Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


6. Chapter Six: Christmas!

       As Christmas approached, I grew more and more excited about going home to Auntie and Anna. Yes, I really love it here, but I miss them so much. I wasn't sure if Mum, Dad, and Claire were coming, but I was still happy about going. Anna had been writing me every two days begging for Christmas to arrive.
        I was so happy this morning when I discovered that Hogwarts was covered in several feet of snow, waiting for us to have a good time. Fred and George had dragged me outside with them and bewitched snowballs to follow Quirrel around and hit him in the back of his head. I felt very sorry for him, he's scared of everything. I had heard he fainted in the middle of the great hall when he announced a troll was loose. That wimp. Not much later the twins got punished, I wasn't surprised of course. Filch probably has a drawer dedicated to all of their rule breaking. 
        Will had thrown a snowball at me and now we were wrestling in the snow, laughing like idiots. It was so funny. By the end we were soaking wet and cold but with large grins.  Malfoy said we looked stupid but of course I had said to back off. I did not want my good mood to be ruined by him. I was in no mood for it.
        When I walked into the potions class later, I could see my breath. I'm not even kidding, it must be freezing down here. I pull my robe closely around me and huddle by my cauldron for warmth since it is all I have. I continue working as Snape stalks by all of us. Every time he passes I can feel Will tense up next to me. I know he is still scared of the intimidating teacher. I've grown accustomed to it by now.
        "I feel sorry," says Malfoy, "For all those people who have to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas because they are not wanted at home." He says while looking at Harry. I see Riley all tense and tears start to come to her eyes. I wonder why. Malfoy keeps talking and talking and I grow quite annoyed with him honestly, He's so rude to everyone.
        When I had walked back upstairs my path was blocked by a giant pine tree and the large man carrying it. I could see Ron and Harry talking to Hagrid and Malfoy makes some rude comment again.
        When I had gotten to the great hall my jaw dropped. It looked amazing with the large tree set up not long before. I make my way to the Slytherin table and see Riley crying silently while looking down. I run over to her quickly.
        "Riley, What's wrong?" I ask in a whisper while putting an arm around her.
        She lets out a small sob and I lead her out of the hall and we take a seat on the smooth stone steps near the doors. She crys as she hugs me.
        "M-my Mother said I c-couldn't come h-home this year because they were already h-having guests and I'm staying here."
        I see why this would make her upset, her parents choose others over their own daughter. Malfoy must have really offended her with his comment.
        "Why don't you come to the muggle world with me? I can talk to the teacher and ask her to cross your name off the list of people staying and I'm sure that Auntie won't mind."
        "Really? I don't want to be a bother," She says with tears on her face.
        "I'm sure, I'll owl her right now." I say, taking out a piece of parchment and quill from my bag, writing her a letter.
        Riley gives me a very hard squeeze, thanking me.
        When I walk into the great hall, I go to the Hufflepuff table and run to Markus and practically tackle him.
        "I haven't seen you in a while!" I yell into his ear, causing him to smile.
        "Not all my fault," He says while putting his hands up in surrender. I laugh and sit next to him.
        "How are classes and everything?" I ask him, interested.
        "Fine really, I just can't wait to go home tomorrow. Great job in Quidditch that time."
        "Thanks," I say happily. I can see him scowl as Malfoy walks in. Markus, Scowl? That is a rare sight. He probably had a run in with him already or knows about me breaking his nose. I draw his eyes away from the blonde headed boy and tell him about Riley joining us for Christmas. He thinks it was a sweet thing to do.
        When we get on to the Hogwarts express everyone is overcome with joy for the Holiday season. Riley was basically jumping up and down when we had gotten into the train compartment. She was going on and on about never being in the muggle world. Oh she will be in for a shock. We both linger in the compartment, playing cards until we start to arrive. I straighten my nice shirt and exit with my bags.
        Auntie stands on the platform next to Anna. Anna is wearing a red sweater with nice jeans and a huge grin spread across her face. She tugs on Auntie's sleeve and points to us and as Auntie's head turns, her eyes light up. In one movement Will, Markus and I are in their arms. Crying and laughing. I pull Riley into the hug so she wouldn't feel left out of the fun. I can see Marcus squeezing Anna to death.
        "We missed you all so much..." I say with tears of joy on my cheeks. Anna drags me into another hug.
        "We missed you too." says happily after she lets go I drag Riley next to me.
        "Everyone, this is Riley. She is one of my dorm mates in Slytherin." I say. Everyone greets her and we all pile into the large car and make our way home.

