Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


4. Chapter Four: Flying High and the Midnight Duel

    We all look at the notice hanging in our common room, The parchment being wrinkled and barley sticking there. Looks like we have flying with the Gryffindors on Thursday. I GET TO HAVE IT WITH HARRY AND RON! That thought already makes me so happy. They are so sweet. I can tell Malfoy is excited, he's been waiting to show off his flying skills, he goes on and on and on about how great he is. 
        "Hey, Davidson," He snarls. I can see Will snap to attention from his spot on the couch. "Ever flown a broom?" 
        I see Will look sadly at the ground, I knew this argument would come up eventually. Malfoy better watch his mouth. I clench my fist.
        "You haven't? That's right, I should have known since you were raised as a muggle. You were weren't you?" Malfoy sneers, Will blushes and looks down from humiliation.
        "So you may as well be a mudblood then.... since your no good mother prefers muggle blood. You're a disappointment," 
        All I see is red, I feel a million things. Passion, anger, and resentment. Next thing I know, my fist is in contact with his nose. I hadn't even realized I had done it, it was a flash of aggression.
        "What the bloody hell?" Malfoy shouts, while touching his now bloody nose.
        "I don't know, I'm sorry Malfoy, I don't think my fist likes your ugly nose, see it wouldn't listen to me." I say, not feeling sorry at all. He is probably my mortal enemy now, there is no way on earth he will ever change, but of course. We are only eleven so much will change of course. He shoots an awful glare in my direction but I just smile. Honestly, that felt real good. Relieved some stress.
        I run to the library quickly and check out, "Quidditch through the Ages," and dig in. I have heard about it having tips on flying and i know nothing about quidditch and I hear that it's a VERY popular sport. Ha, the forward is by Dumbledore. By the end I'm well versed and VERY ready for the season to start! Hopefully I can fly well. I really want to play.
        At three thirty on Thursday, I walk with the other Slytherins  to the ground where we will be learning to fly. The day is clear and beautiful skies with bright sunshine beaming down on us. I smile happily and I see Will watch me twirl around on my way. He chuckles at my oddity.  We wait patiently for the Gryffindors and when they get here we all listen to madam Hooch.
        "Stick your right hand over your broom," She says, "and say up!"
        "Up," We all shout in unison.
        My broom jumps into my hand almost at once, unlike many others. Some either move or just stay in place. Madam Hooch shows us how to mount our brooms without sliding off the end. I snicker as she tells Malfoy he's been gripping it wrong for years. I'm loud enough for him to hear me and he glares.
        "Is there still blood on your nose Malfoy?" I ask innocently.
        He shoots daggers at me now and the Gryffindors look confused. 
        "Now, when I blow my whistle, you kick off from the ground, hard." She says, "Keep your brooms steady, rise a few feet, then come straight down by leaning forward slightly. On my whistle---Three---Two--"
        The kid that was covered in boils in potions class, pushes off before the whistle was blown. I can see the horrible look of fright on his face as he sees the distance from the ground. He slips off the broom and with a loud thud the boy lays face down in the grass. His broom keeps going higher and higher. I run to him before Hooch even gets close. I ask him if he's alright but he just whimpers.
        "I hope you're alright," I say quietly, " I'm Sherie by the way and you? He gives me a small smile and croaks out Neville before I'm shooed away from the scene by Hooch.
        "Broken wrist," She mutters, "Come on boy- it's alright, up you get." She turns to the rest of us. "None of you are to move while I take this boy to the hospital wing! You leave those brooms where they are or you'll be out of hogwarts faster then you can say Quidditch. Come on, dear,"
        Neville, with tears all over his face clutching his wrist, follows hooch with her arm around him. Once out of earshot Malfoy starts laughing.
        "Did you see his face, the great lump?"
        Almost all the other Slytherins joined in with his laughter. This just cruel, I don't join in, along with Will who stands at my side surveying the two clashing groups.
