Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


19. Chapter Nineteen: Hogsmeade and the Marauder's Map

  In no time at all, DADA became everybody's favorite class. It was so much fun. The only person to have a bad word about it was Malfoy of course. Whenever Moony would pass he would make a remark. Still when Malfoy looks at me, he trails deep into thought. Probably, about what I said to him after I faced the boggart. I can still see the confusion in his eyes. 

        The one class that was extremely horrid was Potions. Word had gotten around about Neville’s boggart Snape getting dressed in his grandmother’s clothing. The real Professor Snape was quite displeased about the whole situation and became particularly sour during classes. Poor Neville had to go through torture in the horrible classroom. Every opportunity that he received he would harass poor Neville. 

    I had never thought that I would find Divination so uninteresting and purely dull. We have spent countless hours looking at odd lopsided shapes in teacups and other readings. I grew quite annoyed with a particular girl by the name of Lavender Brown. She would constantly spend her lunches in the divination room and come back acting as though she knew something we did not. Afterwards she would continue to talk of things that we knew necessarily couldn’t possibly occur.  I had thought that the class would be interesting and that the teacher would stop acting like a lunatic. Except that’s the thing, she never did. Every single day, she continued to act like a crazy individual; blind to the material world and makes it that way on purpose. “Clouds her inner eye” as she would say; yeah right. That lady couldn’t tell a real fortune if her life depended on it.

    As the winter began to approach, that meant the Quidditch season would soon arrive. I can’t wait until I can jump back onto my nimbus two-thousand and one and soar over the field. It gives me the feeling of freedom I never feel unless on a broomstick. That anything is possible. Flint had told me we would start practice very soon, since the Gryffindors are absolutely determined to win the quidditch cup. Knowing Wood’s personality, he probably won’t stop until it is accomplished. 

    I walk into the courtyard outside and take a seat next to Will; The air had begun to grow colder as the months passed. He was constantly tapping his fingers against the stone bench, growing my irritation every single time his finger tip hit either the book or bench.

    “Will you stop that?”

    “Nope.” He states, popping the P. 

    “Ugh.” I groan, fidgeting with my books.

    “Are you seriously already looking at books for exams.” He states in shock, staring at the five thick books in my school bag.

    “No, I’m not. I am just reading up on defense spells.” I reply shrilly.

    “You sound like Granger.” He mutters. 

    I chuckle a little bit as I turn the next page of Charms of defense and deterrence by Catullus Spangle. I had just reached the chapter on the patronus. I could surely learn one of those with those Dementors hanging around the grounds. The author proposes that the Patronus is a hidden, but inherent part of one's personality, that only comes to light when the able caster needs it. I find that truly fascinating. 

    “Oi Sherie!” Someone shouts. I look towards the door and she the twins walking towards me. 

    “Hi Freddie, George, What’s up?”

    “We have a plan for you!”

    “Umm ok?” I state as more of a question.

    They drag me from Will towards the entrance hall then change course and go near the library, though I doubt they have been in there through their entire Hogwarts career. 

    “Ok, we had this idea.” says George.

    “and we believe you can help us.” Finishes Fred.


    “So Flint tried to pick a fight with us the other day.”

    “Insulting our quidditch skills, he was.” Fred complains, his face turning a shade of red aka his anger color. 

    “And we created this ‘snack’, one of our own creations that will make pink spots appear all over him.”

    “Get to the point!” I exclaim.

    “We are going to break into Filch’s office and get our creation back and then would you get us into the Slytherin common room?” Asks George and Fred simultaneously. 

    “I will not give you the password! But I will only let you in if I go with you to get your sweets back.”

    “Good, meet us in front of the library at eleven.”

    “ELEVEN!” I shriek. “That is close to curfew, on curfew more like. Are you two mad? Filch will catch me.”

    “No he won’t.” One says. “Because you will have this.” They say, thrusting an old battered parchment into my hands.

`    “What am I going to do with this piece of filthy rubbish.” I sneer.

    “Rubbish! Did you hear her George? She called it rubbish!” 

    “That is no piece of rubbish, it is the key to our success.”

    George takes back the parchment and hold it in front of them, pointing his wand in the center.

    “I solemnly swear I am up to know good.”

    What appears to be ink begins to spread across the page and forms into images and writing.

    “Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers are proud to present THE MARAUDER'S MAP” I read aloud. They open up the parchment and I see names and footsteps moving around on what appeared to be a map of the castle. 

    “What is this?”

    “This shows you what everyone is doing of every moment of every day.”

    “Creepy.” I mutter under my breath. I look at the map and see Dumbledore pacing in his study.

    “He does that quite often.” Says Fred. “Everyday.”

    “I swear, one day I will find out you two are stalkers or axe murders.” I mutter.

    I look at the names again. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. Wait a second.

    “MOONY!” I shriek. Tapping the name roughly. He was a prankster? How did I not know this? 

    “We owe everything to them.” Says George. “A real help. When you want it to hide the information, simply say mischief managed while pointing at it. Do remember we will want it back.” They say.

    “Sure, Sure. See you.” I mutter.

    I run down the hallways as fast as I can go. Full steam ahead. Move move move move, I think as I nearly slam into some people. When I make it to Moony’s classroom I fling the door.

    “Why didn’t you tell me you were a prankster!?!” I shriek. He looks up from his papers in a bit of a shock. 

    “And how did you find that out I may wonder.”

    I don’t think it would be a good idea to tell him about the map, so I simply tell him that I heard from Auntie and some teachers.

    “Well, yes. It was James, Sirius, Peter and I.” He says smiling. “The Marauders, we called ourselves. A lively group. We were arrogant, young and very foolish.” He shakes his head.

