One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


3. 3

Charley's POV....

Today is the day. I was too excited to the point were it was impossible to stay still in the MRI Audrey had to tell me a lot to stay completely still but I just couldn't. The only thing I'm really worried about is if he has a girlfriend or not. And how it will be like outside of the hospital. And if I'll still be beautiful or halfway decent even with my nasal cannula.

"You know what that's it I'm just going to call it off because I can't find anything to impress him..." I said to Audrey.

"Calm down because girl I just found something for you." She says as she pulls out a beautiful dress.

"Oh my gosh this is goregous!!" I said as I take the dress.

"Go hurry put it on so I can do your hair and makeup." She said and I do.

her outfit: (copy and paste the web to see her outfit)

She did my makeup and curled my little strands of hair and I looked amazing but my nasal cannula made me frown and look ugly and feel ugly.

Luke's POV....

I was so nervous that my palms were getting really sweaty and my heart was racing. I walked to her room and saw her standing beautifully looking into the mirror.

"You look so beautiful...whoa." I said not even noticing her oxygen tube.

"So my oxygen won't be in the way?" She asked with a worried look.

"Of course not. There's a lot of space for that too." And she smiles widely.

"Great thank you for the complement you look handsome. And are those for me?" She asked as she pointed to the huge white roses in my hands.

"Oh yeah! Yes these are for you sorry just kinda forgot you're just so beautiful." I said as I started to blush and look down.

She takes the flowers from my hands and smiles at me widely. "Thank you so much I love them!" She said as she puts them in another vase with water next to the other ones I gave her.

'I love you to' I thought. "You're welcome so are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes I am. Bye Audrey thanks for everything." She said as she grabbed her oxygen and rolled it while walking out the door with me.

"Here I got that for you." I said as I take her oxygen.

"No it's fine." She said. "I want to be able to hold hands with you. And I can't do that with you rolling it."

And she intertwine her tiny hand into mine and butterflies went into my stomach. Chill Luke it's just Charley. We walked out of the hospital got into the car and she was nervous.

"Why are you nervous?" I ask as I look at her and the road at the same time.

"It's been a long time since I've been out of the hospital and I'm just scared that I'll get worst because of being out here." She said.

"Well I guess I gotta get you out of the hospital more." I said as I smirk at her.

"Sounds like a plan." She said as she smiles at me.

We arrived at the fancy place and I go to her side and help her out and she holds my hand and rolls her oxygen and we walk into the restaurant.

"Ahh! You must be the Luke Hemmings and... Mrs. Hemmings." The French girl says when her thick accent.

"Oh no actually I'm-" and I cut Charley off quickly.

"Yes we are Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings. We are here for a table for two please." I said as I look down at Charley and smirk as I see her blush.

"Yes, yes! We have everything set up in the rooftop." The lady says.

And just as we were about to walk Charley stops and says. "Uh... Rooftop?"

"Yes, yes is there such a problem??" The lady asked.

"I can't go up stairs or climb ladders I'm sorry... This is now ruined I'm sorry." She said.

"Oh don't worry about such a thing we have elevators." The lady says as she signals her hand to follow her and we do and I look down and see the hugest smile on Charley's face I've ever seen.

We get into the elevator and the lady presses the button that takes us all the way up to the top and we make it there and the doors slide open.

"I present you Christmas in Paris. Speicalized all just for you." She said.

Charley gasped and says. "This is so beautiful oh my gosh. We have the view of the whole city and these beautiful lights oh my goodness this is so amazing."

"You guys may be seated and your waiter will be out in any second enjoy." And she leaves taking the elevator back down to the first floor.

I pull out Charley's seat and she sits down and I go and sit in my seat.

"Isn't this just goregous?" She said.

"Just like you." I mumbled not taking my eyes off of her.

"I know what you said. And thank you makes me feel special." She said as she blushes a deep red.

Our waiter comes out and says. "Bonjour Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings I will be your watier on this beautiful night. And left first start off with drink yeah?"

"Can I please have just water I'm really not aloud to drink sorry." She said.

"And for you my good sir?" He said looking at me.

"Can I have your most famous wine here please thank you." I said.

"I will be back with the drinks here are the menus." Our watier says as he leaves.

"So, Charley-Rose or should I say Mrs. Hemmings." I said making a joke.

"Oh will you stop they just probably can't get my last name right. I mean this whole place is like Paris, France even the people. And plus you probably took many of your other Mrs. Hemmings here also." She said.

