One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


4. 4

Charley's POV....

It's been five weeks and me and Luke have been going on so many dates and I've never felt so special. And the chemo is working! So I'm getting stronger or at lest that's what the doctors say. The chemo wasn't working for more than half of the sick kids but somehow it's been working for me. And I definitely feel much stronger but I keep getting more pale and more bruises and nose bleeds and sometimes I'm coughing up vomit. But the nose bleeds and everything else is getting less besides to bruises and the paleness. But hey I am starting to do more things that normal huams do and I'm starting to fall more and more in love with Luke all over again. He's been such a sweetheart like he's been helping me out with my cancer and making sure that I'm alright everyday and sending me flowers everyday just for no reason and just amazing. I still have my v card though aha. And sadly he's going to be with his band for interview and meet and greets and album signings for a few months for their new album called 'Sounds Good Feels Good'. I was the first one able to listen to the whole album with him in the hospital. It's really great. He even said that two songs were inspired by me and one song was written for me called 'Catch Fire'. He sung it to me with his guitar and it was so beautiful. My favorite off of their album is 'Money' and 'Castaway'.


I was texting Luke and reading the long paragraph that he sent me about how beautiful I was and how special I was and just so much and it was so beautiful that it made me cry. And even though I kept saying that I wasn't he kept on denying it.

"Hey more flowers for you and a note." Audrey said as she hands me the flowers.

I take a big sniff of them and smile while doing it then I sit them on the counter next to me and the rest of the lovely white roses he gave me then I read the note.

'How about a beach date? Wear you're bathingsuit if you want to, dress how you want. Text me when you get these and I'll pick you up as soon as I see your text that you got the roses ;) xo -Luke'

I smiled widely like I've been doing the past weeks and I text Luke that I got the lovely flowers.

To Dr. Fluke;

I got the beautiful flowers. Thank you so much I love them and I forever will💖☺️😚😚

From Dr. Fluke;

Of course beautiful and I'm on my way!! 😉❤️

"You better get ready!" Audrey said as she puts a bag on my bed next to me.

"Is that for me?" I asked.

"Just a little thing." She said smirking.

I look inside and pulled out a cute swimsuit that she got me. I hugged her tightly and she hugged me back.

"Thank you thank you thank you so much! This is SO cute my goodness!!" I said.

"You're beyond welcome now go get changed before he arrives!" She said and I screeched and ran into the bathroom smiling.

Her outfit//

This two piece reminded me of my ugly scars and cuts that will stay forever and my bruises on my legs and stomach and arms. Made me feel ugly and I now wanted to back out and not go...

"Charley, Charley-Rose Luke is here. You good?" Audrey says. And without my permission she comes inside. "Hey wassu- Charly..."

"I know it's don't have to remind me because this already did." I said as I left a tear slip from my eye.

"Aw Charley...Charley no don't worry about your scars. Luke won't even care." She said as she gives me a tight hug and rubs my back.

"I'm scared he will care and everyone will judge they already do when they stare at my nose." I said as I started to sob.

"Luke made you forget about your ugliness or whatever you wanna try and call it but I don't think it's ugly. But if Luke can make you forget about your worries than what makes you think that he will judge you and your beautiful body sweetheart?" She said as she pulls back and wipes my tears off.

"Is everything okay?" Luke said as he knocks on the bathroom door.

"We'll be out in a second!" Audrey says. "I bet you that when you walk out of this door to show him your bathingsuit that he will be surpirsed at your beauty. Have you seen how many times he's called you beautiful and sent you flowers just because!? Like damn I wish I had a Luke my age."

And I laughed and she rubs my arm and gives me another tight hug. "You'll be okay. Don't worry trust me. And I haven't been wrong when I said for you to trust me."

"Okay." I said.

I sniffed and then took a deep breath then opened the door and Luke put his phone down and looked straight at me.

"Charley-Rose....most beautiful thing I've laid eyes on." He says. "just feels like everyday you get more and more beautiful." And I blushed and Audrey nudged my arm and I smiled at her and back at Luke.

"I'm not but we should get going." I said.

"We shall." He said as he puts his hand out and I intertwine my fingers with his and we leave out of the hospital into his car and to the beach.

We arrived and Luke helped me out he grabbed my oxygen and put it on his back since it was a backpack and it rolled. Then I he stuck his hand out and I took it and we picked a area that was under Palm trees so we had shade. He put down my oxygen and took his towel out and flung it out and laid down on his back then scooted over and I laid down on his chest and he wrapped his arm around me.

"I want to stay like this forever Luke." I said.

"I wish Charley-Rose I so wish." He said as he rubs my arm up and down a few times then kisses my forehead right on my scar.

"Hey your scar that I accidentally gave you when we were throwing beer bottles." He said as he kissed it again.

"Gee thanks for I have to hide it." I said.

"No don't hide a beautiful mark. That's where I'll always kiss you." He said.

"What about my lips." I say as I look at him.

"What about them Charley-Rose?" And he kisses my lips. "They won't have to worry." And he kisses them again.

And I smiled and my heart warmed up.

"Did you know that I learned how to surf a little?" He said.

"You do!? Please show me!" I said as I sat up.

"Okay okay." He said as he stands up. "I just need to change into my suit." And he does in the bushes.

And as soon as I came out I whistled at him and he laughed. He got his surfboard and started to run to the ocean and I followed behind but didn't run so it took me awhile plus I had to carry my oxygen through all of this sand and hold it so it won't get wet when my feet are in the water.

"LUKE WAIT! WHAT ABOUT YOUR LIP RING!?" I yelled out to him because he was already starting to go far.

