Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


7. Chapter Seven: Nicholas Flamel? and Norbert

       Coming home from the holidays came quickly, catching us off guard. The train had taken us back and I had gone to bed right afterwards. Already exhausted. Claire and I had several fights as usual, about useless things. She can be so mean sometimes. Sisterly love..
        Training for Quidditch was going on as usual, harsh weather harsh practice. I guess that is just the pattern of things. The Gryffindors are pretty much being tortured by Oliver Wood. He is being to harsh in my opinion, Harry is always covered in mud by the end of the day. Our practices were after classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for an hour and a half. Honestly I find them quite reasonable. I honestly think that Marcus is afraid of getting jinxed if he does what Wood is doing.  I would kill Marcus if he did so.
        "Oh, Sherie, I'm about to play Ron in chess. Can you help me? I always lose against him. Please." Hermione begs. I don't know much about chess but if I can beat Will I think I can help out.
        "Sure." I say. She drags me to the seventh floor in front of a portrait. "Hold on, Are we going in the Gryffindor common room?" I ask nervously.
        "Where else?"
        "It's just that, um... I am not supposed to be in there." I say.
        "So? It's alright and everyone will love you."
        "But I'm..."
        "Slytherin," She says. "So? Anyone tries to mess with you I know that you are quite capable."
        I nod my head and she says the password and drags me inside. Ron isn't down there yet so we both sit on the red couch. The Gryffindor common room is cozy and has a warm feel to it, much unlike our common room. I describe this to Hermione and she listens intently. She even says she is sorry for me.
        "No, it's really nice once you get used to it. I mostly stay in my dorm."
        She nods her head in understanding. She sets up the game and we further wait for Ron. He comes down slowly and plops in a chair and they start a game.  Halfway through the game, Harry comes in from practice covered in mud.
        "Oh, Hi Sherie," He says.
        "Hi Harry," I reply.
        "Don't talk to me for a moment," Says Ron when Harry takes a seat next to him "I need to concen.." He catches sight of Harry's face. "What's the matter with you? you look terrible."
        "I would have to agree," I say, "You look quite awful."
        He tells us in a hushed tone about about Snape working the match as a Referee.
        "WHAT!" I yell shooting up.
        "Don't play," Hermione says at once. 
        "Say you're ill," Ron says.
        "Pretend to break your leg," Hermione suggests.
        "Really break your leg," Ron counters.
        "Or your arm," I joke.
        "I can't," He says. "There isn't a reserve seeker. If I back out, Gryffindor can't play at all."
        At that moment Neville topples into the room. I can't see how he made it up here. His legs were stuck together with the leg- locker curse. He would have had to bunny hop all the way up here.
        "Neville!" I say and run over to him. He had fallen onto the flooring. I squeeze his hand as Hermione performs the counter curse. Harry and Ron are laughing and I shoot them nasty glares. When he is fixed I give his trembling form a hug and support his weight. 
        "What happened?" Hermione asks. 
        "Malfoy," He says shakily. " I met him outside the library. He said he'd been looking for someone to practice that on. " I gasp and can feel my anger boiling. Hermione sends me a warning look and I try to calm down.
        "Go to Professor McGonagall!" Hermione urges. "Report him!"
        He mumbles about not wanting more trouble. Ron says something about standing up to him.
        "There's no need to tell me I'm not brave enough to be in Gryffindor, Malfoy has already done that." He chokes out. 
        "Oh Neville, I'm so sorry. You are better than all of them combined." I say. He gives a small smile.
        Harry pulls out a chocolate frog from his pocket and hands it to Neville. Neville looks as though he is about to cry.
        "You're worth twelve of Malfoy," Harry says. "The sorting hat chose you for Gryffindor, didn't it? And where's Malfoy? In stinking Slytherin."
        "Hey!" I yell. As Neville gives a small smile.
        "You're Awesome Sherie! But no offense,"
        "None taken." I say laughing.
        We hear Neville's small voice, "Thanks Harry, Sherie... I think I'll go to bed... D'ya want the card, you collect them, don't you?"
        As Neville walked away Harry took a look at the card handed to him.
        "Dumbledore again." He says something else but freezes. "I found him! I've found Flamel!"
        "Who's Flamel?" I ask. Harry ignores my question and continues speaking to them in a hushed tone.
        "Who's FLAMEL?" I ask again. 
        Hermione jumps up as though she's been shocked and rushes up the stairs. She comes back down with this large, thick book in her arms. All jittery with excitement. 
        "I never thought to look in here!" She whispers. "I got this out of the library weeks ago for a bit of light reading."
        "Light?" Ron says. She tells him to shut up and frantically flips through the pages muttering under her breath. Who is Flamel? Why does he matter at the moment?
        Finally she finds what she's looking for.
        "I knew it! I knew it!"
        "Are we allowed to speak yet?" Asks Ron grumpily.
        "Nicholas Flamel," She whispers dramatically. "Is the only known maker of the Sorcerer's Stone!"
        Harry, Ron and I look at each other in confusion.
        "The what? And why does this matter?"
        "Oh, Honestly, don't you three read? Look- read that, there." She says, pushing the book towards us. I read the paragraph and it's interesting but I don't see why they are interested in it.
        "See? The dog must be guarding Flamel's Sorcerer's Stone! I bet he asked Dumbledore to keep it safe for him,  because they're friends and he knew someone was after it, that's why he wanted the stone out of Gringotts." She says. That is when things start to click. Who is after it?
        "A stone that makes gold and stops you from ever dying!" Says Harry. "No wonder Snape is after it! Anyone one would want it!"
        ROn says something but I stop them.
        "Snape!?! Are you serious? No way."
        "Sherie, It's true." Ron says.
        "There is no way it's Professor Snape." I say, but the thoughts bring back the memory of his wound. They try to argue with me but I shake my head.
        "Thank you Hermione, for letting me come in here. I'm very tired. I'm going to pretend I never heard this conversation as to not argue with you three. Good night." I say.
        I hear them mumble goodnight and I leave. It's close to curfew and when I walk into the cold common room I see Malfoy. I cast the leg locker curse and mumble. "That's for Neville," I say. He only yells angrily as I walk up the stairs to my dorm. I doubt that it's Snape. It's not possible is it? What did they mean by a dog and protecting something. Gosh, Why does life have to be so confusing.

