Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


2. Chapter Two: Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express

    I'm a Witch. I'm a real Witch. I still need to let the information sink in. It's all to surreal. 
        As I walk downstairs, Will comes out of his bedroom and joins me to go get some breakfast. There is one thing I learned about Will  while living here, and that's he loves food. I don't see how that much food can fit in his body. It's hilarious!
        I pour both of us large bowls of cereal with strawberries with glasses of orange juice. He eyes it hungrily as I place it in front of him on placemat. I chuckle once he almost eat all of it in a matter of thirty seconds. He should be in a cereal eating contest. That is where he belongs.
        "Get up Anna!" We hear Auntie yell loudly. When she enters the room she starts bustling about. She is wearing black flats with black pants and a nice top.
        We all climb into the small backseat of the automobile, me being squashed in the middle. To make it worse Will starts bickering with Anna.
        "Won't you to SHUT UP!" Once they get a glimpse of my face, they know to leave me alone.
        Once we arrive in town, we pull up to this old looking pub called the leaky cauldron. What on earth are we doing here? I pull out my list of supplies to look over.


                                                                                               of WITCHCRAFT and WIZARDRY



First Year students will require:

Three sets of plain work robes (black)

One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear

One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

One winter cloak (black, silver fastenings)

Please note that all pupils’ clothes should carry name tags


Course books

All students should have a copy of each of the following:

    The standard book of spells (grade 1)       

by: Miranda Goshawk

    A History of magic by Bathilda Bagshot

    A Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

    A Beginner’s guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

    One thousand magical herbs and fungi

        by Phyllida Spore

    Magical Draughts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

    Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

        by Newt Scamander

    The Dark forces: A guide to Self-Protection

        by: Quentin Trimble


Other Equipment

1 wand

1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set glass or crystal phials

1 telescope

1 set brass scales

Students may also bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad


        I look over the entire list in awe. We need so many things and we've come to a pub? This woman is mad!
        I follow her inside curiously. What the heck is going through her mind right now? I don't understand any of this and how can we even get this stuff here in London?
        The pub is very dark and shabby. Some women were drinking sherry while a man in a top hat spoke with the bartender. Auntie leads us through and into a small, walled courtyard. Where there was nothing but a trashcan and a few weeds.
        Look around while she does something with the wall when suddenly a small hole appeared and it grew larger and larger and larger and a second later were facing a giant archway. Past it was an old cobbled street that twisted and turned.
        "Welcome to Diagon Alley children!" She exclaims happily.
        As we walk down the crowded street I look at everything, or at least everything my eyes lay upon. There are brightly colored shops and witches just like me everywhere! I look over at will and notice he looks like he's going to faint. It's all way to much. I look at cauldrons and potion bottles. I can hear some complaining about high prices and great robes. This is all to surreal. I see shops filled with parchments and books and such! Oh I can't wait to go in there.
        "Gringotts," I hear Auntie mumble in annoyance, She obviously doesn't like this particular building. I wonder why. The building was white and towered over all the other buildings. Standing beside the doors was a...a.... troll?
        "That's a goblin," mumbles auntie. The Goblin bows as we approach. Once we go through the door there is a second set with writing on them,

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take and do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

                                                                                              Of finding more than treasure there.

