One Sick Love // L.H

This is a The Fault In Our Stars type of fan fiction so I hope you enjoy �� (I did not steal the cover I was the one who made it so please don't think I stole someone's edit)


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"sweetheart it's time for you shots."

I'm Charley-Rose Loonez, I'm 18 years old and I have thyroid cancer stage three I believe. It sucks because as much as they want to say that my cancer is gone... It isn't. And it won't ever be and I won't ever get better. I caught the cancer when I was 15 and I had to get my hair shaved... I miss my long hair so much. It's growing back but barley past my ears. I was your average happy teenager who loved to do activities, who did sports and was on the dance/cheer team, and who loved to help community services. And now all of my opportunities are over. I now am out and in the hospital 24/7, I have to carry a oxygen tank everywhere I go, and I'm really lonely. I mean the only thing good about being in the hospital is being able to meet celebrities and them taking their time off just to help us sick kids out or to sing to us or whatever. I've already met Beyoncé she's an amazing singer and she is more beauiful in person. I also met Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj and Paris Hiltion and Josh Hutcherson and One Direction and many more just the most amazing people in person. I do get to go home some days but it's only a visit just like how it's suppose to be for the hospital. I should only visit the hospital and be able to be at home but of course it's too risky.

I close my eyes and felt the sharp pain of the needle going into my vain and then it being pulled out quickly and I re-opened my hazel eyes and I wanted to cry because this was worst than any other time.

"I know it hurts." The nurse says.

No you don't. "It really does..." I say.

"You can make through this." She says.

No I can't. "I hope.." And I just look down while gripping on to my arm where the shot was.

She walks out and I turn on the tv and it was on the VMAs I love award shows they're my favorite. My dream was to become a singer I've been singing for long time until I got sick now I have no chances and there'll be no way ill be able to become a famous star.

"Now performing with their hit single She Looks So Perfect I present you 5 Seconds Of Summer!" And the crowd goes wild.

"Holy shit... Is that Luke!?" I whispered under my breath.

"Yeah they're suppose to be here in two days to sing a song and hang out with you all." My doctor says as she scares the hell out of me.

"My goodness Doctor Audrey! You scared me you already know I have cancer you can't just be trying to make me have heart conditions." I said as I grab my chest.

She laughs and sits at the end of the bed. "Ahaha sorry but yeah the one with the colored hair is a cutie."

"Oh my gosh Audrey! They're about my age and you're in your early 30s stop." I said as I laughed.

"Just saying he could get my number any day." And she smiles and starts to head to the door.

"Gosh please stop!" And she laughs and leaves and I put my head on the pillow laughing.

Our relationship is like a sisterhood she speaks to me like a normal human and I do the same. It's really great. Even though I have a little sister who is 14 and a little brother who is 16 I really can't speak to them like I speak to Audrey. I'm glad that for about 3 years I had a outgoing funny doctor like her. But back to the topic about .... HES COMING TO THE HOSPITAL IN TWO DAYS!? It's literally been years since I've saw him. The last time he saw me was before I caught the cancer so I don't even know if he will remember me. I'm probably going to cry if he doesn't and I will still cry if he does. I tried to stay in touch with him but he obviously got too famous for me. I mean I'm beyond happy for him I just wished that he still visited me and I wish he found out about me catching cancer. But I was just so scared that he will be like those other boys who would judge real quickly. And I am still scared till this day but we won't find out until we see each other. I mean I still have my hideous scar on my forehead that I got from glass when we both were building a tree house and we saw beer bottles and start throwing them at the tree and for some reason the one he threw a piece of glass bounced back and cut my forehead I had stitches and that left a mark forever and I still think it's ugly and I always try to hide it with the little hair I have on my head. I also wonder if he recognizes my real raspy voice and my raspy laugh. I'm just so worried.

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