One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


7. 7

Luke's POV....

"15 minutes boys until we are live." The camera guy says to us.

It's been two weeks already and it's been fun but then I'm always worried sick about Charley and always missing the shit out of her. But she's been showing me her hair length and how much it has grown and it's now past her shoulders. She really has been getting better and I love that she really had more hope instead of giving up.

"Alright Luke I gotta go to surgery. Good luck in your interview. I love you." She says through the phone.

"I love you more Charley-Rose." I said. Then we both hung up and I put my phone in my front pocket of my jacket.

I've been to many interviews and honestly I've never been this nervous probably because I'm scared that they are going to judge her because of her cancer or make fun of her bruises and her oxygen. I just hope that our fans and everyone will accept her and lik-

"LUKE!? Luke!!!!! Baby I've missed you so much!" I looked praying that it was Charley but it wasn't it was Arzaylea.

Shit I didn't tell her that we were over. Charley really made me forget everything. She can not know about Charley they cannot know about each other I just have to end this and move on with Charley.

"Where the hell have you been what happened to you coming back home. It's like you ditched me." She said as she started to put her long ugly nails in my face like she was cat woman or something.

I was about to say something but she cut me off. "But that doesn't matter because I'm with you now and I'll always be by your side." Then she took my face and kissed me.

I squeezed my eyes and pushed her off of me."I don't want this." And I leave her to go back with the boys.

"Hey you okay pal?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah just...nothing." I said.

"Our special guests is 5 Seconds of Summer!" The lady says and we all walk out and waved and sat down.

And while she was speaking to the rest of the boys I just zoned out and my ears went numb. I basically cheated on Arzaylea and lied to Charley when she asked me if had a girlfriend I said no..I'm such a fucking idiot. But I don't love Arzaylea I never did I just thought she was cool to be around and plus it was a open relationship. Charley made me realize that I love her and only her. I just have to end it with Arzaylea which I already did and make sure none of this gets to Charley. I just-

"Luke? Did you hear?" The lady says.

"Huh? Oh sorry just caught up in my thoughts. What was that?" I said as I cleared my throat.

"I said who is this beautiful lady." She said as she shows the picture of us kissing at the airport and me hugging her tightly.

"She's my beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Charley-Rose but she hates being called Charley-Rose just Charley even though I call her that." I said as I blushed and everyone awed.

"Isn't she cute she is very very lucky." She said.

"Actually I am. She means the world to me honestly. And she's the best thing that's happened to me and I really miss her." I said.

"You guys are so cute it makes me sick." Calum says and I punch his arm and everyone laughs.

"Well only 3 boys are single now. And talking about singles and actually albums everyone is going home tonight with a Sounds Good Feels Good album." And everyone cheers. "yes now when we come back we are going to play a game called 5 Seconds."

"And cut!" The camera guy says.

And we get up and go backstage. The rest of the interview was fun and funny and when it ended and we signed CDs of our album and met fans then went to our hotel and I went straight on my phone and everyone already made me and Charley a name together and it was Charluke and it was trending number one on twitter and Instagram it was cute and it made me happy that people were accepting her and not looking at her and instantly judging her because of her cancer. So I posted a photo on Instagram and it was of both of us on her hospital bed with her face buried in my chest trying to hide her face and me with my arms around her trying to make her face the camera and me smiling and Audrey took it. And I captioned it 'miss her so much it hurts love you so much babe x' then I tagged her in the photo which her Instagram is @chrl18 and I instantly got comments of aws and etc.

Charley's POV....

My phone started to buzz like crazy so I looked at it and I started to get followers on Instagram, so many likes and comments on my pictures, and tagged on many photos so I unlocked my phone and I saw that Luke tagged me in a photo of us together and I smiled at it then commented on it. 'Love you so much more💖💖💖' then everyone went crazy on the comments so I turned off my tagged list so people I knew could only tag me and probably some of the edits that Luke's fans make of us or him and tag me in. It warmed up my heart that people weren't instantly looking at me and instantly judging and pointing out my nasal canal. I was really nervous but I then started to feel confident.

Then Luke calls me on FaceTime on my phone and I pick it up and he's smiley.

"Hello Charley-Rose." He said properly.

"Hello Luke."I say mocking him.

"I see that you are getting famous already." He says.

"I know right and I didn't even have to do anything it's incredible." I say jokingly. "but it's really making me feel more confident that people accept me." I say.

"I'm glad that people are too. I was worried for a second but all that matters is my passionate love for each other not about what people think." He said.

"I know I know I was just expecting to get a lot of hate for dating you." I said.

We kept talking until I started to get tried and then we ended our face time call. I turn off my light and before I was about to set my phone down I got a notification from twitter.

@luke5sos: I appreciate the love that everyone was giving @charlrl she told me that she felt more confident and that made me the happiest ❤️❤️❤️

And I smiled widely showing my teeth and my heart warmed up like always then I click off my phone and go to sleep smiling.

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