        The whole car ride, Riley was amazed at how it worked. Wait until she sees the lights on a Christmas tree soon, She'll go nuts. When we got home we dragged out suitcases through the front door and to our rooms. I take Riley to the guest bedroom next to mine and we go to unpack our stuff for the next two weeks. I can't believe that I'm back. It feels like a century ago that I went to Hogwarts, leaving everything that I knew and loved behind. Making an ultimate change that will affect the entire course of my life.
        I look into one of the drawers and find that nerf gun I used not long ago. I it out and go to track down Will and Anna. I hang out on the balcony overlooking the living room and wait for one of them to walk in. I see Will walk in drill him in the back of the head while hiding behind a wall.  I see him feel the back of his head and look, not seeing anyone or anything. He keeps looking in this general direction and slowly walks backwards towards a trunk and in one swift movement pulls out a nerf pistol. Well, He's at a disadvantage because his is so small while mine is similar to a rifle. Of course, he doesn't know that it's me. This is so similar to war. I walk into my room quietly and load my pockets with ammunition. Then I creep down the stairs to the first floor.
        Will is no where to be seen as I creep against the walls. Hmmm... I have to really think. I see a head of blonde hair and send a bullet straight towards it. Oh no... It was Anna. I run upstairs before she catches sight of me and run into Riley's room.
        "Riley take it," I say. Shoving a nerf gun into her hands. I explain why and how to use it and we both sneak downstairs. I can see Will and Anna loaded with stuff and they have teamed up as I expected. We jump out and start firing a them. They look shocked but return fire. Just as it gets intense, Markus apparently heard the chaos and came to check out what was going on. Bad choice. All aim is directed at him and he's drilled. Markus dives to the ground and pretends to die. We all chuckle as he lets out to fake coughs.
        "I won't make." He says, acting weak and coughing some more.
        "That was the point."
        He groans and tells me to shut and I start laughing like crazy.
        We hear Auntie call us all into the living room even though we were already there and she walks in with three large red boxes marked Christmas.
        For the next two hours, we hang garland on the railings and decorate the Christmas tree with lights ornaments and finally the star. We place bright red and green pillows on the white sofa and red stockings on the fireplace. We also make Christmas cookies.  It looks as though Riley is having a good time. After we finish, it's about time we head to bed. I climb in and gently lay down. Sleep beginning to overtake me.
        Christmas eve felt as though it had punched us in the face last night, it came so quickley. We had watched a Christmas Carol, after having to explain to Riley what a movie was. We ate cookies and drank hot chocolate by the fire and told stories. I got to explain to Auntie how I became Slytherin beater and she was so proud of me. I told her about Harry, Hermione, and Ron and she thought it was great and how she felt bad for Harry having no real family left.  It is sad, I wish he had a sibling to keep him company. (A/N: Oh the irony...). He has nobody but his awful Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin.
        Now it's Christmas morning, also known as my lazy morning. I take my time showering then I put on a red sweater with black pajama pants and reigndeer socks. As I climb down the stairs, I see presents surrounding the tree and our stockings stuffed with goodies. I'm the first one up since it's nine and go jump onto the couch. I had forgotten that I told Auntie not to fill Anna's stocking so I run back upstairs and take out all the candy we didn't eat on the train and stuff her stocking with chocolate frogs, every flavor beans, pumpking pasties and some others. I know she will love the wizard candy. She has never had it so she may freak out when she opens the chocolate frog. As if on cue, she comes storming down the stairs with Riley right behind her. I can see Riley groaning fro waking up at this time and she had bags under her eyes.
        "You okay?" I ask.
        "Yeah, Yeah, I just had a nightmare." She says. I nod my head and wait for the ohers to come down.
        When they come down not much later we all tear into our presents. In my stocking is a large pack of oreos and a bottled coke. I starts to let out my high pitched laugh as I see them.
