Sherie P. Ghim

What if Harry had a twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family until she is shipped to her "Aunt" and discovers she is a witch. Unaware of her brother, she goes through life at Hogwarts. What happens when she meets Draco Malfoy or her very own twin Harry Potter? While never knowing her own past...


11. Chapter Eleven: New Year! and a new Seeker?

        I take a seat on the couch next to Daniel, who is reading a small book with stories in it. It has an odd cover but is in a trance while reading it. I stare at the ceiling for a minute. Trying to decide whether to bug him or not. I know if I do he will probably be annoyed with me. I stand back up and walk outside. It feels as though a wall of heat smashes into me once I leave the doorway, I am already starting to sweat. The garden in the back really beautiful, with roses and lilacs spread throughout, giving it it's amazing aroma. In the center is a small pond with a little fountain. I take a seat in the old wooden bench nearby and watch the little animals scurry about. I was never one to observe the outdoors, it's kind of nice. 
        I hear someone knock on the front door and open it up slowly. Standing in front of me is something that I really did not expect. It's Claire, with a trunk. What the?
        "What on earth are you doing here?" I ask.
        "Um... You see we were at our old house in London and I got this letter." She says, handing me an opened letter. I look at the Hogwarts symbol on the envelope. "They said for you to explain. What does this mean?"
        Mum and Dad didn't tell Claire about the magical world. When Christmas came around, we hid the wizarding gifts and didn't say anything. They wanted to tell her later. Well, I guess later is now. This is really shocking. I drag her inside and to my room after bringing her stuff inside and next to the door. This would be much more easily done if we were with Will and Anna.
        "Well, You know that boarding school I go to?" I ask. She nods her head in response, her hair partially getting her face. She moves it out of her eye as I continue. "Well, it isn't just a boarding school." 
        She looks at me in confusion. I explain everything... The school, me and her being witches, the classes, how she is muggle-born, the houses, the forbidden forest, the black lake, and last of all, what happened to me last year.
        By the end of it all she nods her head in understanding and looks like she is in a bit of a shock. I wait for her response, and when it comes it is not what I expected to hear.
        "That's awesome!" She exclaims. She babbles on about the coolness of it all as I explain something she doesn't realize.
        "You know how it's early in the morning?" I ask, biting my lip.
        "We are supposed to leave for the school today, it's the first of September." 
        He eyes go huge and she almost screams in panic.
        I look in her trunk and see that she has everything but her wand, that is the most important thing. I walk down the hall with her on my heels to Ethan's room.
        "Hey Ethan?"
        "Can you take my sister to Diagon Alley by Floo powder?" I ask. "She needs a wand and she just got here."
        "I guess." He says, putting down what he was doing and standing up. We leave so he can change, when he comes out he is wearing a hoodie and jeans. We walk down the steep wooden stairs to the first floor and he steps into the fire place. 
        "Just grab some powder, say where you want to go and throw it down. DIAGON ALLEY!" He yells at the end, throwing the powder down, erupting in green flames. Claire lets out a small scream. I hand her the powder and she slowly steps inside.
        "DI-AGON ALLEY!" She yells while stuttering a little bit.
        She vanishes moments later and I climb back upstairs. When I go to Carmen's room she is staring at the ceiling of her bedroom, deep in thought. She lost looks concerned.
        "Penny for your thoughts?" I say in a questioning tone.
        She looks towards me and I go and sit criss cross in front of her.
        "What house do you think I'll be in?"
        I think for a moment, she wouldn't be Slytherin since she is not cunning or super ambitious. I don't think she would be Ravenclaw, She doesn't like reading or learning that much. Gryffindor, maybe, she seems bold Enough but, not brave. Then Hufflepuff is probably her highest possibility since she seems loyal and just. We'll just have to see I guess.
        "I honestly don't know, probably Gryffindor or Hufflepuff."
        She nods her head and continues to stare at the ceiling. Going back to her thoughts. We sit there in silence for a moment and I get to observe her room. It's a small room with wood floors and white walls with a few posters hanging about. Her desk on the opposite wall is littered in paper and she maybe has a single book in the entire room.
        "I have a bad feeling."
        "What?" I ask confused.
        "I have a bad feeling about this all. Something just, doesn't feel right. I think something bad is going to happen while we are there."
        I nod my head and look at her and tell her about me having the same feeling. I don't know why but I just have gut feeling telling me that something is going to happen this year. 

