Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


16. Chapter Sixteen: R.J. Lupin and the Hogwarts express (Year Three)

Last Saturday was my thirteenth birthday, at least, according to the orphanage that brought me in. Time has flown by so fast I can barely keep track of it all. It feels like just yesterday I discovered I was a witch and became enemies with none other than Draco Malfoy, or that I was petrified in my second year while walking the halls with Hermione. It sadly feels like yesterday that Harry Potter had gotten onto my bad side when he invaded our privacy, when he snuck into the common room disguised as Crabbe and Goyle. I am still a bit angry with Ron but him I can’t stay mad at for long. He was probably against the idea at first, knowing him. 

    The summer has passed by very slowly, making me bored everyday. Ever since Markus came to the death-day party with me we have grown extremely close, especially over the summer. I can tell Will is showing a hint of jealousy over it and I feel bad for him, but he should not feel that way. I hang out with him all the time. Anna you can tell has grown a little bit over the summer days, her blonde hair is in need of a cut, it going almost halfway down her back. She was very shaken up after Ginny Weasley’s accident down in the chamber of secrets. She had been her roommate and felt very guilty over it since she could have prevented it all. It wasn’t her fault either.
        Carmen had been sending me owls over the summer, talking about Ethan and Daniel and not to mention her sister who had been reading in her room for hours. Carmen wasn’t to thrilled with her year at Hogwarts last year since she has a fear of almost everything and you can’t forget the run in with Aragog. Or should I say the idea of Aragog.  I hadn’t seen much of Claire last year though we were in the same house. She now lives with all of us and spends many afternoons in her room. I don’t  know who she had made friends with or anything.
          Now it is the beginning of August, I had been studying constantly for potions and my other subjects. I hate summer work, always have, always will. The one thing I look forward to is Quidditch. I miss the intense game, it epic twists and turns and it’s dangerous heights. My position as a beater had not changed at all since I had first joined the team. I’m just happy that this should be Marcus Flint’s last year. Well, that is if he passes his exams. I was tempted many times this year to take out my broom and go for a ride but I knew that wouldn’t be wise in a muggle area.

    I have greatly missed the magical world since the end of the last school year. I miss the puzzling riddles and amazing spells that make you stare in awe. I simply can’t wait for Hogwarts to start again and board the Scarlet steam engine of platform nine and three quarters. 

