One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


6. 6

Charley's POV....

"I don't want you to leave." I said as I pull myself closer to him on the hospital bed.

It's been a week since we've been official and now he has to leave today.

"I feel like I'm going to get worst without you." I said.

"Don't say that no you aren't. Your hair has been growing back and the medicine is working and I want it to work so when I get back you'll look even healthier. Possibly the cancer will go away. It's only for 4 or 5 months we can FaceTime everyday. And I can still give you flowers." He said as he started to rub circles around my back and kissing my scar on my forehead like usual.

He's right the chemotherapy has been kicking in and working for me. And my hair has been growing back and I do look more alive. And there's a huge possibly that I can fight this cancer Luke predicts it and knows and believes it, Audrey knows, my mom believes, my little sister believes, and my little brother believes. And I am starting to believe.

(She's wearing this btw: )

"I love you Luke." I whispered to him as I move my head in his neck.

"I love you so so so much more..." He says. "so much."

We sat in complete silent with only our heart beats and the tv only things you could really hear I wanted to stay like this forever with him holding me but he had to go. We stayed like this for a good hour then his phone alarm goes off and that was to remind that it was time to go.

"I guess it's that time." I said as I sat up to put on my shoes.

"Sadly." He says as he gets up from the bed.

"Now are you sure that you have all of your things in your car?" I asked as I stood up looking at him and he holds my waist.

"Yes beautiful I do." He said as he smiles at me and moves a piece of hair behind my ear.


"Promise." He said and he pecks my lips.

"You better not be lying Luke Hemmings." I said.

"I'm not Charley-Rose Hemmings." He mocks me and he chuckles.

We aren't married nor engaged...yet hopefully. He grabs my oxygen and puts on his back and then grabs my hand and we walk out of my room and the hospital and to his car and he was driving to the airport but I was driving back to the hospital and I was going to keep the car until he comes back. He opens the door for me and I get in then he puts my oxygen and places it down near my feet and shuts the door and he runs over to the driver side and gets in then drives off.

"So when we get to the airport there will be paparazzi and probably fans. Are you okay with the world knowing your face? And searching for your Instagram and Twitter?" He says.

"Yes I will be fine. I mean if I get hate it won't matter because I know that I'm loved." I said.

"Great. And you're fine with me saying who you are in interviews because I bet that they will ask." He said.

"Yes. I mean hey I wanna know what it's like to be known everywhere." I said while laughing.


"Promise." I said as I look at him and smile.

-30 minutes-

We arrived at the airport and there wasn't any fans or paparazzi around at all. Which was great because honestly I was beyond nervous. We both get out and I help him get his luggage out. Then he puts on his shades and fixes his hair and puts his black hat back on then we put his bags on a thing were if you had a lot of bags you can put some of them on it and just push that. He grabs my hand and pushes the thing while I was carrying my oxygen on my back and rolling one of his suitcases. Then we headed inside to meet up with the rest of the boys. We went through security and then to the gate that would go to New Jersey and I see Michael, Ashton, and Calum all on their phones. Ashton sees us and smiles and stands up then gives me a hug.

"Hey Charley, Hey Luke." He said.

"Hi Ashton."I said while hugging him back.

Then Calum hugs me.

"Hello Charley. Your hair is growing back! You look healthier." He said.

"Thank you for noticing Calum. I have been getting a lot better." I said while smiling widely at him.

Lastly I hug Michael and he hugs me tightly and rubs my back. Honestly the reason why I wouldn't get tired of hugging Michael.

"Hi Michael!" I said.

"Hi love!! Calum is right you look very healthy and what's that on your neck? You have two of them." He said pointing out my hickey.

I look at Luke and Luke's eyes widen and I cover my neck.

"I'm still getting bruises. But half of them are going away on my legs and arms and stomach." I lied.

We sat down and Luke lays his head on my shoulder and buried his head in my neck.

"Thank you for lying about the hickey." He said as he chuckles.

"So it was a hickey." Calum whispers to us. "don't worry your secret is safe with me."

And we both laughed out.

"We should start making up our own language so no one will know what we are saying." I say to Luke and he laughs.

"Really." He said.

"Flight 442 for 5sos to Miami, Florida is now bording."

They get their privet jet to take them. But when the lady said it out loud all of the boys hopped up but Luke who still had his head in my neck. I kiss his head and intertwine my hand with his.

"You have to go." I whispered to him but he didn't say anything.

So I get up and I look at him and he wipes his tear and stands up.

"Don't cry Luke." I said as I hug him tightly.

"I don't want to leave you." He says in my ear.

"You aren't. You are just going with your band then coming back."I said as I rub his back.

"I love you so much." He said.

"I love you so much more." I say as I remove his shades and wipe his tears from his red eyes and gave him a passionate kiss. "your band is waiting for you."

Then he let's me go and walks away while putting back on his shades to hide his eyes from everyone seeing his tears and he gives the lady his ticket and goes in the tunnel to the privet jet and I sigh and my tears fall down on my face. I then turn around and I already see few paperazzi taking pictures of me and asking how long we've been together and all of that. But like Luke said I just need to ignore and keep walking. So I did. I made it to that car and as soon as I got in the driver seat I drove off and tears really started to rush down my face. I missed him so much. I could still smell his cologne in his car and that is what made me cry more.

I made it to the hospital and I just sat there and wiped my tears then I go into the hospital and I really didn't feel like speaking to anyone so I avoided all eye contact and people speaking to me and just headed straight to my room. When I got there I shut my door and I got into my bed and jus laid there with discovery channel playing in my room quietly. Then my phone rung and it was Luke. I picked it up immediately and bring it to my ear.

"Miss me already?" I say jokingly.

He sniffs his nose and manages to get a little laugh out. "You already know that I do." He said. "everyone is already tweeting me and posting pictures of us from the airport already. But don't worry I won't say who you are until our interview."

"I mean you already follow me on social media so they are probably going to find out before you even expose me." I said.

He sighs then speaks. "I want you to visit me."

"I don't know Luke remember that I'm still sick. And with me getting better they might want me to stay here so I can get completely sorry" I said.

"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault." He said softly.

And we just kept on speaking to each other until his flight landed which was a long time but it was worth it.

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