        "Aww Auntie, you remebered." I say.
        "Of course."
        I continue to open presents and from Will I get a remembral. That one sends me off the edge and I'm drunk with laughter as I fall onto the living room carpet. I don't see why I need one of those and why is this funny? I don't know... It just is... From Marcus I got a necklace that has a moving picture of a bird on it. The bird is black and flying across silver. I give him a hug and continue looking through stuff. I get a clay object from Anna that she made in art class, a sketchpad from Auntie with coloring tools, and book from Riley about the history of magic and man it's large. I see Will grin as he opens his book, guides to pranking without getting caught. He smiles and gives me a hug and says, "You know me so well,"
        I had given Markus a journal and quill to log his day in. He seemed happy and Anna seemed thrill that I gave her a headband that is bewitched to turn from color to color and for Auntie I brewed her my potion for boils so she could stop complaining about acne. She jokes of course but I thought it would be funny. I also got her a braclet with the Hogwarts crest on it. I had sent the twins some muggle pranks and Hermione a quill.  I hope they enjoy them. Hermione had sent me a book about Quidditch.
        It was a real show watching Anna open the chocolate frogs. She screamed when it jumped from the box and onto the window. She hadn't expected it to be moving, probably thought it was real at first. I had explained how it worked later and told her to try the beans. The first one she got was fudge but after that she ate on that tasted of puke. She nearly puked tasting it. Her face was contorted and she was gagging. She swore never to eat those again, but I doubt she'll follow through.
        We lay in the front yard playing wizard's chess. I find it a little bit barbaric how they destroy each other but I can't help but laugh. It's funny. One of my players takes it's sword and swings it into the head of Will's knight.
        "No..." He exclaims.
        I smile giddly and continue playing. I come out victorious as usual since Will couldn't win if his life depended on it. Anna restarts the game with Markus and Will and I run back inside. The doorbell rings through the house and I run to the front and fling it open. When I see who is on the opposite side I let out a small scream.
        "MUM! DAD!"  I shriek. They laugh and I tackle them in a hug. Right behind them is my sister Claire. We have our disagreements but we are family in the end. I give her a small hug and a compliment and we all go inside. When Will catches site of them he hugs his "relatives" and fetches drinks while I show them to the empty room upstairs. Claire says she will stay on the couch and plops there. Her black hair fanning her around her head.
        "The joys of life!" She yells, while sighing. I run upstairs and run a brush through my hair, untangling the knotted mess that is my hair. I straighten it a bit and curl my bangs and sit around the room. I do not wish to argue with Claire quite yet.
        "Sherie?" I hear Auntie asks as she gently opens the door.
        "We are going out for dinner tonight. Will you wear something suitable?"
        "Of course." I reply.
        "Good, something red please. It is Christmas after all."
        I nod my head and walk to my closet and take out a satin red blouse with a black sash and black pants. I turn the knob of the shower and walk into the the steamy shower, letting the hot water massage my back and arms.

For dinner we went to a nice place in London with high ceilings and sparkling chandeliers. It had eight courses and many people were there. All having quiet conversations. I have no idea what this place is called, but it is good. I would've thought we were going somewhere less fancy. I'm not even sure how we are affording to be here.  I smash chocolate cake into my mouth, it's rich flavor over running my senses. I love chocolate so much... It's not even funny. You take my chocolate, I would kill you. Chocolate is life. I smile as I take another large bite of the deliciousness. 
        Claire is eating a puffy strawberry shortcake with fruit sauce, she loves fruits. She's my opposite in a sense. I'm going to miss this all. The muggle world I mean. I love it but I know that my life will no longer be normal or ordinary. It is forever changed.
        With the end of a holiday is the end of half a semester. Half of my first year has already passed in a flash. As though time was fast forwarded. I guess that's life for you.

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