As the match grew nearer, I grew more and more nervous for Harry's well being. Snape is probably the mot biased person I have ever known. Everyday in Potions class, he makes feel awful. I can tell by the look on his face in class. 
        I now stand outside the locker rooms, wishing Harry luck. He's a dead man, for sure. I run off and find a place in the stand with Hermione and Ron. Riley stayed inside the castle and Will... He's somewhere. I sit next to Neville and give him a small hug.
        "How are you doing?" I ask.
        "Oh, I'm great! Why so grim?" He asks Ron and Hermine who had brought their wands. Hermione was teaching Ron the leg locker curse. I learned mine from reading, like Hermione. I have read about many offensive spells which I find very useful. I chat with Neville until I see Dumbledor in the stands. Why is he here? Wow. The entire school must be here. This is one big game. I see Snape march onto the pitch with a nasty snarl plastered on his face. He looks menacing.
        "I've never seen Snape look so mean.. They're off- Ouch!"
        Malfoy had poked Ron in the back of the head. "Oh, sorry, Weasley, I didn't see you there." He says, while smirking. He says something about Harry and I nearly loose it. 
        "You know how I think they chose people for the Gryffindor team? It's people they feel sorry for. See, There's Potter, who's got no parents, then there's the Weasleys, who've got no money- You should be on the team, Longbottom, you've got no brains." 
        I feel tears form in my eyes as I try and get to him. "How dare you!" I shriek. 
        "I'm worth twelve of you Malfoy," Neville stammers.
        Malfoy and his goons howl with laughter and Neville turns scarlet. Ron urges him on while watching the game.
        "Longbottom, If brains were gold, you would be poorer than Weasley, and that's saying something."I glare angrily at him. When Malfoy makes eye contact with me he shudders but keeps going. I still try to control my anger. Harry takes a dive but I'm still looking at Malfoy. My anger continues to build. It's like an unstoppable force. Malfoy makes another comment and next thing he knows, Ron is on top of him .I am now on the pitch out of force from Hermione. After people start to leave I continue to fight the anger. What is happening to me? My head feels as though it is throbbing in unmentionable pain and I fall to the ground in a groan. My head feels like it has been lit on fire from within.
        Snape, who had just spat bitterly on the ground rushes over at my cry. He is pale faced as usual but seeing it is a comfort as a new wave of pain passes over me, making me let out another groan. He half carries me to the castle and attempts to take me to the hospital wing. 
        "NO!" I scream. "I'm fine."
        "No Miss Ghim, you need medical attention." He says in an urgent slash monotone voice.
        "No," I say.
        He groans and leads me down to the dungeons and slams the door violently behind him. He makes me sit down and he storms into his back cupboard and starts brewing something. The pain has partially subsided and I ask him what could cause something like that.   
        "Stress, anger, frustration," He says in a monotone voice. "If it's intense." He hisses. 
        He fills a cup with the solution and tells me to drink it and I instantly feel relief. He pulls at the cuffs of his black sleeves. He seems to wear the same outfit everyday. It's so plain but it suits him.
        I gulp. "Thank you, sir" I say slightly afraid. He only nods his head and so I scurry out of there as fast as I can. I don't want to be there a moment longer than I need to. For some weird reason he seemed almost, Fatherly in his own cold way. 
        I had heard that Neville tried to fight Crab and Goyle single- handled. He is still out cold in the Hospital wing so i think I should pay him a visit at some point. 
        I stalk off to bed. Ignoring Malfoy though I snicker at his black eye and I go to bed. Hoping everything would for once be normal.
        I sit in the library with Harry, Ron and Hermione studying for the upcoming exams. The teachers are giving us so much homework. We spend every free moment studying now. Ron complains and stairs longingly out the window. Today was the first nice day we have had in ages. The skies are a beautiful blue with hardly a cloud in the sky. 
        I see Hagrid enter and Ron shouts to him while I tell him to quiet down. He says he was just looking and asks why we are up here and if we were trying to look up Flamel. Why is he brought up every time?
        "Oh, we found that out ages ago," said Ron impressively. "And we know what that dog's guarding, It's the Sorcerer's St---"
        "SHHHHH! Hagrid looks around quickly to see if anyone was around. He lectures them then Harry says he has questions for him. He says to come by his hut later and he will explain.
        "Can I go?" I ask Harry. I know that I am not a part of any of this but I have a feeling this should be interesting
        "Sure." He says and gives me a smile. 