When we make our way to Kings cross station, all the ideas of bad events are temporarily erased from our minds. We are all to giddy with excitement. I was lucky to have remembered to get my nimbus two-thousand before I left. Their mom had accidentally put it in the broom cupboard. Good thing I had found it. When I see Will and Anna near the platform barrier, I run up and tackle them in a hug. Next to them is Auntie holding maggie the Owl. I hug her also and take the owl and When she sees Claire, she looks at her in shock. I explain everything and she nods her head. Surprise still on her face. She hadn't expected that at all, well, neither did I originally.
        When we run through the barrier you can hear Claire let out another small scream. She needs to start expecting the unexpected or she will never survive Hogwarts.
        I climb aboard the scarlet steam engine and find an empty compartment. When I do, Ethan moves more towards the back of the train to find some buddies of his. Will, Carmen, Anna and I take a seat and chat a little bit. Moments later I see Riley looking for us. I slide open the glass compartment door and give her a hug. When I let go a pair of arms grip me from behind and lifts me to where my feat are off the ground. 
        "Whoever you are... PUT. ME. DOWN."
        They set me down and I turn around to see Fred grinning.
        "Oi Georgie! I found her!" He calls out. Moments later George pops up next to him. I give them both hugs, I notice that there hair is about the same as last year. They seem like the type to grow it out. 
        I tell them about what I did to Ethan and they say it was bloody brilliant. That makes me feel a bit better, I also introduce them to the new first years. I warn them if one of their awful pranks even touches them that I would rip off one of their ears. They understand. After we catch up for a bit, they leave to find their friends. It's so good to see everyone again.

I look out the window at the beautiful country side as we zip past. Carmen is sleeping soundly next to me while the others are taking the good chance to read in silence. I look up at the bright blue sky and see the bottom of a car. BOTTOM OF A CAR!?!? I shake Carmen and point outside. She groggily rubs her eyes and looks out the glass window.
        "What the heck?" She says, still staring upwards. "Is that a flying car?" She asks, still in a bit of a sleepy daze.
        "I think so..." I say, bewildered.
        We stare at the car and wonder what it is doing there. It seems to be following the train. I feel sorry for the person inside there. I bet it is so hot in there since the heat is unbearable. Carmen continues with her nap after a few moments and she remains that way, murmuring about something in her sleep. When we are a few moments from the school, we all change into our robes. Mine being Slytherin Green of course. 
        When we exit the train Carmen sees Hagrid and freaks out, but in a goodway.
        "He looks like Santa!" She shout-whispers to me. I chuckle as she is taken to the boats. When she sees them she gives me a wide eyed look. She'll be fine. 

When we get into the school, I take a seat at the Slytherin table next to Will and Riley. This place already brings back many memories. I was very surprised when I saw neither Ron nor Harry seated at the Gryffindor table. I see Hermione and I shoot her a questioning look which she returns. Where are those two? We see the first years enter and Carmen appears shaking. Anna looks around until she sees Will and I and grins. Happy to see us and relieved. Carmen looks over at us and smiles, seeming to relax a little bit. After the hat sings its song, one by one students are sorted. 
        "Anderson, Amelia." That hat is place on her head and it bellows, "HUFFLEPUFF." This goes on for a while. Many have been sorted into hufflepuff, a girl with really curly, blonde hair and a boy who seems to be here brother. 
        "Davidson, Anna," Reads McGonagall. I see Anna nervously walk up and take a seat on the wooden stool. The hat takes a good fifteen seconds and then bellows. "GRYFFINDOR."
        I am slightly depressed about this, I was hoping she would be in here with us. I did say though, she has guts. She belongs there. More names are called which I zone out on and hear a name familiar to me.
        "Ghim, Claire." I see her walk up and the hat is placed on her head. She jerks a bit when she hears it speak.
        I groan and slam my head onto the table. Great, just great. Ugh... Why? Why me? I see her sit across from me and she looks a bit aggravated also. 
        "Harrison, Amanda." Professor states. The girl that walks up has a shoulder length haircut with bangs that is a brown color. She has a green cats eye. I see her sit down and the hat is placed on her head. The hat takes a moment to think.
        "RAVENCLAW!" It yells. I look at her smirk and take a seat at the table of blue. Honestly she seems a bit smug with herself.
        The sorting goes on, Slytherin getting plenty of new members. I can't believe that I am no longer a first year anymore. It's like yesterday that I put on that hat. I still don't understand what it meant when it said that I would want to be different from another. That I would want individuality. I guess I shall find that out in the future.
        "Ours, Carmen." 
        I Carmen carefully climb up the steps and put on the hat. She jumps a bit and widens her eyes. It must have spoken to her. 
        "GRYFFINDOR!" It bellows. That is really shocking actually. She looks at me with surprise. She is in the house of bravery. I see Ethan scowling at her with disgust etched in all of his features. Carmen sees this and looks a bit sad and walks to the table of her new house. Taking a seat next to Anna and Daniel, at least she knows people there. Finally the ceremony ends with a girl named Ginny who gets Gryffindor. 
        We all dig into our feast, food, I love it, food... I keep eating until we are sent of to our dorms to get our sleep. When I slip under the covers, I drift off into sleep.