        "Shut up, Malfoy," Snaps one of the Gryffindors.
        "Ooh, sticking up for longbottom?" Says my dorm mate Pansy. "Never thought you'd like a fat little cry babies, Parvati," She sneers.
        "Oh, Shut. Up." I say angrily. The Gryffindors all look at me at shock. A Slytherin defending a Gryffindor? Is probably what is going through there minds. I see Pansy scowl as all eyes land on me. Malfoy is about to say something but I cut him off. "You too Malfoy. Just because you are egotistical Jerk doesn't mean that you should rub it in all our faces by saying something stupid."
        All the Gryffindors erupt into laughter while I hear gasps come from our house. I can almost swear a little bit of pink comes to Malfoy's pale cheeks.  He directs the attention away from himself and points at something lying in the grass.
        "Look!" He says while snatching the object out of the grass. "It's the stupid thing Longbottom's Gran sent him."
        "Give it here Malfoy," I hear Harry say quietly from his spot. Everyone stops speaking to watch this unfold.
        "I think I'll leave it somewhere for longbottom to find- how about- up a tree?"
        "Give it here!" Yells Harry, but Malfoy leaps onto his broom and takes off. He wasn't lying about being good.
        "Come and get it Potter," He yells. Harry grabs his broom, earning him a warning.
        Out of instinct, right after he takes off. I grab mine and go after him. "Sherie, don..." but I'm already gone.
        I am a thousand things at this very moment. I am free, I feel as though I already know how to fly. I feel as though I have known all along, it feels very natural. I zoom and hang midair next to Harry, making them both have the same expression of shock for a moment.
        "Oh yeah?" Says Malfoy, trying to look menacing but failing. Harry and I both go at him but he moves out of the way in a moments notice.
        'No Crabbe and Goyle up here to save your neck Malfoy," Harry states. The same thought had appeared in my mind as well as Malfoy's.
        "Catch it if you can then!" Malfoy shouts. He throws the ball and Harry catches it after an amazing fifty foot dive. He is a born seeker. I land on the ground.
        I see something whizzing towards me from Malfoy's direction and hit it, using my broom as a bat and the object sores through the air straight towards Malfoy and hits him straight in the abdomen. He clutches his stomach wheezing.
        McGonagall had just dragged Harry inside along with Ron when an older boy approaches me. I recognize him from the common room. He oddly looks like a troll, making me feel bad for his mother.
        "Do it again," He demands.
        "Do what?" I ask.
        He picks up the object and throws it at me. What the... I smack it with such force that is nearly breaks the broom and causes the object to soar overhead. 
        "I usually don't allow weak girls, or first years on the team..." Sexist much?
        "But you're in,"
        "What?" I ask.
        "You're on the team," He states,
        "What team?" I ask confused.
        "The quidditch team, you are a born beater and great on a broom, you're on the team. You're Slytherin's new beater."
        I stare at him in shock, was he serious? He must be, he just walked off grinning like he found a pile of gold. It was a greedy look. Oh no...

Later that afternoon, I had found out Harry was the new Gryffindor seeker from Sir Nick. He wouldn't stop talking about it. This school apparently has no secrets. That boy from earlier got them to order me a broom though I am only a first year. Since Harry was getting one it was only fair. Will was in shock for at least in hour when he found out I was a beater. I was in a bit of awe myself.  I decide to write to auntie about the good news.
        Dear Auntie,
        I am happy to say this is my first letter home. I miss you and Anna dearly, it's driving me mad not seeing you guys.
        Well, classes have been amazing and I have had an amazing time, Will is doing great also. It turns out Snape likes
        me, I know, you are probably going to say he dislikes everyone. I have big news, I'm the new Slytherin Beater. It's a
        weird story, I'll have to tell you on Christmas holiday. I really miss you all! The thing I miss most though are oreos. I
        have been craving them currently. Could you find a way to send me some? and maybe a bottled coke? I miss my binge
        foods. Can you tell Mum and Dad how I'm doing? I haven't had time to write many messages. Oh and say Hello to Anna
        for me, tell her I love her.
