One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


2. 2


My alarm goes off and that is to give me two hours to get myself prepared. I take my oxygen cord and stretch it out more so I can go into the bathroom and take a shower. I do take one and then I start to go through my clothes and try to find something that's will really get his attention and that will make me feel beautiful.

her ootd: (copy and paste the website for her outfit)

I looked into the mirror and smiled. Then I see Audrey through it and she smiles at me and says. "They're here."

My heart pounded and as I take her arm and followed her down the hall rolling my oxygen tank in the kids cancer waiting room where them singing was going to take place my heart never stopped racing. I've never been this nervous since my first surgery when I was 15. Holy shit what is he going to think if he even remembers me I mean I want to hide my forehead scar but I want to show it. Okay you can do this, you can do this Charley-Rose. It's just Luke his looks may have changed but not him.

Soon as we got into the room every kid was already seated but me so all eyes were kinda on me but at lest they were also on Audrey too. Since there weren't any seats around I just decided to stand next to Audrey with my arm still grasped tightly around her arm.

Everyone had gotten quite and the doctor introduced them out. "Hello everyone as you know we have 4 really special guests here to sing and meet all of you. So give it up for 5 Seconds of Summer!"

Everyone was cheering and they all walked in. Michael first, then Ashton, then Calum, and Luke... He looks so handsome. So broad and gotten way taller but still hasn't made eye contact with me. Yes! They all smiled and waved at the kids as they brought smiles to their faces and then the boys sit on the stools and fix their microphones if they had to just to get adjusted.

"Okay so this first song is called She Looks So Perfect. Also by the way thank you for having us here I'm glad that I'll be able to sing and meet you all individually. So yeah here we go." Luke spoke.

Even with him speaking made my heart melt. His voice has definitely gotten deeper, and his hair is different, and he's gotten beyond taller because before I was taller than him now he looks like he's past 6 foot and I'm now 5'10". Gosh I could go on and on about us and him and just everything that involves with Luke Robert Hemmings.

The boys started singing and they sounded really good live perfectly harmonized. And it was cute how they were also messing around while singing making it enjoyable for the 5sosfam up there in their seats. The only thing that scares me about this whole day is what will he think about me and my new 'look'.

It was time for Luke's solo and he started off great until he finally looked straight at me with his eyes scrunched trying to get a better look."You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear and I know now, that I'm so down your lipstick stain is a work of art I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart and I know now that I'm so.... Charley!?"

He stopped... He stopped singing. And when he stopped and said my name into the microphone all eyes went straight to me. My face was so red I could just feel it. My heart stopped because he knew it was me even with my almost bald head and the bruises that this cancer has caused me and with my pale face that was caused also by cancer, it's kinda of a side effect that I'm dying but no one tells me. All of them kept playing their instruments but him and all the boys laughed at him but kept on singing the rest of his solo. He still eventually kept on singing and wouldn't keep his eyes off of me. It was honestly hard to be here trying to listen to all of the boys when I had Liam looks at me with his sad eyes every three seconds it made me want to curl up in a ball and cry because I missed him so much and now he sees me, but he sees me like this a hideous disgusting bruised up pale girl who is about to die any moment now.

The boys sung Good Girls, Amneisa, and ended it with What I Like About You. It was still perfect besides the fact that Luke had spotted me out and was staring at me like I had shit on my face, which I do it's my nasal cannula or known as the tube that takes oxygen from the tank and forces it to my nose for me to breathe better or I'd be dead quicker without it.

"Alright now everyone who wants to meet the boys go back to your rooms so you can have time with each of them." The doctor says and everyone does especially me I mean I wanted to see them all but mainly Luke.

When I go back to my room Audrey comes with because she really wants to meet Michael and take pictures with them. I go back inside of my bed and Audrey helps me change my carry-on oxygen tank to my full set that's only for the rooms only. I mean the only thing good about the hospitals oxygen is the the cords are longer and you don't have to push it around every fucking where. So yeah I don't complain about that. I get into the hospital bed and go on my phone waiting I then go to camera and check my makeup and it took about an hour for them to come and Audrey got tried and headed home but finally I get a knock on the door and it's him and the boys behind him. I get up from my bed and I see pain in Hemmings eyes as I stand looking at him. So I just run into his arms with my tiny arms around his neck hugging him tightly and his muscular long arms shakingly around my body.

"I've missed you so much it hurts." I said in a slight whisper to him as I felt tears start to stream down my face and onto his shoulder.

He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him still with my head in his neck.

"I've missed you much more. And I'm so sorry... I'm so so sorry.. I wasn't here for you when you needed me. I wasn't here for you during all if this. I'm so sorry Charley-Rose. I wasn't here for you when it had hurt. I should've been and for now on I'll be by your side." He says softly to me. I hate my name full name Charley-Rose but he always used to call me that when we were little and I didn't mind if he called me that and I still don't.