When we knock on the doors of his hut later that evening, we were very surprised to see all the curtains closed. When he lets us in he shuts the door very quickly behind us. When we had entered it felt like we were in a sauna. It is so hot that I don't see how it is bearable. Hagrid offers us tea and we sit down in the crowded room.
        "So- yeh wanted to ask me somethin'?"
        "Yes, we were wondering if you could tell us what's guarding the Sorcerer's Stone apart from Fluffy."
        "O' course I can't." He says. " Number one, I don' know meself. Number two, yeh know too much already, so I wouldn' tell yeh if I could. That stone's here fer a good reason. It was almost stolen outta Gringotts- I s'ppose yeh've worked that out and all? Beats me how yeh even know about Fluffy."
        Hagrid ends up talking about putting the whole thing together and says that Snape is helping guard the stone. I knew he couldn't be after it. I knew it, I just knew it. Harry asks to open a window and I nod eagerly but Hagrid says he can't. Can't? I glance at the fire.
        "Hagrid- What's that?"
        In the very heart of the fire was a huge black egg. A dragon's egg...
        "Where did you get it Hagrid?" Asks Ron crouching over. "It must've cost you a fortune." 
        Hagrid explains how he had gotten it and talks about winning a card game against a stranger at a pub. Sounds quite sketchy to me, to be honest.
        I sit with Harry, Ron and Hermione during dinner and they argue about going to see the dragon hatch.
        "Hermione, how many times in our lives are we going to see a dragon hatching." I mentally agree and Hermione explains the problems with it.
        "Shut up," Harry hisses. Malfoy had stopped to listen. How much did he hear? The look on his face was nasty. He was developing a plan. I glance at Will and Riley and they send me glares that make my heart break. Why are they glaring at me. I avoid their looks and continue eating.
        Right after class I rush to Hagrid's hut with glee as I see him talking to the golden trio. That is my new name for them. He leads us inside and we take a seat. The egg was lying on the table with deep cracks in it. Something was moving inside while a weird noise was coming from inside of it. 
        All at once there is a scraping noise and the egg splits open, making me have a small intake of breath. The dragon was black and had a small jet like body with huge winds. It's eyes were a glowing orange that made me stare deep into them. They were mesmerizing. 
        " Isn't he beautiful?" He says as he stroked it. It tries to snap at him, revealing pointed fangs. 
        We talk for a moment when suddenly I go pale and nudge Hagrid with my elbow. He looks up and all the blood drains from his face. He jumps up while I continue to have my look of shock and fear. Malfoy had seen it. He had seen the dragon. We are as good as dead. Harry had jumped up and noticed him running back to the castle. 