    “Sirius? Sirius Black?” I ask shocked. I see him flinch at the name and sink into sorrow. 

    “Yes. It was Sirius Black and James Potter. They were my best friends, along with Peter Pettigrew.”

    “I’m so sorry.” I reply sadly.

    “Nothing to be done now.” Lupin says. “The one thing is, Sherie, will discover many things about yourself that has been hidden from you, things are going to change and it will affect your entire life.” A troublesome secret, a troublesome secret. Her prediction is true. There is something everyone is keeping from me, something I don’t know.

    “Can’t you tell me?” I ask confused.

    “No, I can’t. You will know when the time comes.”

    I huff and take a seat in one of the empty desks. I had never thought that things could be so different than it seems. I stand up and thank him for chatting with me.

    “The pleasure is all mine.” He says surely. 

    I walk back to the common room and come back to see Riley sitting on one of the green sofas. She’s sweating and looks pale.

    “Are you ok Riley?” I ask, while feeling her forehead. Her forehead feels like it’s on fire. “You madam are going to the Hospital wing this instant and if I find out that you did not there will be hell to pay.”

    She groans loudly and starts to walk out of the common room. Will, upon looking at her furrows his brow in confusion.

    “What’s with her?”

    “High fever, I sent her to the hospital wing.” He nods his head in approval and takes a seat in the next to me. 

    “I swear, that Potter. He thinks he’s so great!” I hear from the stair case. “He should be expelled, he’ll do something and get off the hook. These teachers favor him.” The voice snarls. I see Draco come into the common room and take a seat in one of the large armchairs by the fireplace. 

    “I’ll vouch for that…” I mutter.

    “What was that Ghim?” He says maliciously. 

    “I said… I’ll vouch for that. I’m agreeing with you Draco. He is favored and appears to be pretty full of himself. Are you deaf?” I ask tapping my ear.    

    “No. You should watch your tongue.” He states.

    “You should watch your mood changes. Which are you, friend or foe? I am very sick of being confused.”  He goes silent then rants to me about Potter, ignoring his goons who are watching. I am going to take he chose friend, one reason bring I am not exactly a nice person myself.

    “I highly doubt that his stupid muggle family gave him permission to go to Hogsmeade tomorrow, like really doubt it.” He laughs. “If anything he deserves it, not getting special treatment for once and not getting it signed by a teacher.” Draco says. I sigh happily. 

    “I agree fully, like honestly, I saw him talking to Weasley about having Dumbledore or McGonagall sign it. Most certainly not!” Will looks at me and chuckles. He knows how much I hate Potter and understands my reasons, but he never talks bad about any other students unless they have offended him in some way. I’m happy I finally have someone who agrees on my views of Potter.                                

    Pansy Parkinson, whom had entered the room took a seat next to Draco and tried to get his attention. I can see him almost frown in annoyance and roll his eyes. So I get up and take a seat in between them, practically sitting on top of the two of them.

    “What do you think you’re doing? She snaps at me.

    “You’re in my seat.” I shrug.

    “You never liked Draco nor talked to him, you have no right sitting there, in fact you two despised each other!” She points at me. I simply shrug and she gets up huffing and marches off.  Draco stats laughing as she stomped up the stone steps.     

    “ Thanks, she is quite annoying sometimes.”

    “All the time.” I mutter, causing both of us and Will in the seat where I once was to laugh loudly. Along with Crabbe and Goyle.

    “You might have saved all of us there.” Will smiles. 

    After Will left, we spent the remainder of the afternoon ranting about the Gryffindors, potter, and of course certain teachers. Honestly, I believe that the only reason why Draco saw that it was okay to be friends was because I was Slytherin and his father would approve. I have this strong feeling that his father controls and affects everything he does. I am not sure if I am pureblood or not, being adopted and all; So his father would probably have to treat me as one. The one thing I never expected was to bond over our hate for Potter. 


The next morning was Halloween and I pulled on some jeans and a light sweater, muggle clothing of course, and grab my sack of Galleons. I figure that today I will end up spending a lot of money on butterbeer and at honeydukes. When I make my way to the great hall for breakfast, all the third years are buzzing with excitement to the trips. Carmen had made her way over here frowning.

    “Why can’t second years go? It’s not fair.” She pouts.

    “Life isn’t fair.”

    “Shut up…”

    She plops into the seat next to me and carefully pours water into a glass. Then grabs some toast and munches on it loudly.

    “Get me some sweets will you?” She asks. “From honeydukes. I hear they’re awesome.”

    “Sure thing.”

    Will and I walk inside of the three broomsticks towards an empty table in the corner. Markus and Riley sit across from us. All I was ready for were the amazing butterbeers. I would have thought that this would be our first stop, but no. We went to honeydukes. All their candies make me smile in delight. I had gotten maybe twenty chocolate frogs. When I tried to enter Zonko's joke shop, Will held me back. I had gotten so annoyed I just stormed ahead towards a robes shop. Markus had spent half of his time looking for Christmas gifts already though I had told him we would be coming back before the holidays. 
        "Four butterbeers please." I request to the worker speaking to us. She scurries off to go get them as we chat. 
        "I really wish that Professor Snape would stop harassing people, it's quite annoying." Complains Riley. 
        "I agree, he's a menace. He should get sacked!" Exclaims the usually quiet Markus. I look at Riley and she smiles and her cheeks are tinted with pink. Then when she sees the smirk on my face her eyes widen like dinner plates. She is SO never going to hear the end of this, especially since we're roommates. Hehe. When I start to chuckle the boys shoot me confused looks. They must think I have gone totally insane.
        "What are you laughing about?"
        "Oh nothing." I reply. Riley looks simply mortified at my expression. This should get really interesting I believe.

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