        What the heck was that supposed to mean? What do they have? Some sort of grim reaper down there? I don't want to even think of someone trying to rob this place. I have a feeling it would end very badly.
        We were now in a large marble hall with a bunch more goblins scribbling on parchment and counting money. We all approach the counter at the end of the massive hall.
        "Hello, We are here to make a withdraw," Auntie states and hands him the package with the duplicate key,
        "Yes I see Ms. P..... Ghim,"
        "Everything seems to be in order, I will have Griphook take you down to the vault, Griphook!"
        Past the door Griphook led us through was a narrow stone passage lit by torches, He whistles and a cart comes to our side. We all climbed and got crammed in and we were off.
        At first we hurdle through the maze passages. We plunge down after a burst of fire erupts. Both Auntie and Will look quite ill after that on drop while Anna is screaming in excitement. Markus was holding onto me for dear life. The cold air burns my skin, and my eyes I will say. We pass an underground lake. Once we stopped both Will and Auntie lean against the stone walls with trembling legs. Anna and I  both stand up normally and Markus, well, he gets out and curls into a ball and rocks back and fourth.
        The Goblin unlocks the vault and a lot of ghastly looking green smoke comes out and as it clears, I just about faint. Inside were mounds of gold and silver coins and brown knuts! and it's mine. Well partially. Auntie described that I share this account with someone. I don't know who though...
        I fill up a large change purse with the so called Galleons and sickles and we leave. Once we arrive back to the surface, Auntie is suddenly relaxed while will is still in shock. I can't blame him though. He had grabbed some wealth as well while we were down there so he could grab his supplies and be able to pay for them. 
        Auntie takes Anna and Markus and walks to a sweet shop while we go get fitted for our robes. We walk into a place entitled Madam Malkin's together and a squat woman addresses us,
        "Hogwarts?" She asks in a questioning tone.
        "Well then,  we'll get you fitted towards the back,"
        She leads both Will and I and starts pinning the robes and partway through a boy with a pale, pointed face and bleach blonde hair walks in.
        He approaches us and stands on a footstool while someone starts to pin his robes also.
        "Hello," he states, kindly I think.
        "Hi," I reply, "You going to Hogwarts also?"
        "Yep, I'm pretty sure I'll be in Slytherin my whole family has for centuries.
        "Slytherin?" I state, puzzled.
        "Are you, a muggle born?" He asks digusted. "You must be if you don't know the houses,"
        I see Will next to me tense up and glare angrily at that boy, I seriously wonder if Will is going to punch him.
        "Actually, I'm a halfblood,"
        "Well, so your so called friend is a filthy muggle-born then?" He ask.
        THAT'S IT. I am Angry now and nobody, I repeat NOBODY wants to see me angry. I lunge for the boy but Will hold me back with an iron grip.
        "Shut up before I break your nose Blondie..." I say through gritted teeth.
        "Getting defensive are we?" He asks snobbishly. "Oh and don't call me Blondie,"
        "Make me," I pause, "....Blondie,"
        He scowls angrily at me and right when the squat lady tells me I'm finished I literally run out the door, knocking a kid with jet black hair down, but I don't care, I need to get outside before I explode.
        I take deep, deep breaths. Everything is fine. I really hope I don't end up in Slytherin. I really dread our next meeting. Gosh he was a jerk.
        We meet back up with Auntie, Markus and Anna and go to get the rest of our supplies. All I need is my wand now..
        Will and I both walk into Ollivander's wands nervously. The place is covered in a layer of dust.
        He makes me try many until he hands me an eleven inch holly wand with a unicorn hair and it makes a gold haze form around me and spread warmth through my arm. Is that even possible. 
        "Now Miss Ghim," He says while looking grim. "You hold great power, I can tell. Be careful how you use it.
         Will got a ten and a half inch wand that was cherry with a core of dragon heartstring.
        When we both leave I am hit with a burst of sudden glee. THIS IS REALLY HAPPEINING.
            The day has finally arrived. It's finally here, the day I leave. The day my life changes forever, The day I go to Hogwarts. I happily jump up and dash into the shower and rinse off then dry my hair with the blow dryer and pull it into a braid. I change into a pair of white jeans and a light blue sweater and white scarf. Satisfied, I start to pack my two trunks. I pack all my clothes and school supplies in one and the other, I start to fill with my own belongings. I place a photo album in the trunk when Auntie opens the door.
        "While you were getting your robes on I got you something," As she says this she pulls a cage with a beautiful barn owl from behind her back, I gasp. "You need a way to communicate, you can send letters with her and packages and such, her name is Maggie."
        I give her a huge hug and thank her a thousand times.
        I continue packing. I put my record player in the trunk with several albums, I might as well. Then I pack some photos and stuff along with a small collage and my "muggle" books. I laugh as I think the word muggle.
        When I am finished I bring my two trunks and the owl cage down the stairs next to Will's and next to his trunk is another barn owl, they look almost the same and next to Markus' is a cat with butterscotch colored fur.
        I happily run into Will's room.
        "Let's watch a movie before we go." I state.
        "Because there won't be electricity,"
        "Oh, then totally,"
        We both had about an hour and a half to kill so we decided on Mary Poppins since we discovered that we both loved it. We both sang loudly and dance around to supercalifragilistic. You can't really blame us, it's way to catchy. Anna and Markus had joined in by then. Oh it was awesome.
        Once the movie is over we immediately have to leave, I pack a bag to bring on the train that has a notebook and reading book in it.
