Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


14. Chapter Fourteen: Christmas, Valentines, and Petrification

       I was horrified when I had heard that Sir Nick and another boy were attacked, I was sitting in the Slytherin common room, trying to warm up by the small fire left on the fireplace when one of the first years came in screaming. I don't see how a ghost could have been petrified... that is what shook up the entire school. Nobody was safe anymore. It made the idea of staying for Christmas terrifying. The one thing that puzzles me is what could be lurking the schools without getting caught...Come on Sherie! Think! I bet you the answer is right in front of me, but I am to blind to see it.
        Carmen has been avoiding me since the incident during dueling club, making me slightly depressed. She'll come around I think, once this all dies down. Whenever she sees me in the hall, she casts her gaze downwards and hurries forward quickly as to avoid me. It's sad though that she doesn't trust me or maybe she does, but is afraid of betrayal. 
        When the term was finally over, a blanket of silence had covered the school. I found it comforting and nice. All the Slytherins were pretty much gone except for Malfoy and his goons and Will and I. I did my very best to avoid that snake as much as possible. He simply irritated me to death and I didn't want to quarrel with him and ruin my nice time.
        When Christmas had arrived, It was cold and covered in snow outside, not that you could tell from down here in the dungeons, except for the cold part. You could see your breath in front of you. Will had told me, as I entered the Common room, that Anna wanted all of us, including Markus and Claire, up in the Gryffindor common room, as to avoid Malfoy. I nearly started dancing at that. NO MALFOY. I take all my gifts to everyone and run up to the seventh floor with Will on my heels. Anna was standing outside waiting for us and she lets us in and later Markus. I always preferred the Gryffindor common room to mine, it's more cozy.
        We sit on the comfortable sofas and open our presents happily. From Markus I get a new bag with a book titled "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them," by Newt Scamander. I squeeze him into a very tight hug and put the items aside. From Anna I get some new quills which I greatly needed along with some chocolate frogs. When I open what Will got me I glare daggers. It's a stuffed snake and a book titled, "Salazar Slytherin: A Biography," He just chuckles with everyone. Of course he would be the one to get me something like that. I smile as I open a parcel from Carmen, it being a couple of muggle books and an apology. From Riley I get a bunch of sweets and finally Claire gets me a broom cleaning kit, nice.(note sarcasm)
        We hear some talking as three figures come marching down the stairs. With Hermione in the lead, they walk down into the Common room, looking grim.
        "Hi guys!" I exclaim while munching on a chocolate frog.  "Happy Christmas!" 
        Hermione smiles and gives me a hug as we exchange presents. I should have gotten something for Ron and Harry. Now I feel bad. 
        We chat for a little bit, until I mention something that causes Ron's ears to go pink and look at Harry.
        "What are you guys up to after the feast?" 
        They both get very wide eyes and Ron stutters. What the heck is wrong with them? Do they think I know something I shouldn't? They are up to something, I know it and I can tell.
        "Oh, we were going to u-uh get some rest and hang out with Fred and George," says Ron, trying to hide something, but since their my friends I believe them. What would they be up to anyways?
        After all the gifts are exchanged, My family and I head outside, bundled up and have a snow ball battle, laughing and having a good Christmas afternoon. 
        When I had entered the great hall later that evening, I was amazed to see the great hall looking so beautiful. There were dozens of Christmas trees and mistletoe and holly criss-crossed across the ceiling. Hot dry snow fell from the ceiling and the food was magnificent. Dumbledore had led the few of us into his favorite Christmas carols and Hagrid was the loudest by far with every glass of eggnog he consumes. 
        After the feast, I march down to the Slytherin common rooms, treading carefully down the dark corridors, my feet echoing against the stone floors. When I get closer to the entrance I hear Percy Weasley and the ferret. Great, just great.
        "Crabbe, Goyle, Ferret." I greet as I climb through the entrance into the common room, causing his goons trying not to snicker. It was more crowded than I was hoping so I just take a seat in a chair and stare at his goons as Malfoy runs up to his dorm. I see the two of them squirm under my gaze, making me puzzled. When he comes back he sends me a glare and I just glare back.
        "What are YOU doing here?"
        "Trying to solve something odd I have noticed." I state, glaring at his goons. They were acting odd, like very odd. 
        He shoves a paper in one of their noses and makes them read it. Their eyes widen in shock and Malfoy is soon shoving the paper at me.
        "You may as well read it also Ghim, might teach you something." I role my eyes and read the paper about Arthur Weasley, WEASLEY! What! 
        "Well? Don't you think it's funny?" He asks his goons. One of them laughs and I tear the paper in half. 
        "Nope." I state, because it isn't. That's horrible!
        "Arthur Weasley loves muggles so much he should snap his wand in half and go and join them." He states. "You would never know the Weasleys were purebloods by the way they behave." I see Crabbe's face contort with horrible fury. Malfoy questions them and I give them a menacingly questioning look. What is wrong with them?
        "Well, go up to the hospital wing and give all those mudbloods a kick from me. You know, I'm surprised the daily prophet hasn't reported all these attacks yet,"  He went on thoughtfully. "I suppose Dumbledore's trying to hush it all up. He'll be sacked if it doesn't stop soon. Father's always said old Dumbledore's the worst thing that's ever happened to this place. He loves muggle-borns. A decent headmaster would never've let slime like that Creevey in." He does an impression of Creevey which I cut off with a bat on the head. Hard.
        "I could hex you, you git!" I almost yell.
        I sit back down and glare at him and his goons. They act very strangely towards Malfoy as he continues to insult Harry. By the end of his rant about Harry and the heir of Slytherin he had said he wanted Hermione dead like a girl from fifty years ago. I stand up quickly, as I see Crabbe clench his fists. I shoot him a scary look. What are they playing at? They seem so odd! Malfoy goes on and on and on until finally, Crabbe shouts.
        I look at him and his hair is starting to turn an orange color and his nose began to lengthen. OH MY GOD I'LL KILL THOSE TWO! 
        They mutter an excuse and run out of the common room, me going after them at full speed. 
        "RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY AND HARRY JAMES POTTER GET YOUR SORRY ARSES OVER HERE NOW!" I shout angrily as I chase them down the corridors. How dare they invade our privacy like that and lie to me? Huh! What friends they are! I'll kill them, just give me tomorrow. You'll see. They are SO dead. I stomp back into the common room in the worst mood you could probably find me in. My own friends, lied to me and invaded my and all of Slytherins' privacy by sneaking in here and trying to get Malfoy to tell them something he is not. It's sickening. I am disgusted by them.
        I can feel my body tremble a little but and people gasp when making eye contact with me. My eyes have probably gone dark again. I run a hand through my hair and feel my head start to throb. I run upstairs and fling myself onto my bed and let out a sob into my pillow. I know this incident doesn't seem all that important or substantial but to me it is a stab in the back. I am more hurt that they didn't include me in it all. I could have helped if they had asked. I guess now you can say, Harry Potter is on my bad side.
        Honestly, I'm very disappointed in them also, why would they even think of doing something like that? It's an invasion of privacy and I don't think they would feel to kindly if I snuck into their common room. Just think about it that way, I guess.
        What if Malfoy noticed? I don't think he did but who knows, he could have easily gotten the hint, but to be fair, Malfoy is an idiot. Well, so is Harry. Harry apparently is very stupid. Way to ruin my Christmas, I think while hugging my new stuffed snake.

