Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


13. Chapter Thirteen: The Rogue Bludger and a Dueling Club

     The clock reads eight so I start to think about the upcoming Quidditch match, throwing my dream aside. I wasn't nervous at all, we did have the fastest racing brooms money could buy and we were a better team in my opinion. I would've refused to use that broom from Malfoy but I thought against it, Marcus would be furious. I honestly think that we will win.  The one problem being that I was still not treated fairly compared to my other team members, since I was the only girl and all. Especially after last year when I gave my congratulations to the Gryffndor team right in front of Flint. 
        When I went to the great hall a little bit later, I had went ahead and changed into my Quidditch robes so I wouldn't have to later be surrounded by the likes of them. I walked into the hall decked out in my emerald green robes, taking a seat next to Will. I grab some toast and begin to take small bites, my anxiety showing a little bit. When Carmen rushes over to me, her eyes are huge.
        "You play Quidditch!?!" She yells in question. 
        "Why didn't you tell me? I had no idea. You can't just not tell me that!" She exclaims.
        "Well, now you know." I say tiredly. 
        "You okay?" She asks, worried.
        "Yeah, I'm fine." I say, trying not to fall asleep.

At eleven o'clock almost the entire school was making it's way to the Quidditch pitch. It was our match against Gryffindor and all the houses were coming watch. I caught sight of Claire walking with a group of friends towards the Slytherin side of the stands, wearing  Slytherin colors. When I meet the rest of the team they are muttering under their breaths, smirking as they pick up their brand new nimbus two-thousand and ones. When we walk out the Gryffindors are on their way. Our house boos them wildly, hissing insults.  After Flint and Oliver Wood shake hands, Hooch starts the match and with the roar of the crowd we are off.
        In one quick motion the game began and I'm flying around hitting the bludgers wildly. I see Harry and hit one towards him, making it miss him by maybe a centimeter, brushing his hair as it passed. George goes after it on cue. As it is going straight towards Adrian Pucey I launch after. Right when I'm about to to smack in the opposite direction, it swerves and heads straight towards Harry once again, straight towards his head. 
        Harry surges forward to the opposite end of the pitch, right where a Fred Weasley is waiting. With a large swing of his bat he ends the rogue bludger flying in the opposite direction, but to no avail, it flies straight at Harry again, causing him to fly away full speed. This bludger has been tampered with. It had started to rain as I  here the score being sixty to zero in our favor. I fly straight in front of the twins and Harry and smack the second bludger away from them, hopefully Flint did not see that or I'm dead. I knew they probably were not able to tackle two bludgers at once and I don't want to see Harry splattered on the ground of the quidditch pitch. 
        "SHERIE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Shouts George who had just taken another smack at the tampered bludger.
        "SAVING YOUR ARSE! PROTECT HARRY! I HAVE TO GO!" I flying towards my team to smack a bludger away from Flint. 
        Gryffindor calls a time out and we all land onto the smooth grass field. My team starts laughing and jeering at the confused Gryffindors while I send them a sympathetic smile. My co-beater stands behind me and whispers into my ear.
        "I saw you hit that bludger away from Weasley..." He hisses. I feel my heartbeat escalate in panic. He saw me. No, dang it he saw me. He'll tell flint and have me kicked off the team.
        "I won't tell anyone, consider it...a favor." He says. He will probably want something in return in the future.
        When the time out is over, I forget about what he said and continue fighting off the lone bludger left that is threatening my team. Moments later I'm flying past Malfoy, who is laughing like an idiot at Harry who is doing flips in the air. I catch site of something gold glistening above Malfoy's shoulder. Harry takes notice and hovers for a moment.
        "MALFOY! THE SNITCH YOU IDIOT!" I scream as the bludger attacking Harry smacks into his elbow, letting out a horrible sound. Harry dives at Malfoy and goes after the snitch. 