                                                                        Sherie G.
         Sometimes unexpected things happen all the time. You must prepare yourself for it because anything can Happen.
         What's a wizard's duel? Asks Harry. Malfoy had just challenged him to a duel at midnight in the trophy room. I was very much against the idea. Of course Ron had to open his big mouth. I should NOT have joined them for the feast. I had already felt unwelcome, my emerald green robes standing against the colors of red and gold.
        "It basically where two wizards fight." Says Ron.
        "No, it's where we grow wings and fly on a unicorns." I reply sarcastically and smack Ron in the back of the head, "What else would it be. It contains both the words wizard and duel in the same phrase." Of course Hermione HAD to come and give her opinion. There are times when she is quite annoying.

The day wasn't the best but I do hope that Harry doesn't make a fool of himself. I check the time and see that it's half past eleven. I can't wait for class tomorrow. Especially... NO!! I left my book downstairs. I slip on a robe and black slippers and sneak down the stone hallway. As I approach the common room I hear hushed snickering. That's when I speed up.
        "And so I ran and tipped off Filch, Potter better watch his back. I hope he gets expelled." I hear Malfoy sneer.
        "HOW DARE YOU!"
        He looks my way and glares evilly. I can tell that he is worried also. He probably doesn't want the whole house to be awoken and come downstairs. To bad for him I don't care if I wake them up.
        "You filthy little snake," I bark angrily. He snickers at me. Good thing I remembered to put on my black robe and not my pink one or I would be truly humiliated.
        "Look who decides to show up," He says sarcastically.
        " You challenged him to an honorable duel," I state," What you did was wrong you idiot."
        "Why would I listen to you," He says , "You blood- traitor."
        I feel my entire body tenses up at his words and I hold back the tears that are threatening to come.
        "What did you just call me?" I ask shakily.
        "A blood traitor. Someone who is connected to filthy muggles like you are. You might as well be one, like I said about your awful cousin, You may as well be one." He says. I know he is trying to get to me and I hate to say that he has. "Blood traitor." He states.
        He is staring straight into my eyes. My sadness is soon replaced with intense anger. I hear Draco gasp and his eyes widen.
        "Y-your eyes..."
        "What about them?" I hiss through my teeth, trying to restrain the urge to knock his teeth out with my bare fist.
        "Th- They changed c-colors," He says and retreats a few steps. I glance in the mirror and see it. My crystal green eyes have turned so dark they almost look black. Like small pits in my head. My dark hair is still up in a hairband and my face altogether look very menacing. Dark shadows are under my eyes, making me look almost possessed. Why are my eyes a different color? Why do I look like that?
        I turn back to Malfoy in less then a second, I can feel my face growing more red with anger. He takes another step back but then regains his cool. I look at the time and it's midnight. Apparently it's my exploding time.
        "YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE TROPHY ROOM AT THIS MOMENT!!!" I scream. I can see him flinch at my volume and I start to hear people leaving their rooms, all groaning.
        " OH BUT OF COURSE YOU HAD TO BE AN ARSE AND TELL FILCH!" by now maybe six people were watching in amazement, more streaming down the stairways. I pull out my wand that I had in my pocket and point it at him.
        "Percificus Totalus!" I yell and he falls to the floor frozen in a body bind. I know that he can hear and see, "That was for insulting Will and telling Filch." I can see almost half the house staring at me, wondering what I'm about to do. I pull my foot up and smash it into his nose as hard as I can, breaking it. I take him off the body bind and he is crying in pain and clutching his nose that was now bleeding like crazy. "And that," I say menacingly, "Was for calling me a blood traitor," I say. He stares at me in both fear and shock. "Never. Underestimate me or you'll have a problem on your hands." I say. I start to walk away but instead turn around and point my wand at his nose. "Episkey,"
        I hear it snap and he lets out a little groan. That's when I leave. By then everyone had seen it, including Will who was standing behind me at the time. I go back to bed and lay down, staring at the ceiling.