When people started to return from holiday, I had gone to greet Carmen from the carriages that brought them up. When I approach the carriage I hear Ethan mutter a spell. Oh no...
        "Aqua Eructo," He whispers quietly. A large jet of water erupts from the end of his wand and powerfully smashes into Carmen and Meghan on the opposite side. They are sprayed powerfully and end up soaked to the bone, their hair dripping. when a cold breeze comes by it making them shiver. 
      "YOU! I SWEAR TO GOD YOU ARE DEAD ETHAN OURS! DEAD!" Carmen shouts angrily. Ethan launches himself out in the fastest way possible and Carmen goes after him full speed ahead.
        "I WILL HEX YOU INTO OBLIVION FOR THAT!" Shouts Meghan, now realizing what just happened and follows in pursuit. To her advantage, she's faster than them and is soon on Ethan's heels. 
        "Levicorpus!" Meghan shouts, Ethan is now dangling upside down like I was and Carmen's face which is contorted in anger, says she is going to do something hurtful, I can tell.
        "Calvario!" She shouts, pointing her wand angrily. In a matter of second, all of Ethan's hair has fallen out and onto the snowy ground. With a yell, he falls to the ground violently, headfirst. Of course she chose to have his fair fall out. He has so much of it!
        "MY HAIR!" He yells, touching a clump on the ground. "I'll kill you for this! I'll kill ALL OF YOU!" He yells, pointing at me with his wand though I am innocent of this crime. He storms off towards the castle in a fury, especially after his friends begin laughing at his almost bald head. 
        Carmen, now starting to lose the angry red tint from her face, pulls off the outer layer of her robes so that she can get the cold off her. Muttering, with Meghan in suit, they march up to the castle. 