        When the snitch in enclosed by his hand, he falls off his broom and lands with a sickening crack on the ground below.
        I land next to him and watch as Lockhart runs from the the stands and hovers over him. When Harry comes around, he sees Lockhart's face above him.
        "Oh no, not you." he groans.
        The Gryffindors all press around him, my emerald colors standing out against the scarlet red. Much to Harry's protest he tries to mend his broken limb and apparently something goes wrong, his arm appears as though it has been deflated. Lockhart didn't fix the bone! He removed them! Oh god that idiot should be fired. He has caused more bad than good in this school. When Harry gets up to go to the Hospital wing, I walk over to the Slytherin team and see Marcus Flint yelling at Malfoy.  Malfoy was scowling at that very moment.
        "It was right on top of your bloody head Malfoy! You idiot! We could have won but NO insulting Potter was to important." 
        I shake my head in irritation at the scene. I will admit though, Malfoy was an idiot for that. I even tried to tell him! Like honestly, he needs to pay more attention to his surroundings. 
        "I even warned you Malfoy." I say, snickering at his very confused expression.
        "I yelled to you about it, don't play dumb with me, I yelled and realized a moment to late."
        Marcus gets even angrier at him for this and rants on as I walk away from the field, broom in hand.         Carmen, Will, Sarah, Markus, and Riley all join me moments later, telling me I did a good job. At least somebody thinks so. My arms are now soar and feel like they should just fall off. I'm relieved it's Saturday, giving me tomorrow to recover. Being a beater takes a lot of upper body strength and balance. It gets very tiresome, so being my lazy self, I hop onto my broom and fly towards the shore of the black lake, my little hiding spot. 
        I hear Carmen say heck no at my destination and run off with Ginny Weasley, not wanting to go into those waters again. Markus and Will join me, Riley goes to study for her most difficult subject, herbology. I lay down under a tree, pull off my protective gloves and leg guards and slip my outer quidditch robe off, leaving me in my pants and green crewneck sweater.
         Feeling more free I stare at the sky above me, rain starting to pour splashing on my cheeks. The others had, moments ago, decided to go inside. Slowly I grew cold, in moments my uniform and myself were soaked to the bone. I shivered a little bit as I sit up and grab my things and start to march up the muddy path towards the castle. I like the rain sometimes, the splattering sound on the roof of the castle giving me comfort. It made me sad that our dorms had to be in the dungeons where you couldn't hear it rain the evening. 
        I would go to see Harry, but the entire Gryffindor house is probably there and I would most likely be unwelcome. Understandable I guess, but I don't see why our two houses have such a bad rivalry with one another. When I make it to the castle, go straight to my dorm for some rest, although I am stopped in my tracks by a furious Malfoy.
        "Wanted to make him angrier Ghim?" He hisses. 
        "No, I didn't if I am telling the truth." 
        He looks shocked but that snarl quickly, replacing it in a matter of a second.
        "You are just a stupid, annoying girl." He says, "You don't deserve to be on a team that you hate anyways."
        Ok, that one stings a little bit. Yes, I do hate my team but I put my position before my likes and dislikes, whether he believes it or not. I will not give him the satisfaction of my anger anymore. Though I still hate his guts and may try and kill him or something later this year, I'm going to play it off cool this time. I end up sighing, exasperated.
        "Are you naturally stupid? Or do you practice? I am really in no mood to argue Malfoy, if you can tell. Your comment does not bother me, so if you will excuse me, I do believe I need some rest. Save your spiteful remarks for next time." I say tiredly. 
        The look on his face was priceless and his goons are now snickering behind him. I can just see a bit of pink tint his pale cheeks as I stalk off to my dorm.

        By Monday morning, The entire school had learned a first year had been petrified, someone by the name of Colin. First years now traveled around the school in tight groups, I can't say I blame them. Carmen constantly clung to her sister who was growing very frustrated with the constant words of fear.         