    I walk down the narrow staircase and go into the kitchen. I see Claire sitting alone and staring out the window, lost in thought. She has her hair pulled into a braid and a hand pressed against her cheek.  I just ignore her and open the refrigerator and pull out a soda. It feels odd living in the muggle world, I don’t know why. I had lived this way all my life, now I just can’t seem to adapt now that I know there is the possibility of magic.
        I go back upstairs and begin to complete my assignments one by one until around noon, Auntie decides to drag us to Diagon alley early. Honestly I was in no mood to go at this very moment but get dressed anyways. When I walk down the stairs everyone is already holding a handful of floo powder. 
        "Ready to go?" She asks quietly.
        "Yeah," I say taking a handful of the grey-black powder. I step into the fireplace and yell.
        "The Leaky Cauldron!" and throw the powder down and am absorbed in green flames. 
        I stumble into the creaking pub, my feet thudding against the floor boards. I let out a small cough as I take a seat and wait for the others. They pop in one by one until the six of us are standing together. As we walk to the entrance of Diagon Alley I collide with someone roughly.
        "Will you watch where you're...." I trail off as I notice who it is. "Potter."
        He looks older, his hair is still as crazy as it will ever be, but he is taller than I am now.
        "Sherie I..."
        "No, no saying 'you're sorry', no more of that crap, I have had a lot of that from all those letters Ron tried to send me this summer." I reply.
        "Which you never replied to apparently,"
        "Because I didn't care." I state angrily. "Bye Potter." I state. Shoving past him to catch up with Auntie.    
        After we spent a good two hours shopping, my feet were beginning to ache like crazy. My sack full of galleons weighed down my bag a little bit as I navigated my way around various witches and wizards. I swear, we went to about every shop there was. Auntie buying so many things for a reason I don't know of. 
        "I'm going to deliver these back to the house while you can go get some ice-cream. We are meeting a close friend of mine in hogsmeade at three thirty." She says quickly, while apparating away. 
        We go to the ice- cream shop and grab something, awaiting the return of Auntie. When I look at the clock it reads three o'clock. She needs to hurry up if we are going to make it on time. After a few more minutes, she pops back and we head to the three broomsticks by floo powder. 
    The inn is warm, crowded, and a bit smokey but clean and welcoming. A large mirror behind the bar reflects the cozy atmosphere. I had never been here and am supposed to come to Hogsmeade on the weekends this year. OH it should be so much fun. 
        We all take a seat at a large table towards the left side of the room, sipping at our mugs of butterbeers that Auntie ordered for all of us. Markus was sitting next to me gulping his down. 
        "Slow down or you'll get sick."
        "Yeah, all over you!" He exclaims. I smack him in the shoulder and take another sip of mine, wiping foam from my mouth.
        "Do you know who we're meeting?" I ask curiously. 
        "Someone by the name of Remus. I've never met him so I can't say. Auntie said he had seen us as infants." He replies. Will is sitting across from me, barely taking sips of his drink.
        "Are you going to drink yours?" I ask pointing to it.
        "Yes if you must know, It's just very sweet." He says flinching. I understand that. He was never one for sweet drinks or desserts. So I always ate them. Will and Markus looks like they have grown also. We were all around the same height now. Both their hair appears to have gotten darker and Markus' face is more defined.
        "Moony!" Auntie shouts, catching site of a man in his mid thirties coming our way. 
        "Margie," He says with a smile. They give each other a nice hug and he takes a seat next to me. "These must be the young ones I presume."
        "They are," She says happily. Remus or "Moony" wears clothing that appears a bit shabby but I don't mind that. He has some scratches on his hands and a few on his face, scars I presume. Remus looks at me very oddly, like he is trying to put together a puzzle. I give him a little bit of a confused look.
        "Oh my apologies," He says. "You just look oddly familiar." 
        "My name is Sherie, Sherie Ghim." I say.  
        "Well, hello Sherie, I'm Remus Lupin or as you know now, Moony. Except no one has called me that one in years." He says, giving a pointed look at Auntie, who just raises her eyebrows. "I am also going to be your new defense against the dark arts teacher this year." He says, looking at all of us. Auntie looks at him surprised while I smile. Finally, a decent person for a teacher.
        "Finally, We can have a sane teacher there." I say in relief.
        "I wouldn't be to sure," Says Will while sipping his butterbeer. "That position is rigged."
        All Lupin does is laugh and nod his head.
        "It does appear so, doesn't it. He says chuckling. 
        We all chat with Lupin happily, getting to know him better. Auntie is apparently letting him stay with us for dinner since she hasn't seen him for five years. He's nice though which is a relief to me. When we arrive at the house later that evening, we ate dinner and now I head outside for a breath of fresh air. I look at the flowers and sit in one of the chairs, thinking.
        "You know," Says a voice from behind me. " It does no good to wallow in your own thoughts." 
        Lupin takes the seat next to me and places his elbows on his knees.
        "What's going through that intelligent mind of yours?" He asks. I sigh and run a hand through my hair.
        "Broken friendships," I state. "Being an outsider."
        "Ah, I see." He says."It seems like that time of age, care to explain?"
        That is when I launch into the story of Harry Potter and how we got to the terms we're on now. Lupin listens thoughtfully and when I finish, he nods his head.
        "I can see why you feel that way, but he did try to make amends. I would give him a second chance." When he sees the expression on my face, he adds another sentence. "One day."
        "One day," I reply. "Have you ever felt like an outsider?" I ask, thinking back to my ability to talk to snakes and odd eyes that change color.
        "Ever since I was a child," He sighs. "Everyday, or at least once a month." 
        I nod my head thoughtfully as we both stare off into space. Once a month? Whatever, I don't want to bother.
        "I sometimes feel as though I'm abnormal," I say. "I can speak to snakes, my eyes turn colors, my temper is hard to control. I'm a freak." I say shuddering.
        "Nobody is ever normal Sherie, you must embrace this side of yourself. It isn't an abnormality," He says, shaking his head. " It's you." 
        I smile weakly, my thoughts mulling over these words. I must not forget them.
        "If you ever want to talk or let off steam, you are always welcome in my office at Hogwarts." He says.
        "Thank you Mr-Professor Lupin."
        "Just call me Moony, your aunt would be disappointed if you didn't and I don't mind."
        "Thanks," I say, giving him a very tight hug. "Moony." 
         When we go inside moments later, he gives me a pat on the back and I run off to Markus and Will and sit on top of the two. They start laughing as my close my eyes.
        "Will you get off?" Grunts Markus, "You weigh a ton!" I fake gasp. 
        "Are you calling me overweight?" I ask in mock horror.
        "Yup, you pig." He says laughing. I roll off them and grab a pillow and smack it at him. 
        "Git," I mutter with a chuckle. 
        "Oink Oink," He says while puffing his cheeks out. I simply roll my eyes and take a seat in the chair by the window. Idiot...
        When Lupin leaves later, I finish the rest of assignments and pretty much pass out in bed, In a few weeks, I'll be back home. 

