One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


8. 8

Luke's POV....

It was the night of the AMAs (American Music Awards) and me and the boys were excited it's also been a few more months and Charley looks so healthy I'm so happy she face timed me last night and said that Audrey told her that she has 80% chance of beating cancer. And her hair looks healthy and long she said it's gotten past her boobs and it has! Gosh I'm so lucky to have her.

But Arzaylea is still trying to be with me and she's been posting old photos of us like of us at the bar and she captioned it "mah luver" and she's been texting me a lot but I don't respond I deleted her number but damn it I haven't blocked it. But now she "going" to the awards I don't know how she's going there because I'm hell am not taking her.

"Luke you ready it's time to go!" I hear Ashton yell.

"Yeah!" And I come out and see Charley standing right there looking so beautiful.

"CHARLEY!" And I ran and hugged her tightly picking her up. I kiss her and she smiles through and and laughs.

"Surprise babe!" She says and laughs then kisses me again.

(Her outfit:

(copy & paste the website to see her outfit)


"Damn babe you look breath taking!" I said and she blushes.

"Thank you. You don't look bad yourself. She said.

"Your reaction Luke was priceless." Michael says as he showed us the video and we all laughed and he posted it on our snapchat.

We then took pictures together and I put it as my lock screen and I was just smiling so hard at it.

"You ready?" I asked her as I took her hand.

"Yup!" She says as she kissed my cheek.

We all walked out the hotel and went in the van to the AMAs and as we drove off all of the boys we snapchatting and I felt her hand tighten on mine.

I wrapped my arm around her and whispered in her ear. "It's going to be okay it will be quick and I won't leave your side."

She looks at me with her worried eyes and says. "Promise?"

"Promise." I say and I kiss her for head and rub her arm.

There was a lot of traffic but we made it and the boys got out first then me and then I helped Charley out and her oxygen tank and she takes it then grabs my hand and her knuckles were white because of how scared she was and all of the color went away from her skin. We started walking and I kept checking down to see if she was okay and the color was still not in her skin.

"Relax babe just relax." I say in her ear and I rub her hand with my thumb and she eases up on her grip.

I wave to the fans with my one open hand and they all freak out and I smile. We the walk on the red carpet and a lot of paparazzi were snapping pictures after pictures and I wrapped my arm around Charley's waist and I look down at her and she's smiling at the cameras and smiled at her.

"Am I doing this right." She asked as she looks up at me.

"Your a natural." I say and she smiles at me.

"Great because my feet are already killing me." She said and goes back to smiling and we both laughed.

"Your wearing heels?" I asked.

"Only time I will be because these hurt like hell." She said and we laughed together.

I then tell the boys that I was going to take pictures just with Charley and they were fine with it. So I pick up Charley's dress for her so she wouldn't trip and she was walking down more then stopped and I dropped the end of her dress and stood right next to her and put my arm around her waist and we both smiled for the pictures and I ended up looking down at her smiling like an idoit and she's just standing there so breath taking and beautiful. Her beautiful jet black hair in a pretty bun and her black mermaid, strapless dress that shows off her beautiful curves and her makeup on her face making her beautiful hazel eyes pop out. Gosh I'm just so happy she came today. I love her so much.

"Is there stuff on my face?" She asked probably because I've been staring at her for the whole time.

"No your just so beautiful." I said.

"Well get used of it because I won't be dressing up like this on a daily basis." And we both laughed. "but thank you. Now you should take pictures with the boys I'll wait for you guys over there." She said.

I kiss her cheek and go join the boys and we take picture after picture then we go down the line and we join with Charley and then I take Charley and me and her go to a interview with a girl interviewer.

"Hello!" Charley says.

"Hi! You must be the lucky Charley that everyone is talking about who's with Luke." She says.

"Yes that's her." I say and she smiles.

"Well aren't you one lucky girl!" The girl says.

"I really am he's very very special to me. He means the world to me." Charley says as she looks at me.

"You guys are really deserve each other." The girl says.

"Thanks." We both said.

"So you and you band members are performing tonight am I correct?" The girl asked.

"Yes we are you are correct." I said.

"Well good luck on that and have fun you two." She said.

"Thanks we need the luck and we will." I said and we walked off.

"There the boys hurry and join them!" Charley says and I do.

Charley's POV....

I'm standing next to the entrance watching the boys have their interview and smiling. I'm also seeing a lot of stars like FOB and Ariana Grande she's so cute she came over and gave me a hug and said hi to me and we had a short talk and she's really short in person but still very cute. I also seen Justin Bieber and even though I have a boyfriend Justin is still hot in person like my gosh! I also saw Gwen Stifani and I honestly freaked when she waved at me I love her a lot and I've honestly been a fan of her since I've been a little girl. Lastly I saw Fifth Harmony and they are all so cute!!! I love them all they came and we spoke longer than I did with Ariana Grande and honestly they all are my favorite and the best part about all of these celebrities that I met is that they ignore the fact that I still have my oxygen tank with me and my nasal canal in my nose it makes me feel human and real to the world not a piece of shit. But that's all I've seen so far hopefully I'm going to see more stars inside.

"CHARLEY! CHARLEY!" I herd some people yell my name and I looked up and saw it was fans.

I came closer to them and waved and said. "Hi! Are you guys doing okay?"

"Yes we are but could we ask you something. It's nothing personal I promise." The ginger girl said.

Luke's Pov......

Our last interview was over and I looked over and saw Charley speaking to fans. So I walked over to her then I herd them say Arzayleas name and my heart instantly dropped and I walked faster over to her and I pulled her arm and looked back at the fans who were trying to get Charley to know Arzaylea.

"Hey why the rush I was getting along with your fans? They were telling me who this Azalea or whatever it's name is. I don't know if it was a girl name or boy but we were bonding." She says.

"It's no one. I don't even know who that is either." I lied.

We make it inside and to our seats and she sits next to me.

"Oh my gosh Luke that's One Direction! Oh my goodness!!!!" She whisper yelled to me and I laughed at her adorableness.

"Yes babe it is." I say.

"Well sorry but I'm a directioner also and this is my first time being around so many famous people." She said and I laughed.

"I'll take you backstage when they preform and you can meet them." I said to her.

"Oh my gosh really!!! I yeah cool." She said and I laughed at her then the awards finally started and she was holding my hand and freaking out by seeing JLo it was really adorable.

After that and everything else me and the boys had to go backstage to be ready to be on stage.

"Hey babe it's almost time for me to preform so I gotta go you wanna come with me or go backstage." I said to her.

"I'm good here it will be my first seeing you on stage live." She says. And I kiss her lips then head backstage with the boys.

Charleys POV....

I see Ariana come and sit next to me and we were just dancing and jamming out and it was really fun and we spoke more and she now we have each other's numbers. And her older brother, Frankie joined us.

When 5sos came out to play She's Kinda Hot we both screamed and stood up and danced and the camera went to us and we danced and sung the lyrics to the whole song and it was only us up and dancing in the front row. There were people dancing but not in the way front row only us three and I didn't care clearly I just took off my shoes and danced because my feet were really really killing me. They ended the song and we all cheered loudly. Then Ariana and Frankie went back to their seats and I put my shoes back on and sat down then shortly the boys came out and I stood up and hugged them all and kissed and hugged Luke. We sat and me and Luke kissed again.

"How did I do?" He asked.

"You did amazing! I loved every bit of it!" I said and a huge smile went across his face.

"I'm beyond glad that you enjoyed it." He said as he kisses my forehead and puts his arm around me as we watch the rest of the show.

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