        It was now the second week of December, I had gotten a letter from Auntie telling us that we sadly couldn't come home for Christmas this year, Stranding the five of us at Hogwarts. I wasn't to sad about it, until I learned Malfoy would be here also, which seemed quite odd in my opinion. When Professor McGonagal had come around with the list of who was staying, I signed up along with the rest. I was sad to know neither Carmen's family or Riley would be here with us. The Slytherin common room will be pretty much empty on Christmas morning. 
        Thursday afternoon, I am sitting next to Will in potions class down here in the roomier dungeons. I huddle over my cauldron, trying to warm my fingers. I was making a swelling solution, like the rest of the class, mine looked just about perfect. I felt really bad for the Gryffindors being harassed by Professor Snape. 
        Out of the corner of my eye, I see something fly across the classroom, straight into Goyle's potion. I hide under my desk, dragging Will with me as it explodes and showers the class. People shriek as potion hits them. I snicker as I see Malfoy's nose swell like a small balloon. Snape, trying to calm everything down, was furious. I look and see Hermione slip into Snape's office. What is she doing? 
        "Silence, SILENCE!" Snape roars. "Anyone who has been splashed, come here for a deflating draught- when I find who did this-"
        Half the class, including Malfoy, had hurried up front with enlarged limbs. I see Hermione slip out of Snape's office with the front of her robes bulging. She was stealing something! You know what... I don't want to know. Snape pulls out the remain of a firework from Goyle's cauldron and threatens whoever has done this. When the bell rings ten minutes later, I welcome it and leave the class as to not face Snape's wrath. 
        A week later, I stand next to Will, eyeing a notice for a dueling club that starts tonight. It might be handy so I decide to go, it might be fun. Will considers it and decides to tag along. When I ask everyone one else, only two say that they will not duel. So it ends up being, Carmen, Will, Markus, Meghan and I going to the dueling club. Riley had said no and Anna didn't seem interested at all. 
        When we went to the great hall at eight o'clock, the tables had vanished and a golden stage was against one of the walls. Candles lit up the room packed with people. The majority of the school is probably here with their wands out.
        Right when I see who walks onto the stage, I loudly groan. Causing the others to snicker. It was Lockhart wearing robes of a plum color with Snape standing behind him. This can't be good. He waves an arm for silence and tells us about the club and a demonstration he is about to do with his "assistant" professor Snape. This ought to be good. The look on Snape's face would scare me to death if I were Lockhart. How is that idiot still smiling! It makes no sense! They start to raise their wands like swords in front of them. 
        "As you can see, we are holding our wands in the accepted combative position, On the count of three, we will cast our first spells. Neither of us will be aiming to kill of course." Says Lockhart.
        "Wanna bet?" I mumble under my breath as I look at the glare from Snape. 
        "One-Two-THREE!" He shouts.
        There was a dazzling flash of Scarlet light and Lockhart is flung off the stage and hits the wall, wandless and sprawls on the floor. I laugh loud enough for the others to here and I get a few snickers and nasty looks. When Lockhart gets up I frown. Only if he were knocked out.
        "Well, there you have it! That was a disarming charm- as you see, I've lost my wand- ah, thank you Miss Brown- Yes, an excellent idea to show them that, Professor Snape, but if you don't mind my saying so, it was very obvious what you were about to do. If I had wanted to stop you, it would have been only to easy- however, I felt it would be instructive to let them see..." 
        If I were Snape I would kill him, and by the look on his face he probably does. Obviously Lockhart notices because he quickly changes the subject. 
        "Enough demonstrating! I am going to come amongst you now and put you in pairs. Professor Snape, if you would like to help me-"
        Lockhart thankfully pairs me with Carmen and we bow our heads to one another like instructed. If she wants revenge for the black lake this is the time. WAIT....OH no.....
        "one...two...three!" Shouts Lockhart as I start to pay attention. 
