Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


15. Chapter Fifteen: Inner Thoughts, Mandrakes, and Going home

       I am in darkness, I can feel myself being dragged deeper and deeper into the emptiness. I never thought I would ever feel as alone as I am now, where there are no voices but my own. I am all on my own in the blackness of my own thoughts. What happened? I can't remember. The last thing I recall is telling Hermione that I found out what the creature was and us leaving the library. It is all so foggy. It is like a warped photo to where you recognize very little. I don't know how I got this way, it's like being in a dream. All I have is my inner voice. I don't understand it at all. If only I could grasp what happened. If only...
        I think about Harry and Ron betraying me, and how much it had hurt. I don't understand why they wouldn't tell me. anything. After what we went through together last year, detention, Norbert, and me saving them from Quirrel, I thought that maybe, just maybe, we would grow so close and go on many great adventures with one another, I had thought that maybe we would all be a team. I guess not now. What they did shouldn't have hurt me that much, but somehow it did. They betrayed my trust and acted as though I wasn't their friend for the majority of the year. They had forgotten about me. I had even written to Harry numerous times but he never answered! I don't know if there was a reason or not but it hurt either way. 
        I don't like dwelling on my inner thoughts like this, it's maddening, but alas there is nothing for me to do but think, and think some more. Carmen would be driven insane if she were in my place, I just know it. This would be a nightmare. I wonder if she went to the Quidditch match, I know she likes watching them or maybe she decided to skip it. I wonder what Carmen's year will be like next year, this one doesn't seem to be going very well does it? With the attacks and all, you'd think they would close down the school soon. I wonder if they will have to in the end. It would be most disheartening if they did. Someone will need to find out what the creature is. Wait...I was attacked! I remember now! I'm petrified and am supposed to be blacked out but yet I am and am not. I can't see or hear or anything but I can think. This doesn't make sense. I wonder if Hermione can think or even that one Ravenclaw that was with us. They need to catch the monster before it commits a murder. They NEED to. The girl from fifty years ago...I don't understand, she died in a girls' restroom after looking into the eyes of the Basilisk. It must have been Myrtle. I never asked her how old she was or even talked to her. She often cries though, hence me avoiding that bathroom. 
        I wonder if Harry still thinks Malfoy is the heir. I know he isn't but Harry appears as though he is a bit slow at times. He needs to rely more on logic rather than intuition. Malfoy is to smug with all of this. I am really tired of fighting with him. It has just begun to be more bothersome than aggravating and I don't like hurting people, even him. I want it to be over with, all the arguing. We act childish, though we are children. Next year we will be teenagers, as shocking as it is. I'll be thirteen next July and I don't want to have to kill him next year. The scariest thing about Malfoy is his slicked back hair. It makes him look plain stupid in my opinion. Hopefully he'll cut that out next year. 
        Next year, I'll be choosing my own classes, more will be available. I know I have to take two others beside my core classes. I think I'll take care of magical creatures and divination. I think that would be an interesting study honestly. I will under no circumstances take muggle studies. I know it all already anyways. The one thing about choosing divination is that according to students in that class, the teacher is absolutely crazy. Should be a joy though. 
     I think about my parents, my REAL parents. I wish I could have et them or know them. I want  to know why they left me at an orphanage when I was a year old. I wonder if they are still alive now, roaming the world and if they are, why have they not come back? I assume my adoptive family is back in Korea now. I miss that place and yet, Hogwarts is my home. It is my life now. I will be sad when I leave in five to six years from now. I'll miss it so much. 
        Slowly, the darkness surrounding me begins to blend in with blinding light and I can slowly feel myself returning into my own body and I start coughing as a vile liquid is being poured down my throat. I am now hacking as my eyelids flutter open. I feel drained and tired and the liquid isn't helping me anymore. 
        "Oh thank goodness," Says Madam Pomfrey as she places the cup on the end table and helps me get up. I look over and see an awake Hermione staring at me. We both release a breath of relief and smile. It's over. She tells me everything Harry told her. Ginny having been in the chamber, the heir being in a diary, the monster being killed by Harry. I will admit, that's brave, but in a way he gets all the credit for something that I had figured out, angering me again. He didn't even mention how we had helped him. It makes me envious and upset. That make him wanting attention huh? Well, I'll let him take the glory. He can be as stuck up as he wants, because apparently he needs to have all the glory for himself.
        "Do you think you could forgive Harry?" She asks me as I am lost in thought all over again. 
        "Probably in the future, but right now, I hate his guts." I state, my frown turning into a scowl. She nods her head and tells me that it'll get better. Yeah right...
        The feast had lasted all night with everyone in pajamas. I was tackled in hugs from my friends and family, hearing about everything I had missed. We were all over joyed with the news of the monster being killed though I was still envious of Harry who was getting all this praise. When they announce that all the exams had been cancelled as a treat I had celebrated with everybody. This honestly was the heart of fun. Celebrating with my friends.
I had later learned from Anna that she knew about the dreadful diary of Ginny's and she feels so guilty for not telling anybody. She could have saved her from ending up in the chamber of secrets. She was sulking the rest of the term and spent many free periods hiding in her dorm. Carmen, had no idea about the diary but knew something was wrong with Ginny since she grew paler as the months went on as they usually did. She was shocked that the diary was the cause of the entire trouble at Hogwarts. 
        I was now laying on the grass at the shore of the black on the day before we leave for the summer break. I stare up at the blue skies and just stare. I don't think I will ever have a normal year, the odds are against it. I wonder what will happen next year, it just seems as though something out of the ordinary will occur. I continue to stare at the sky, a white cloud floating past. I lay flat against the ground and clasp my hands over my stomach and shut my eyes, absorbing the rays of sunlight. 
        "You doing alright?" A voice asks from behind me asks. I jump a bit and sit up slowly.
        "Just enjoying the peace and quiet," I reply groggily. I look up and see a boy of maybe fourteen of fifteen smiling and standing over me. He has brown hair and grey eyes and, by the patch on his robes, is a hufflepuff.
        "Understandable," He replies, " After all that has happened I see why..." He trails off.
        "You can join me if you want," I say. "I wouldn't mind company."
        He takes a seat next to me and we talk for a while. He seems very nice and kind. It's nice talking to someone new, even if it's just for a little bit.
        "Oh, I forgot to ask! What's your name?"
        "Cedric, Cedric Diggory."
        "Nice to meet you Cedric, I'm Sherie." I say while shaking his hand. 
        As we stand up I give him a goodbye and say nice meeting you. I hope I will be able to talk with him in the future. He seems kind. I hope that maybe we can be friends in the future. The thing that is weird, is that I get this odd feeling of dread upon meeting him. This feeling of something bad happening in the years to come, and I don't like it. It makes me uneasy and scared, but I don't mention it to him. 
        When I go to the feast later that evening, I wave hello to Cedric before going to sit with Will at the Slytherin table. The feast was large and we all ate happily, knowing we would be leaving the next day. Oliver Wood walks up to me from the Gryffindor and I nearly scream. What is he doing? Oh my god please please please do not let Flint see him over here. Wood gives me a tap on the shoulder and beckons me out into the hall.
        "Thank you for saving the twins from that second bludger." He says.
        "What?" I ask, stunned.
        "You smacked it away from my team and knowing it could have costed you the game. Thanks." He says.
        "No problem," I say with a sigh.
        We both enter the great hall again and sit back down.
        "What was that all about?" Will asks curiously.
        "It was a thank you." I say simply. 
        We chat happily and when I go back to my dorm I run my hand over the emerald green curtains and look at the bed. I have been here for two years already. Time has really passed I guess. Everything has passed by so quickly this year, it's as  though we were in some sort of time warp.