I hear an intense hissing sound and slowly walk towards it. Only, it isn't a hissing, it's somebody talking. I cannot hear them though I draw closer. When I round the corner I see nothing but a large snake staring back at me. Where was the person talking? I look around the room but it is only a snake. I hear a hoarse voice echo through the room. "Kill her!" and then it lunges, it's jaw open to rip me apart.

I jolt out of bed and walk down to the common room. These horrible dreams can't be coming back, please don't. My first evening back at Hogwarts and they have returned. I try to steady my sharp intakes of breath as I walk towards the fireplace and take a seat in the couch in front of it. I should have known that they would return, I should have known. I look at the clock and see that I maybe have an hour and a half before I have to get ready. I go ahead and change and walk through the castle corridors towards the great hall. When I enter there are only some house elves attending to the tables and wiping them down. Getting them ready for the students. I didn't really know that we had house elves. One comes up to me and asks if I need anything and I ask for some orange juice, I always love it in the morning. When I get the glass of orange liquid I sip it as students start to file in for breakfast. When Carmen comes in twenty minutes later she comes and takes a seat by me. I would warn her off but she looks rather content on staying there, so I don't push it.        
        "Morning!" I exclaim happily.
        She groans and slams her head against the table in response. I'm going to take it that she is tired. I hear swooping and look up to see owls coming in with letters and packages. She sits up a little bit startled when she gets a package from her mum with chocolate. Moments later a large sound echoes through the hall, making dust shake from the ceiling.
        I look around the hall as the dishes and spoons and cups are rattling violently. I see Ron's crimson forehead showing from where he had sunk so low in his seat, hiding from the curios onlookers. Looks like he's back and humiliated. He must have been in that flying car. Good god...
        Harry, Ron, idiots. Sounds familiar. Carmen is looking around for the source of the sound with eye and we see a red letter snarling at poor Ron. It must be a howler. Auntie told me about them once. They are for when someone is very mad. I feel very sorry for Ron and Harry right now.
        I burst out laughing with a couple of other students and then gradually conversation begins to start up again. I talk with Carmen for a bit until I have to go to Defense against the dark arts later. I was sad she isn't in the same house as me. When I walk inside the classroom it is covered in images of Lockhart. It's honestly disgusting to look at. I take a seat next to Will and wait patiently until Lockhart strides into the room. He grabs a book off someone's desk and points to his smiling image.
        "Me." He states. The whole class period, he droned on and on about his success and made us take a quiz about him. Honestly it was complete rubbish. His favorite color, his ideal birthday present. Honestly who comes up with this stuff? It's stupid. I could also see Malfoy scowling at the paper. I smiled at his obvious frustration, glad he can suffer for a few minutes. When we finish he collects them. It apparently had taken longer than he had thought since he was unable to show us what lied underneath a sheet inside a cage. Good luck to the next class. I hurry out of there and look at my timetable seeing that it was the only class I had today. I let out a sigh of relief and go to relax in the summer air by the black lake. When I stare at the sky the clouds swirl in different shapes. I watch it until I hear a small noise behind me and turn to see Anna walking nervously over to me.
        "Hey," I murmur, still lost in thought.
        "Hi Sherie," She says, laying down next to me.
        "How's your first day?" I ask her.
        "Snape is awful." She states with a look of disgust on her face.
        "He's not to bad," I say. "Just don't get on his nerves or in his way or there will be hell to pay."
        She smiles and continues to stare at the sky. It's good to spend some time with her here. It's still hard to believe that we are back.