"Nope not one." I said.

"Ha- wait what? Really?" She says.

"Just you. And plus I like us being Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings it feels right." I said smiling at her.

"Oh boy, you're probably just sorry about my cancer that's it isn't it." She laughs out.

"Not that either Charley-Rose. I brought you here because you're special and you deserve everything in the world." I said as I bite my lip.

"Luke, I-" then our watier comes out with our drinks.

"Here you go lovebirds. Water and our most famous wine. So what will we be having tonight." He says.

"Oh gosh I didn't even look at my menu. Um could I have your most famous dish please because I really don't know what to get aha." She said.

"And I'll have the same please." I said as I gave my menu to our watier and she did the same.

"So you do this to get into my pants I bet." She said and we both laughed out loud. "I mean if you're trying to then your at a good start I'd have to say."

"Really!?" I said sarcastically and she laughs.

Charley's POV....

I was really having the best time ever. I've never laughed this hard in awhile and knowing that he can make me easily made me beyond happy. We finally got our food and ate it, and it was so good words could not explain.

"I'm glad that your so studied on my face instead of my shoes because I am definitely not wearing heels I could barley walk in them when you guys came." I said as I started to chew my food.

"That's what I love about you. You don't impress people you just do what makes you comfortable." He said as he smiles at me.

"Actually I always try to impress people. I tried tonight." I said.

"Well some girls would come out in a sexy dress that would show there curves and almost have their boobs and ass showing and 6 inch heels. But you, you will come out in a simple dress and black vans you're unique and that's what I love about you Charly-Rose you're different." He said.

I honestly blushed so hard and I couldn't even look at him. "Thank you." I said. "thank you so much...really."

"Your welcome." He said as he smiles widely showing his teeth and dimples.

So cute!

I've honestly never been drowned with so many complements in my life like this. Even when we were little he would always flush me in so many complements. And even when I already felt special by him he just wouldn't stop. That's what made me fall in love with him. But I can't...not now not like this. He's famous he probably has a girlfriend. I mean I don't want to mess this moment up asking him if he has a girlfriend. But I don't want to be those type of girls. Also I'm sick. Why would a guy from one of the most famous bands in the world fall for this...I'm dying...I'm losing my hair...I'm not normal so why?

"What's wrong? Do you not like it? Do you wanna go back?" He asked.

"No, no I love everything you've done for me. Just thinking..." I said

"Well it doesn't end right there." He said. Then he rigs a bell that I didn't even see and guys come out playing instruments and it sounded beautiful.

Luke gets up and and comes to my side. "Can I have this dance Ms Charley-Rose?" He asked as he puts his hand out.

I take it and smile at him and he rolls my oxygen to the little dance floor that was right in front of the cirty and withh beautiful white lights above us.

Luke takes my waist and pulls me closer to him and I wrap my arms around his neck and we slow dance.

"Am I close to getting into your pants yet?" He asked and I laughed and so did he.

"Almost." I said.

"Don't worry I won't until you give me permission." He said.

"How do you know that I want you to take my virginity? What if I want another guy." I said.

"Like who? Who could possibly be close to you like I am?" He said as he looks down at me.

"I mean there is this one guy named Henry in the hospital he's pretty hot and I herd that he's a hot doctor and also he's good for banging." I said sarcastically.

"Well this Henry kid better watch out." He said.

I laughed at his comment then I look back at him and we looked deep into each other's eyes then he leans down and we kiss each other passionately. It was magical like the last time but more magical because we were on a Paris/Christmas themed date. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair again and I bite his lip ring and he smiles through it. Then we ended up French kissing in a French themed restaurant with our Christmas French theme date. I rather take this than actually going to Paris, France.

He pulls back and I breathe out. "That was perfect." He said and I giggled.

"So next date we will speak about getting in my pants." I said.

"Of course Charley-Rose." He said.

The rest of the night we left and he took me back to the hospital and I ended up falling asleep in the car.

Luke's POV....

When I arrived at the hospital I saw that she was sound asleep so I go around to her side and took her oxygen and since it was in a little suitcase and was a backpack kinda thing I put that around me first and then I pick her up and she wrapped her arms around me and laid her head in my neck and I walked her in while holding her bridal style and I got inside then went to her room and placed her slowly on her hospital bed and I sat her oxygen down next to her and then got in the bed with her and I wrapped my arms around her stomach and curled up right next to her closely. I kissed the top of her head and held her.

She's so beautiful

She's so special

And everything I want.

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