"It's okay I don't care about that I'm just glad to have you back again." I said.

He then let's me down and gives me another strong long hug.

"Alright, alright! Let her breathe Luke geez it's been five minutes already and we only have ten minutes with them. I want a hug!" Calum says as he makes me laugh.

So I let go of Luke as I wipe off his tears and I give Calum a tight hug.

"Sorry if my makeup gets on you I'll clean it for you and same goes for you Calum." I said.

"It's fine love. I'm just glad that you're still strong how long have you been fighting?" Calum asks.

"About three almost four years now." I said as I then go and hug Ashton.

"Holy shit since you were 15? You're strong as hell" Ashton says.

"Yeah, I mean it's been really tough and it's still tough now for me. But I think I'll survive." I said as I finally hug Michael.

"No don't think about surviving know that you will. If you can make three to four years then you can beat it." Michael said as he tightens his grip around me.

"Thank you guys. Really gives me hope. I'm Charley by the way." I said as I let go of Michael.

"And I'm hungry anyone up for pizza?" Michael said.

"Oh gosh Michael you're always hungry. Alright we'll go." Ashton says as he rolls his eyes.

"See ya Charley!" They all say as I go back to my bed but Luke.

"Hey guys I'll take a uber back home. I just need to really be alone with her." Luke says as he turns to look at me.

I pat a spot next to me and smile and say. "Come sit."

He does without hesitation and wraps his arm around me letting my head lay on his shoulder and him holding me close.

"Does it hurt?" He asked.

"Losing my hair hurts because it's my hair. But of course it does...everyday it does." I stopped speaking just to sigh then started again. "I just have to try my hardest...when I know that it will all come to an end one day."

"Don't...don't say that." Luke says as he kisses my head and rubs my arm.

"It's true. All I'm here for is to stay awake with all the medication they give me and the surgeries and more medication and the treatments and just so much."

"Stop...don't say that."

We stayed in complete silent and the only thing that you could really hear or that I could was the rhythm of Luke's heart beat. And how it was going at the same beat as mine. And how beautiful his sounded knowing that it will never stop now that he has two working kidneys that I begged to give him mine. But that was before cancer. Now I'm just suffering. But I stay strong and say that I'm doing fine just to not make my loved ones like Luke worried when I know I'm lying. Ever since I was young I've never wanted people to worry about me I just wanted people to be happy I don't know.

I look up only seeing a sleeping Luke. I kissed him on the cheek then slowly pulled the blanket up to cover us both and I snuggled right back next to him with his arm tightly around me.


Lukes POV...

I wake up and saw Charley sound asleep with her nasal cannula thing in her nose. I think that's what you call it. I don't care but I wish she didn't have to suffer. No one deserves this especially her. She's so beautiful too beautiful even if she loses all of her hair she's still so beautiful. I smile at her then I sit up slowly and grabbed my phone. It was 7am and I had ten missed calls, twenty-eight texts, and eight voicemails all from Arzaylea (authors note; I literally have to copy and paste her name lmao) . I forgot all about her when I was with Charley.

To Arzaylea😍;

Hey I'm okay I'll be home soon x

I click off my phone and took a deep breath and put my hands to my face then Charley started to cough and the coughing got worst and she started to try and gasp for air and she was holding her chest. So I instantly got up and ran out of the room yelling.


And instantly three nurses and a woman doctor run past me and into Charley's room and I follow them and I see them giving her a oxygen mask and fixing everything for her. I put my hands through my hair seeing her her look at me with worry eyes and then the doctor shuts the door.

Charley's POV....

"It was the usual... fluid in the lungs making it hard for you to breathe. But it was worst this time... And in a little bit we need to get you scanned in the MRI but for now eat and I'll be back in a little for you to be scanned." Audrey says as she puts her hand on my shoulder and rubs it then leaves.

When she left my mom came in with my 15 year old little sister, Clementine and really I wasn't in the mood I just wanted to cry but I did want to know where Charlsie my 17 year old brother was. Clementine smiled when she saw me and I tried to scoot over but my body hurt especially my back since there's a tube in it.

"Don't try I don't want you in more pain Charly-Rose. I'll stand." Clementine says.

I smiled at her and she smiles back with her adorable dimples and her. My mom comes to me and sits in the chair and she burst into tears while holding my hand.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry. Why is this happening to you... Why! Why! Why!" And she starts to sob with Clementine holding her.

I tried to keep my tears but they just fell and it hurt sobbing and I mean it physically hurt. But I couldn't stop it was impossible. And just hearing that this time it gotten worst it made me cry more.

"I'm quitting my job to spend my life with you and your sister and Charlsie. And all of my money is going to your sisters college, clothes, food, medical bills, and that's all." My mom said as she squeezed my hand. "I know that you are going to tell me to stop but I'll become a online tutor teacher. And I bought a house closer to the hospital. It's actually really nice and big and perfect for all of us. And for you to come home whenever. You both don't worry about a thing because mommy has everything in control."

