Puzzle Pieces

A blog about me.
People will have fake names in order to protect their identity.

The reason why the rating is yellow is 'cause I curse a lot, and a few of the situations that will occur.

ALSO!!! MY HOMIES don't forget to leave comments, I'll try to answer back. If you ask a question I maaaaaay answer it but I will definitely respond.

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2. The Beginning

Well, as many peoples lives start out I was ripped from my birth mothers stomach and set aside as they placed her organs back into her. (Sorry for the graphic picture to those visual readers) 




I was a very early baby and came out with a full head of jet black hair. 

I'm not going to bore you with my WHOLE life story, but some past info helps. 

Anyway, after being passed between family members I was raised in a Hispanic and Italian light. (Those of you who've been hit with la chancla and or the wooden spoon know my pain, I wish mercy on you) 

Okay, back on track. I have quite a few siblings that will be mentioned, I also have a fun game. It's a guessing game, hints will be dropped all over the place. Kinda like the shade your teacher throws when they loose your paper but tell you that you didn't turn it in. 

Now, a few readers may question why I'm doing this. 

No, not for attention I already get enough of that from my wonderful four legged friend (my dog) 

I'm simply doing it because I need some place I can write my thoughts down. I'll be describing events that have happened in the past, leading up to this current moment. And since it's 12:14 AM at the moment I'm wide awake and I have no thoughts about sleeping yet. 

So. I'll give you hints as to what my name is, it's part of the game you gotta guess it. It starts with an E. 

Now that you have one hint you gotta guess the rest. 

OKAY! So, back to my past. 

After I moved around I got into some trouble, I kinda filled snow balls with rocks and threw them at the older kids I didn't like (I was in kindergarten) 

Never got caught.

After that one year I moved to a tropical "paradise". The years went on I made enemies with many of the       students in my eliminatory school and that followed me for quite a bit of time, for those of you asking your devices screen yes, I'm still in school. You can guess the grade!

I'll run some facts past you quickly, just so you're caught up. 

-Teenager (hint) 

-I'm meticulous and often surprise my close friend(s) with my special skills. 

-I enjoy music.

-I enjoy food. 

-I'm single (Not mingling, so chill) 

-Struggling with some personal issues agented my parents views. 

-I love cars. (Mainly Lamborghini's and Maserati's) 

-Water is mostly what I drink. 

-Sensitive stomach like sensitive af. 

Okay, so quick list.

Hope you liked the list.  


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