Something about the look on Malfoy's face all week has been unsettling. We had spent much time in Hagrid's hut reasoning with him. I do know that Will is avoiding me while Riley just ignores me like i'm not there. What is their problem? I don't understand. 
        We were now arguing with Hagrid about what to do with the dragon. It had grown three times it's original size and would soon be larger than the hut. Harry suddenly turns to Ron.
        "You're losing it too," Ron says, "I'm Ron remember?" 
        "No- Charlie- your brother, Charlie. In Romania. Studying dragons. We could send Norbert to him. Charlie can take care of him then put him back in the wild."

It was late and I run from McGonagall's office. She had asked me about tutoring someone in Transfiguration and I had declined. I didn't want the extra work load. I run down the stairs and smash into something. Sending me to the ground with a groan.
        I look up and see no one and now Ron appears from under something invisible. Which is so cool. 
        "It bit me!" He whisper- yells. I look at his finger that was swollen and nasty looking. 
        "You should go to the hospital wing..."
        "No." He says. I'm not in the mood to argue so I bid farewell and run off, back to the common room and to bed.

When we had arrived at Hagrid's hut later that cloudy evening, after getting past a tennis playing Peeves, Norbert was already packed up in a large crate. 
        "Bye- Bye Norbert, Mummy will never forget you!" He sobs.
        How we got the crate up to the castle we never knew. I am panting and sweating as we approach the staircase to the tallest tower. We here sudden movement and creep in the shadows. Professor McGonagall was holding Malfoy by the ear while in a hair net and bathrobe. 
        "Detention!" She shouts. "And twenty points from Slytherin! Wandering around in the middle of the night, How dare you-"
        "You don't understand, Professor. Harry Potter's coming- he's got a dragon!"
        "What utter rubbish! How dare you tell such lies! Come on- I shall see Professor Snape about you, Malfoy!"
        When we had gotten up to the tower Hermione and I did a little jig and were grinning like idiots. Malfoy had detention! It's like a dream come true. 
        Charlie's friends were very kind. They showed how the harness worked and everything. I could never take care of dragons like they do. At last Norbert was gone and we slipped back down the spiral staircase. 
        Suddenly filch's face coming out of the darkness, making me give a small shriek.
        "Well, well, well," he whispers, "We are in trouble."
        We had left the cloak at the top of the tower.

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