Everyone else had already boarded the train and I had stayed back to give a final goodbye to Auntie. She isn't sure if we are able to come back for Christmas this year again because she has ministry work elsewhere. Just as I'm about to climb aboard, she yells my name.
        I turn my head and she hands me a sealed envelope with markings on it. Korean markings. I look at her in confusion and she has tears in her eyes. I give her a hug and board the train, while cautiously opening the letter, but decide to wait until I have taken my seat. When I do, I'm surrounded by Will, Carmen, Daniel and Claire, whom had decided to join us for the beginning of the trip. 
        The rain was pounding against the windows as we glided past the English country side. I had always enjoyed watching the rain, always. Suddenly, the train started to slow down and finally stop. Markus stands up and looks outside the compartment curiously. What is going on? Then without any warning, we are plunged into darkness.
        "Lumos," I murmur, lighting my wand. The others do the same and we are now able to see a tiny bit with the dim lights.
        "Do you think we've broken down?" I ask.
        We hear a rattling and clanking.
        "What's going on?" Asks Claire from beside me. 
        She is about to open the compartment door when it is slid open. Standing before us is a hooded figure that towers to the ceiling, I grow cold, my breath hitching in my throat. It feels as though all the happiness has gone from the world. It takes in a rattling breath and I slip off my seat while hearing a distant scream. A horrible scream. The creature is forced away by the wisp of light and Lupin comes into the compartment.
        "Moony?" I ask tiredly.
        "Yes Sherie, here." He hands me a square of chocolate and gives a square to each person. "It should make you feel better."
        Everyone around me is shivering and cold. Claire has some tears rolling down her cheeks as she takes a bite of the chocolate.
        "What was that?" I ask.
        "A Dementor, they are searching for an escaped prisoner by the name of Sirius Black. If you'll excuse me."
        He hurries off, dishing chocolate to people as he passes. When I take a bite of mine, I feel warmth overflow me. Chocolate does fix things. 

Later, I sit with the letter unopened, in front of me. The letter that Auntie was crying about. I tear it open and scan the paragraph quietly to myself.
        Dear Miss Sherie and Claire Ghim,

        We are sorry to inform you that your grandmother has passed away today, August 27th, due to a heart-attack in her sleep. She has left you each a silver locket to which has been untouched. They lie in this envelope.
                                        your family physician 

I stare at the letter, tears trickling down my cheeks, staining the writing. She's gone. The woman who helped take care of me all my life, the one who was like a second mother to me is gone. She would tuck me in bed when I was little with a kiss and a lullaby. She would let me eat cookies before dinner. She helped me adjust to my surroundings. That woman is gone, she's dead. I hand the letter to Claire and let out a small sob. She can't be gone. No, she can't be! She was in perfect health last year. 
        I run out of the compartment faster than you can say Quidditch and head towards the girls' lavatory. I need to freshen up. As I am running down the corridor, I slam into Malfoy and fall roughly to the ground. As I look up, I see that his hair isn't slicked back anymore and he looks older. He's taller and has that same sneer as usual. Don't cry. Not in front of him.
        "Well, if it isn't Ghim," He says as I stand up and I brush myself off. My eyes are probably red and puffy and I know for a fact that I have tear tracks going down my cheeks. I am breathing heavily and am in a panicked expression. "The one that has no real family." He says. How does he know I'm adopted? Real family makes me think of my grandmother. She was family.
        A new wave of tears come to me as I stare at him.
        "What? You finally weak enough to cry?" He says, I could swear I saw his expression soften a little bit.
        "No," I croak, while swallowing the lump in my throat. "I just lost someone in the family, so if you will excuse me Malfoy." I say, pushing past him and finally make it to the restroom, I could feel his gaze digging into my back. I splash some cold water in my face and look at my self in the mirror. My blackish brown hair is pulled up into a pony tail and my eyes are bloodshot from the crying, m facial features are a bit more defined and I look almost like a teenager now. I had gotten taller also, I noticed this instantly. It's ok. She was old and lived a very long life. I should be thankful for a while. Though it hurts, I put a weak smile upon my face and make my way back to the compartment carefully. 
        When I enter, Claire is sobbing into Will's shoulder mournfully. I take a seat next to Markus and he whispers in my ear.
        "You okay?" 
        "Yeah, I'm fine." I say tiredly, laying a head on his shoulder out of exhaustion. I'm done with the world for the day, done. 
        When we later passed the dementors upon entering the school, I had shuddered and refused to look at them at all. 
         I was completely numb to the world during the speech from Dumbledore. I didn't hear a word and ate little. I was mourning the loss of my grandmother. I needed closure. I had stayed out of an argument between Malfoy and Potter. Which really shocked Malfoy. He had seen walk past without a second glance, making him confused. 
        When I go to bed later that evening, I had spoken to nobody. I was in no state of mind to. I just hope that all will be alright by tomorrow, but right now, I take this time to let my grief show. 

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