers flying everywhere.

The chatter quieted before the class broke out in quiet chuckles and shaking heads.

Of course, everyone here knew about my stupid Clumsiness, they found it quite amusing.

I look up, and as soon as I do, I meet the copper colored eyes of Dylan Asher, one of the most popular kids in the Junior class.

My face heats up, as he looks at me with a look of distaste.

I look away instantly.


• D Y L A N •


"Perfect, we've got Accident Prone in our class." I snicker to Jace and Alec with annoyance.

"Give her a break. The girl falls down the stairs more times then the amount of girls you turn down." Alec chuckles, as the annoying girl starts picking up all the papers.

"Probably only does it for attention." I grumble.

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