        I don't understand where this temper came from. I was always hotheaded but not to the point of of injuring someone like that. I mentally gag at what I'm about to say. I feel sorry fir Malfoy, even he wouldn't be that cruel as to do that. Well, maybe not yet. What I did was cruel... I'm only eleven and am already having mood swing, yikes. I shouldn't let Malfoy and this house have an influence over me. 
        I miss my mom, well, my adoptive mother. I miss Daddy too. I haven't seen them for several months and have only gotten a letter here or there. I haven't spoken to them since march I think. They should be in Germany now... I believe.  I had lived in several parts of the world when I was younger. 
        I remember living in a small place in Korea for a while since my adoptive family is from there. Auntie isn't really my Aunt but more a close family friend. I refer to her as an aunt and the cousins cousins. I know it's weird but that is my only way of explaining it correctly. I still have really good friends there, in America also. I miss all of them so much. I haven't spoken to them in ages. Hopefully, though I'm halfway across the world, we won't lose touch. I now have this strong longing to see them and I just realized they don't know what I am. If they find out, or have they known all along? They would always say there was magic within me. Who know...
        I haven't mad many friends here, I wish I had more. It's pretty much only will right now. Well, next year I'll have Anna also. 
        I don't drift off. I just stare at the ceiling of our dorm. The girls had come back after a little while, they were murmuring about what happened down there. At least, Pansy was. She was Angry and she probably has a crush on him. Some girls looked at me with spite while a few gave me a look of sympathy.
        I crawl back downstairs, the once filled room is now vacant and empty. I lay down on one of the plush green sofas.
        "Why are you down here so late?" I hear a quiet voice ask and I look up and see the girl that showed sympathy earlier, smiling at me. I could tell she was being a little uneasy. She probably is scared that she will fall victim to one of my "attacks".
        "I couldn't sleep, you?"
        "I heard you come down here so I came to check on you."
        I smile at the gesture. I bet nobody else would have come down if they had heard someone leave the dorm. Well, Anna and Will would, but nobody in the rest of our house would even think about it.
        "I'm fine, just lost in thought,"
        I understand that feeling," She says, taking a seat across from me. "It was quite impressive you know, what you did. I would never have the guts to do that."
        "I don't know what came over me, something about him just makes me want to explode." I say,
        "When your eyes turned colors and your face darkened, it was terrifying. I was very surprised."
        "So was I." I say, "I never knew something like that could happen."
        "I know," I reply.
        We talk for a while. I found out her name is Riley and she seems sweet. She is apparently a pure blood, which is cool I guess. I don't think it really matters. I don't get how she could be in Slytherin, until she tells me that she is a ninja around the house hold and is pretty cunning.
        "So I have two older brothers, Max and Danny, They are awesome. Max is in his third year and is in Gryffindor while Danny is in Hufflepuff and in his fifth year. They are so sweet and you will love them! I also have a younger sister named Michelle." She says, babbling. I was actually quite interested in the conversation.
        "What about you?" She asks. I know that it's a innocent question, but it depresses me a little bit.
        "Well, I was adopted by a muggle family and lived in Korea, The united states and London. I never got to meet my real parents..."
        She looks sadly at me and says sorry like three times. I then see her fiddling with her blond hair, probably out of guilt. 
        "It's ok, It's not a big deal." I say. She gives me a small smile and asks me about where I have lived.
        We talk for a while longer, until almost three in the morning. I know that I will want my sleep and I will need it but I'm to alert. She is also, so I sneak upstairs and grab battleship. I had brought it along since Will and I both loved playing it during the summer.
        After I had taught her how to play we did it for a while. Will had apparently heard us and joined. It's amazing what giving Malfoy a broken nose can do for you.

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