        Carmen and I stand frozen for a moment than she casts her spell.
        "Levicorpus!" She shouts, and with a flash I am dangling upside down by my ankles. My hair skims the floor and Carmen's eyes widen in both surprise and pleasure. She probably didn't know what the spell would do.
        "Expelliarmus!" I shout. When it flicks her wand out of her hand and blows her back I crash headfirst against the hard floor. We both get up quickly and I cast another spell.
        A jet of silver light hits her and she falls to the floor wheezing from the tickling charm. She is squirming and screaming on the ground. 
        "Cantis!" She shrieks. The spell causes me to burst into uncontrollable song. When did she learn this thing? I seem to be singing some older song I don't even know.
        I can hear Lockhart shouting in the background and suddenly Carmen is able to stand up and I stop singing. When she is standing we look at each other and I start laughing uncontrollably. 
        "Don't ever do that tickling again PLEASE! That was literal torture." She screams. Still scarred from it.
        "As long as you don't make me burst out into song!" 
        "Sorry, I thought it would be funny and I have gotten revenge!." She says accomplished.
        "I guess it was and I guess you did," I say.
        "Dear, dear." Says Lockhart looking at the aftermath of the duels. "Up you go, Millicent... Careful there, Miss Fawcett...Pinch hard, it'll stop bleeding in a second, Boot- I believe I should teach you all how to block unfriendly spells," He finishes flustered. 
        There is a small argument between him and Snape and next thing I know, I see Harry being put on the stage with Malfoy. I push my way to the side next to Harry and give him a thumbs up as Lockhart tries to show him how to block a spell. I am right against the platform as Lockhart counts down from three.
        "GO!" He shouts. 
        "Serpensortia!" Shouts Malfoy, and on cue a long black snake shoots out of the end of his wand and lands heavily on the floor.
        "Don't move Potter... I'll get rid of it..." Snape mutters lazily, enjoying the sight before him. 
        It slithers to the boy next to me and I freeze in fear. Harry shouts for it to leave the boy alone and it turns around to strike at Harry I think, I climb on the stage clumsily and yell.
        It freezes and turns to look at me and slumps to the floor, looking like a long hose. I knew it wouldn't hurt anybody now. I could see Harry relax also. I walk over and stand next to him and put a hand on his arm.
        I look up at the boy from earlier and he stares at us in shock.
        "What do you think you're playing?" He shouts at Harry, storming out of the hall in suit. I look at Carmen and she looks afraid. What did I do? Snape came forward and got rid of the snake. He looks at us oddly, with a calculating look. 
        When I climb off the stage moments later, the entire hall is muttering. I can even see Malfoy looking at me strangely as I walk up to Carmen. She scurries off as though in a hurry and Will looks at me with wide eyes.
        "What?" I ask.
        "Y-your a parselmouth!" He exclaims.
        "I'm a what?" I ask confused.
        "You can speak to snakes!" He says.
        I can speak to snakes? I don't.... What? I wasn't speaking English! and that would mean Harry can also. I am utterly confused as we walk out of the hall.
        "What's wrong with that?" I ask confused. Why is that so bad? 
        "EVERYTHING! Only Salazar Slytherin could speak to snakes and it just so happens that his heir is at the school! Everyone will think either you or Harry is the heir of Slytherin. More you than him since you're in the house itself!"
        I look at my shoes as we walk back to the common room. Carmen is probably terrified of me right now! Oh my god... this is just a very big mess.
        When I get to the common room, the entire house is whispering and staring at me.
        "Take a picture! It might last longer!" I yell, frustrated. Some turn away mumbling and most leave except Malfoy who is glaring at me.
        "Freak." He states.
        "Git," I reply. 
        I shrug off his glare and march up to my room and lay down on my bed. I can feel the stares of my dorm mates as I stare at the ceiling.
        "Buzz off." I shout. I hear them mumble in protest and I finally start to drift off into sleep.

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