Before I knew it, I was about to board the Hogwarts express, my trunks being put away somewhere while I waited patiently. The trio had come up to me and I squeezed Hermione in a hug, wishing her a good break. I give Ron a small one and when it rolls around to Harry, he notes the hurt and anger on my face.
        "Sherie, I didn't mean to..."
        "Didn't mean to what? Lie to me, leave me out all year, and take all the glory for something I helped solve? Not to mention after saving your arse last year and helping block that second bludger from hitting you! I'M DISGUSTED and you know, I can hold grudges for a very long time. Out of my way scar-boy." I shove past him, bumping into his shoulder roughly. I could see both the hurt and anger in his eyes. Not to mention the frustration.         
        I walk up to Carmen and see her with Ethan and Daniel. I give Daniel a big hug as I hear Carmen and Ethan, saying their sorry? Wow, that's good. They give each other a hug and I see carmen slip a potion into his regrown hair. Oh no... and it turns blue. Good luck Ethan on the way home. When I climb on board I find a compartment and sit down with Will, a sorrowful Anna, Carmen, and Riley. 
        When we start to arrive in London, I start to think about the year. Nothing is normal, I know that. At least I will expect the abnormal next year. Or, I hope I will. I never thought it would turn out this way, ever. I really hope that, one day, I will be ready for the future and be able to brace it head on.
        I see Auntie standing there smiling and she opens her arms to us, welcoming us back home for the summer.
        I may never get on good terms with Harry or let alone Malfoy. I may not have a great year next year but I know that right now, I'm as safe as I'll ever be. 

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