When Valentine's day rolled around, the mood in Hogwarts had lifted by a fraction. There hadn't been any attacks in Hogwarts since Sir Nick and the other boy was attacked. The mandrakes were beginning to mature and Professor Sprout was most hopeful that the petrified students would be revived very soon. 
        When I walked into the great hall, I nearly threw up on the spot.
        "What the bloody hell.." I mutter. 
        The walls were covered in large pink flowers and heart-shaped confetti was falling from the ceiling and up front, Lockhart matched the decorations. Riley is giggling while Carmen next to me is laughing at everything under her breath. Especially at Lockhart in those pink robes.
        After I sit down, next thing I know, a dozen small dwarves march in wearing golden wings and carrying harps. Good god...
        "My friendly! Card-carrying cupids! They will be roving around the school today delivering your valentines! And the fun doesn't stop there! I'm sure my colleagues will want to enter the spirit of the occasion! Why not ask Professor Snape to show you how to whip up a Love potion! And while you're at it, Professor Flitwick knows more about entrancing enchantments than any wizard I've ever met, the sly old dog!"
        Professor Flitwick had turned red and buried his face in his hands while Snape looked exactly as though the first person to ask him to make a love potion, would be force fed poison. All the while next to me, Carmen was banging her head on the table. Did he think about all the eleven and twelve year olds such as ourselves?
        We were sitting in the library which was crowded with people when a dwarf came in, holding a piece of parchment.
        "I have a musical poem to be delivered to Carmen Ours!" He exclaims. All heads turn to Carmen and her eyes go huge.

"The face of a fish,

the body of a toad,

oh my dear sister,

how I love you so…


I sprayed you with water,

I lost all my hair,

You probably love Potter,

you I shall not spare,


This nice old dwarf,

lent me a hand,

this is revenge,

isn’t it grand?"

 Next to me, Carmen is banging her head against a large book while the entire room is laughing. Oh my gosh..... poor Carmen. I will admit, her brother was clever though. The Slytherins in the room start shouting some comments that just humiliates her further.
        "Hush up!" I shout at them. Slowly as the moments pass, the laughter dies down and thing return to normal.        
        "Why me!?!" She whines. She continues to hide her face in her arms.

Later, I was sitting in my dorm room staring at my stuffed snake. Why can't I figure this out? I know that the voice appears right before the attacks and it's owner is nowhere to be seen. So it must be traveling in the walls or pipes. That much I have figured out and I can speak to snakes, so... The voice must come from a type of snake! so the animal is a type of snake that travels through the pipes and petrifies people, but how? When I look at my book, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, it hits me. I flip to the B' section and look at the first article.


(Also Known as the King of Serpents)

M.O.M. Classification: XXXXX


The first recorded Basilisk was bred by Herpo the Foul, a Greek Dark Wizard and Parselmouth, who discovered after much experimentation that a chicken egg hatched beneath a toad would produce a gigantic serpent possessed of extraordinarily dangerous powers.

    The Basilisk is a brilliant green serpent that may reach up to fifty feet in length. The male has a scarlet plume upon it’s head. It has exceptionally venomous fangs but its most dangerous means of attack is the gaze of it’s large yellow eyes. Anyone looking directly into these will suffer instant death.

    If the food source is sufficient (the Basilisk will eat all mammals and birds and most reptiles), the serpent may attain a very great age. Herpo the Foul’s Basilisk is believed to have lived for close on nine hundred years.

look at this article, letting the information sink in. How could I be so stupid? Everything was right in front of me the entire time. Nobody looked directly at the basilisk, Colin had his camera and the other boy must have seen him through Sir Nick! I have to tell someone.
        I grab a small round pocket mirror from next to me and run down the corridors quickly. They appear almost abandoned as I my feet make large noises that bounce off the walls. Everyone is going to the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.  As I turn corners I check in the mirror to make sure the coast is clear. When I make it to the library, I see Hermione hovering over a book.
        "It's a Basilisk!" I shout at her.
        "The creature! It's a basilisk, look!" I shout, slamming the book in front of her.  She scans the book and the realization hits her. 
        "Why didn't I find this out sooner?" She exclaims. "It must be traveling through the pipes!" 
        She runs through the columns of books and finds a similar book to mine and tears out the passage on Basilisks and writes pipes in neat handwriting.
        "We need to tell someone."
        In the row next to us was curly haired Ravenclaw whom we explain everything to and she looks both shocked and terrified. We tell her everything we know and she starts to follow us out of the library when I hear it.
        I gasp and they both freeze.
        "Do you hear it again, the voice?" Hermione asks. I nod my head.
        "It's here somewhere." I state. "Hand me the mirror."
        We turn corners cautiously. One corner, than the next. The next moment, we hold the mirror before us and I see a pair of terrifying, yellow eyes in the reflection.  

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