One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


5. 5

Luke's POV.....

I wake up and see Charley laying on my chest with my arm around her and both of us naked. I smiled and laid my head back down. Last night was honestly the best and I finally did it with the perfect girl. I just wish that I still had my virginity and let it be taken by Charley.

I look down at her and I kissed her forehead and rubbed circles around her bare back. Then she slowly opens her beautiful hazel eyes and looks up at me and I smile at her.

"I'm sore. Is that normal?" She asked and I chuckled.

"Yes it's normal it might take a day or two. But hey I finally have your virginity." I said.

"You got lucky." She said and we both chuckled. "Sing to me.."

"What song?" I asked.

"Any..." She said.

"Everybody’s got their demons. Even wide awake or dreaming. I’m the one who ends up leaving. Make it okay. See a war I wanna fight it. See a match I wanna strike it. Every fire I’ve ignited. Faded to grey..."

Then she cuts me off and softly sings along. "But now that I’m broken. Now that you know it. Caught up in a moment. Can you see inside?"

Then we sung together in harmony. "'Cause I’ve got a jet black heart. And there’s a hurricane underneath it. Trying to keep us apart."

And she stops.

"I write with a poison pen. But these chemicals moving between us. Are the reason to start again." I sung then stopped.

"I miss singing so much." She says softly.

"Who said you can't do it?" I said to her.

"Cancer..." She says. "Cancer told me to stop everything..." And then she started to sob.

"Don't let cancer stop you. Don't let it control you. You're stronger than that Charley-Rose." I said to her.

She is so broken...and I'm trying everything I can to make her feel loved, cared, special, and to forget about her worries like she made me forget mine.

Charley's POV....

I get up from the bed after sobbing and wrapped up in a fluffy white robe that I found near me and I go to the bathroom to get freshend up. I used the guest tooth brush and used the toilet then I washed my hands and stopped and looked at myself in the mirror as I dried my hands. What are you doing Charley you can't fall in love with Luke. I'm scared that if I did that he will be holding on to me for too long and be too heart broken to the point were he's not able to move on. That is my biggest fear when it comes to falling in love especially when I'm in this position.

I step back and looked at my brusies on my legs then I unstrap the robe and I look at my body and I looked at my wrist that I once sliced repeatedly and my thighs that I've sliced repeatedly and the scars that left on me from doing that.

"Stop treating yourself badly." Luke says as he steps into the bathroom.

He comes behind me with sweat pants on and no shirt and wraps the robe back on my body and ties it up.

"Don't treat your beautiful body horribly." He said and hugs and kisses my neck from behind.

"I'm just trying to see what beauty do you see." I said as I turn around to him.

"Are you serious?" He said in a harsh tone.

"Dead serious Luke." I said as I cross my arms. "you are famous and girls go crazy over you. And out of the million models and normal girls out there you chose the ugliest one who isn't even near a model and who is sick."

"I love you so much. And I am in love with you." He said and it left me speechless.

"...Luke I can't do this I'm si-" and he cuts me off.

"I don't care if you're sick I don't care if you're healthy I don't care...but that will not stop me from being in love with you I will never stop being in love with you. It will be nearly impossible for me to keep my distance from you. I will shout it out to the whole world that I am in deep love with Charley-Rose Corbara and no one not even you will stop me from loving you. Because I'm madly, deeply, and unconditionally in love with you. I love your body, I love making passionate love to you, I love your back dimples, I love your skin, I love your raspy voice, I love your singing talent, I love your naked body, I love your hair, I love your beautiful sparkling hazel eyes, I love your smile, I love your laugh, I love your clumsiness, I love how fragile you are, I love how emotional you are, I love to make you happy, I love making you feel better about yourself, I love are you are beyond adorable, I love the sparks I get when I'm kissing you, I love your flaws, I love your bruises, I love the hickeys I gave you, I love each and everyone of your scars and beyond it all I love you Charley-Rose and only you." He said. "all I want is for you to see that I love you because I try every damn day just for you and only you. You don't even have to say that you love me back I just needed this to get out so you know how I really truly feel about you ever since we were little."

I was beyond speechless and he looked like he was going to be in tears if I didn't do anything so I just wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. I then pull back and grab his hand and pulled him out of the bathroom and back to the bed and I lay on my back and he lays his head and half of his body on my stomach and chest and I kiss his the top of his head softly and run my fingers through his hair and starting humming songs and just in seconds I hear his soft snores and he was asleep.

I kiss his head again and whispered. "I love you more."

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