I smiled at both of them and my mom kisses me on the forehead and whispers that she will always love me. Then Audrey came in and looks at us.

"You ready?" She asked.

I nod my head and Audrey comes with a wheel chair then Clem and Audrey both help me to the chair and Audrey gives me a hand to switch back to my nasal cannula because before I had a actual oxygen mask on. The Audrey pushes me off and Clem and my mom follow behind to the room.

We make it to the room and Audrey helps me up on the bed.

"Alright remember to stay completely still." She said then leaves to another room and starts the machine.

It wasn't impossible to stay still at all. It never has been so I'm kind of a pro at it. The machine starts to move and it finished in ten minutes. Then Audrey came back in and helped me back in the chair and she wheeled me back to my room.

She spoke to my mom and sister out in the hallway and I was nervous of what she was going to say plus she shut the door so I don't know if she's crying or relieved about my cancer. I hope it is good news I mean I'm still going to be sick and die without a doubt but I hope it isn't something like I'll have more time.

My mom finally comes in and she smiles at me and gives me a kiss on my cheek and hugs me tightly and my sister hugs me also and whispered that she loves me so much and that warmed up my heart. I smiled back at them and then they left. It must've been bad news... It had to be she can't just come in and not tell me. I mean without a doubt I'm scared... I'm scared to die and it will happen so fastly. I just wanna know if it will hurt or how my family will survive with me and how Luke will be without me. And everyone who was so close to me or knew me how they will react. I will probably cry at my own funeral if I get to see it.


An hour past and I was watching tv and it was raining outside and I really wasn't in the mood for anything. I just wanted this until I died. But actually I wanted to just cry more. Because I was scared... Scared of losing myself. I then herd a knock on the door and I saw Luke standing there. He comes to the side of my bed and he had huge boutique of white roses that were already in a beautiful designed detailed vase which are my favorite kind.

He sets them down and speaks. "I remembered your favorite type of flowers." And he tries to get a chuckle out and a smile but it just turned back into a frown and a face full of worry.

He sits down and pulls his chair closer to my bed then grabs my hand. "I hope you know that the happening that happened won't change how everything is between me and you. I don't think you're ugly I don't think you're a cancer freak. And I know that those are probably the things running in your mind."

That's when I let tears slip from my eyes as I looked down at my hand that is in Luke and that tear can straight onto his hand.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry you had to see that. And even thought you just said that I still feel like I need to apologize because you didn't expect it and I now wish that you didn't get a nurse. I could've just died then and there and you would've done everyone a favor ecpeically mine." I say softly.

"No Charly no. It would hurt more than hell if I lost you. I already don't have you...I don't want to lose you." And he wipes my tears.

"It hurts so much Luke...I want the pain to stop. I can't take it anymore. It just getting worst and worst by the moment. And I'm trying to stay for my sister and mom and everyone but I just can't. It hurts." And then the tears fell again but harder and I ended up sobbing in Luke chest because he got up and hugged me.

And the truth came out. That was the truth. It hurt. And any cancer patient saying that it doesn't only has a second of saying that it doesn't until the pain hits you and then the side effects and then knowing that you won't make it any longer. It hurts. I'm just so tired of waking up in pain and half of the day being in pain and only for one second I am not. But I just try and hide it and now it's just getting worst and I can't stand it. It's now becoming unbearable. And unbearable pain is the worst. The last thing you want to say is that it hurts just so people you love the most won't have to worry for you. But I couldn't take it anymore I had to tell someone.

Luke took my face looked me in the eyes and kissed me. Softly yet passionately. It was amazing... Felt like I was on the air being dropped because my stomach flew with butterflies. I put my cold hand on his jawline and then found my hand on the back of his beautiful locks of dirty blonde hair tugging it. Then we both pulled back and he smiled as he put his head on mine.

"I've always wanted to do that. At lest once..." He said as he looks at me.

I bit my lip and was blushing he probably couldn't see it with my pale brusied skin.

"Next week on Friday would you like to go out with me to dinner?" He asked as he started scratch the back of his neck.

"It would be a honor." I say as I smiled widely.

Lukes POV....

She said yes! I'm so excited now! I wanted to jump and do a happy dance but I didn't want to embarras myself aha. Gosh she's so beautiful. How can you not see the beauty that I see. It's amazing, she's amazing. I don't even mind her short hair. I think she looks beautiful even if she had long or short hair she's just stunning.

"So it's a date. I mean uhh-" and I stand up quickly and started to head to the door.

She laughs and says. "Okay I'll like that even more. A date." I then bump into the door and she puts her hand on her mouth and giggles. "Be careful please Luke."

"Yeah, yeah um I'll see you later." And I walk off with a red face of embarrassment but I walk out with a huge smile on my face.

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