The past couple days had passed quickly, making me lose track of time. One morning I am woken up from my sleep with Pansy shaking me.
        "Get up will you, you're team is downstairs telling you to get up and dressed in your Quidditch robes. I glower at her and get into my robes which are nice and warm. They're still the same as before, Green and silver. When I walk down the stairs I see Flint and the others standing there and Malfoy? 
        "What are you doing here Malfoy?" I snarl in anger.
        "I'm on the team, why else would I be?" He asks smirking. Ugh, I just want to slap that smirk right off of his face. 
        "Why would YOU be on the team? You haven't even tried out Blondie."
        Marcus looks at me and tosses me a black, slick broom. On the handle reads Nimbus two-thousand and one. HE BRIBED THEM. Oh my god, that git. 
        "He's the new seeker and we have a letter from Snape giving us permission to take the field that is booked by Wood." He says, smiling evilly.
        I follow my team as they march towards the Quidditch pitch. It is still odd being the only girl on the team with Marcus being a sexist jerk and everything. When we are on the field I see Oliver land angrily onto the grass below him, staggering a little bit. I see the twins and Harry land and follow him. The twins look at me with questioning glares and I put my hands up in an "I don't know" gesture.
        "Flint!" He bellows angrily. "This is our practice time! We got up specially! You can clear off now!" I look at Oliver's contorted features and send him a look of sympathy. He looks at me and softens a bit, knowing I had nothing to do with any of this. Right when his gaze travels back to Flint he is angry again.
        "Plenty of room for all of us wood." He almost snarls. Three more girls land behind Oliver, observing the scene.
        "But I booked the field!" Oliver exclaims, "I booked it!" That is when I see flint finger the note in his pocket and pull it out.
        "Ah, but I've git a specially signed note from Professor Snape. 'I Professor S. Snape, give the Slytherin team permission to practice today on the Quidditch field owing to the need to train their new seeker.'"
        "You've got a new seeker?" Says Oliver distracted, "Where?"
        Malfoy steps from behind us all and smirks. I scowl at him and see Fred chuckle at the look on my face, probably happy I feel the same as they do. He turns to Malfoy and questions about his father and then that leads to everyone besides me showing off the new brooms. I feel bad seeing The twins' cleansweep fives like Marcus points out. 
        "Am I right Ghim?" He asks, turning to me. Looking like the monster he truly is. I Stutter for a moment. What am I supposed to say.
        "You foul gi-" I am cut off by Marcus saying something.
        "Oh look," He says. "A field invasion."
        I look over and see Ron and Hermione coming to see what's going on. Were they here all this time. I shoot Hermione a sort of 'Help me' look and she nods her head.
        What's happening?" Ron questions. "Why aren't you playing? And what's he doing here?" He asks in disgust. Malfoy smarts off about the brooms and Ron stands there with his jaw dropped when he sees the brooms we are holding. Malfoy makes some joke I don't hear and the whole team howl in laughter. Except me though. I curse under my breath which the Gryffindor team takes notice of. I mouth I'm sorry to them and smack Marcus in the back of the head. Causing the other team to chuckle.
        "Behave will you, you're acting like an arse." I state. He glares at me and the Gryffindor stare at me in shock. 
        The rest of the team is still laughing as I look at Hermione as she opens her mouth to say something.
        "At lease no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in." She says sharply. "They got in on pure talent."
        "No one asked your opinion you filthy little mudblood," He spits at her. Auntie had told me many terms not to say in the wizarding world and that was one of the worst. There is an instant uproar at his words and the twins try to tackle him. Some shriek how dare you. Ron pulls out his wand and tries to cast something but it rebounds, hitting him instead and he starts vomiting slugs. Gross..
        The Slytherin team are incapacitated with laughter as the Gryffindors crowd around Ron who is throwing up glistening slugs. Harry and Hermione help lift him up and support him, leading him towards Hagrid's while I stay behind. I stand with the Gryffindors, My emerald green robes contrasting greatly against their scarlet ones. Malfoy is on all fours banging the ground with his fist, laughing like crazy. I pull out my wand and march towards him. I glare at his slicked back hair and pale face. 
        "How dare you, you little Roach!- Colloportus!" I yell, pointing at him. The team laughs but when I look at the Gryffindors, they grin, knowing what I did. Malfoy tries to take a step forward and falls onto the grass. He looks at his shoes and sees something similar to glue stuck to the bottom of them. Let's just say that time around Ethan did me some good. Malfoy glares. Before I can do anything else, the twins drag me away with the rest of the opposite team.
        "Put me down! He deserves a kick in the nose!" I say, struggling against their grasps. 
        "I believe you have already done that..." Says George shaking his head. Oh yeah...I have. When they finally let go I march towards the castle. Still a little bit angry. 

Later that evening I am sitting in the common room with my friends and Malfoy sits with his gang on the other side of the room. Still angry about what I did. He had no right to say that though and it frankly ticked me off. As Will is talking, I hear a voice that sends chills of anxiety down my spine and it's laced with venom.
        "Let me rip...let me tear...come to me..."         
I bolt up from my seat, a look of terror showing on my face. My eyes probably read of alarm.
        "What???" I ask to nobody in particular.
        "I said that Snape made me..." Will tries to continue but I cut him off.
        "No, didn't you hear it?" I ask in alarm.
        "Hear what?" He asks. I see Malfoy stare at me like I'm insane.
        "That voice!" I exclaim. I stand up and look at the ceilings.
        "There isn't a voice Sherie..." Will says. I nod my head and head up to the dorms, exhausted and confused. I am hearing voices only I seem to hear... Why?

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