"ITS FOR GOOD LUCK BABE!" He yells back at me.


"DON'T WORRY CHARLEY-ROSE!" He yells back then he paddles off going futher and futher.

I took off my thin white laced kamono and was out with all of my body and I honestly felt kinda confident knowing that Luke is here. I didn't care what people saw I just cared what Luke thought of me really and if he thinks I'm beautiful and stunning and flawless and all those other words then I must be.

I put down my oxygen in the sand on top my shirt so it won't get damaged from this hot sand and I watched Luke and he finally caught a wave! He was doing so good! He even did a few tricks then eventually fell into the water.

He started swimming back to shore and running out of the water with his surfboard and he looked so hot plus he had the top part of the surfing suit off and his hair was slicked back and he had his lip ring on and just soooo hot. I bit my lip and smirked at him. Then I noticed that he was coming straight for me and wanting to give me a hug because he was wet.

"Luke...what are you doing you're already on shore." I said with an uneasy voice.

"I just want a little hug." He said as he opens his arms.

I started to back away and pull my oxygen with me. "Luke no! No! No!" And it was too late he did it and squeezed me and picked me up and as soon as he left me down and go I was half way wet. Then he goes back inside of the ocean but not too far just enough for him to be sitting on his surfboard.


He laughs. "CHARLY-ROSE LOONEZINTINE! GET IN THE WATER RIGHT NOW!! COME ON GET IN!" He yelled back as he points to the water in demand

Then I took off my shades, made an angry pouty face at him, and crossed my arms.

"Sorry, sorry baby just would you please get in Charley-Rose." He says with a softer tone.

"That's more like it." I said and I extended my nasal cannula and got into the water with him.

It honestly was fun and we did a lot of messing around and laughing and we played scenes like in the titanic but we used his surfboard and in dirty dancing when the girl runs and jumps and the guy catches her. And it was really fun I didn't even worry about my cancer it was like it wasn't even there. I mean of course I didn't dunk my head or he didn't dunk me and he didn't splash me a lot but I did get soaked.

He then picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist and he walks back to our area that we were at under the palm tree and grabs my oxygen with him. And I look straight into his eyes and move my hair back so it could stay since it was wet and I smash my lips against his then he acted like he was falling forward onto the towel and he laughed at me because I tightened my grip around him and it really felt like I was going to fall or that he was going to drop me but he didn't so I continued on kissing him and yes he eventually got me on the towel with him on top of me. It turned out into a full make out session then he started to kiss my neck then his hand found it's way to my bikini bottoms and he almost got them off until I stopped him quickly.

"We can't do this here." I said.

"Then let's go." He said as he smirked at me and jumped out and pulled me up and he grabbed my oxygen and we went to his car and drove off.

In seconds we were at his house. He gets out and he opens my door and picks me up holding my butt in one hand and my oxygen in the other and kicking the car door closed and i laughed. Then he somehow makes it in the house and closing the door with him still holding me like a baby. He finally let's me down and takes my hand and takes me up to his room.

He was about to open the door to his room but he stopped and looked at me. "Before I let you in don't judge my room." He said then opens it.

And it was just like his old room when we were little just a lot bigger and grey walls and carpet floor. But everything else was decorated just like his old room. It was cute. He still had photos of me and him when we were little. I looked so...healthy and happy and full of life and my skin color was glowing and now I'm just a cancer sick kid. I wanted to get upset but I didn't want to mess up this moment. This is my first and I want to make it special. I turned around and smirked at him.

"So shall we continue?" I said and he smashed his lips against mine and we went to the bed and he was on top of me.

Every single kiss from him was amazing and with the most passion. I loved every moment of it. And I finally got love marks from a person I love and not from my cancer and right at the moment I forgot about everything.

He started to kiss me on my neck and down and I stopped him and got ontop of him. "Luke... When we start... I have to keep this on."

And he stared at me and gave me a little smile. "Okay"

He then puts his hands on my nasal cannula and he slowly removes it from my nose and sets it down then takes my face and puts his head against mine and I put my tiny hands on top of his.

"Breathe with me Charley." He says.

"Luke, but I can't-."

"Just breathe with me..." He says. And I do. Sometimes I freak out when I don't have it in but now I felt free and alive and loved and cared. "You're so beautiful Charley-Rose."he whispers to me and he kisses the scar on my forehead.

"No I'm not Luke..." I whispered back as I kissed his hand.

"Yes you are and when I see beauty than it's beauty. I could just stare at you for days and never get tired." He says quietly.

I looked at him and I smiled and he kisses my lips and then I stopped him because I couldn't breathe and I just noticed that I didn't have my oxygen on me.

I chuckled and said. "Luke... I can't breathe."

"Oh right." And we both chuckled and he slowly puts it in my nose and around my ears.

He then puts his hand on my top bikini and on the strings that tied it up to me.

"May I?" He asked just as he was about to take it off of me.

"Go ahead." I said softly.

He pulls the string and my bikini comes loose and he pulls and it off of me and my breast come out then he flips me over, leaves more hickeys on my neck, and started to go down further. Then he looks up at me and I started to mess with me down there by sliding his fingers and it made me grasp onto the pillows and moan loudly. He started to go faster and it felt like heaven. He then pulls off my bikini bottoms then he takes off the rest of his surf suit and we both were completely naked. He come back on top on me and I put my arms around his back.

"I'm ready." I said giving him permission.

And let me tell you it was the most amazing night I've ever had with Luke Robert Hemmings that I would not ever take back as long as I live.

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