        We say goodbye to Anna, Will takes an extra minute to the hug then we both climb into the car so we can head to king's cross station. Auntie leads us to the column in between platforms nine and ten. Um... Ok. She runs through the wall. Through the wall!?! What? We all run after her and I cringe when I get close thinking I could crash at any moment, but I don't thank goodness. The Platform nine and three quarters is bustling with excitement. Many people walk around on the platform, some giving hugs goodbye and talking excitedly with friends.
        "Now, have fun there okay? I had the time of my life,"
        "You had the time of your life? I thought you said it was your step sister,"
        "It was both of us, I didn't want anyone knowing I was a muggleborn witch, I missed my muggle life." She says. I nod understanding, it was probably because of Will's father also.
        "I was in the Ravenclaw house, Which was intelligence for their main trait." She says smiling at both of us, "It doesn't matter what house you're in. It doesn't matter, it matters about being who YOU are." I take her words into heart, house doesn't matter. I pull her into a big hug though I hadn't really known her long, I was happy I had something similar to a second mother.
        After Will and Markus hugs her we all go onto the train and search for a compartment, all seem to be full but we keep looking. As we walk down the corridor a boy slams into us.
        "Will you watch where you're..... YOU!"
        The boy looks up when I yell, it's him again. The boy with the whitish blond hair. Not again.
        "Hello Blondie,"
        "Filthy little...," He mumbles. "My father is going to hear about this,"
        I am almost sure that I heard his name being called when he walked into us. Let's see Melroy? no...I need a comeback.
        "Your insults have gotten that weak, Malfoy? You father will be hearing about this also, and I don't think he'll be too happy." Then I exit laughing.
        Will comes up to me, "Well done Sher,"
        "Thank ya, thank ya very much," I say in an Elvis impression.  Personally I think I handled the situation well, if I stayed or got mad he would have ended up with a very violently broken nose.
        We continue to look for an empty compartment. We pass one that has two boys in it but we walk past, at last we reach the very end and see two older boys messing with something that sparks, pranks probably. My area of expertise I will say, I knock on the compartment door and slide it partially open.
        "May we join you?" I ask politely.
        "Sure," The twin boys say in unison. I chuckle as Will follows me inside and we all introduce ourselves. Both have red hair and goofy grins and the "evil" look in their eyes. The one that always looks for their next pranking opportunity, My kind of people. They say their names are Fred and George and that they are third years. They seem genuinely friendly I will say. They tell us about all their pranks, I'm surprised they haven't been expelled.
        "You have how many siblings?" I ask in awe.
        "Well, there's Bill, Charlie, Percy, us two, Ron and Ginny so five others besides ourselves."
       William continues talking about pranks and such, of course he would. The trolley roles by and I eye it hungrily, as does Will. I take out some galleons and get a lot a of sweets for the four of us. Fred and George thank me when I hand them some of the sweets.
        After a lot of talking on the train, we start to get news that we are approaching the school in a little while. I run to the lou and change into my robes and walk back, ready to go. I  pull my hair up into a hairband and out of my face. When I come back, the twins are in their robes also. Laughing about something. 
        I am walking down the corridors when I see Malfoy speaking with another red haired boy and a boy with jet black hair and green eyes,
        "Is it true?" he asks. "They're all saying down the train that Harry Potter's in this compartment.. So it's you isn't it?" I scowl and stand to where they can't see me. Harry? where have I heard that before?
        "Yes," says Harry. He was staring at Malfoy's "body guards".
        "Oh, this is Crab and this is Goyle, and my name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." I snicker and he faces me,
        "Spying are you?"
        "Yep," I say laughing and I go in and sit next to the red haired boy, he to starts to snicker. Draco (hahaha) looks at him.
        "Think my name's funny do you? No need to ask who you are. My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children and than they can afford." He turns back to Harry, "You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there."
        I scowl as he holds his hand out to shake Harry's, but Harry doesn't take it. "I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks," He says coldly. I thought I could just see Draco blush a bit out.
        "I'd be careful if I were you Potter," he says slowly. "Unless you're a bit politer you'll go the same way as your parents. They didn't know what was good for them, either.. You hang around with riffraff like the Weasleys and that Hagrid, and it'll rub off on you."
        All of us stand up. I don't know Potter but I do know that Draco is out of line.
        "Say that again," Ron says, turning scarlet.
        "Oh you're going to fight us are you?" Malfoy Sneers.
        "Unless you get out now." Says Harry.
        They say a couple other things before one of Draco's goons is bitten by Ron's rat. I hate rats so much. I run after Malfoy as he leaves and grabs his shirt collar, Harry and Ron watches me as I grab him. "Listen up Malfoy," I hiss, I see him look a tad bit afraid before I continue. "I swear that if you as much say stuff like that again I will personally destroy you, you hear me?" I let him go and he smirks and scurries off. He oddly reminds me of a ferret. Harry and Ron thank me and I part ways with them. When I get back to my compartment I explain everything to the twins and Will. Fred and George high five each other. Turns out Ron is their brother. Once we arrive all unload the train and get ready to go to the magnificent castle in front of us.

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