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A blog about me.
People will have fake names in order to protect their identity.

The reason why the rating is yellow is 'cause I curse a lot, and a few of the situations that will occur.

ALSO!!! MY HOMIES don't forget to leave comments, I'll try to answer back. If you ask a question I maaaaaay answer it but I will definitely respond.

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4. Pined To A Wall By A Gaze

I started seeing Jade after school on Fridays, and boooooooy those Fridays had me. I was never clear on my sexuality. Was I gay, straight, or bisexual? I had no clue, but I noticed a change in lots of things as I started to understand myself a bit more. I also had Jade to help me, our friendship turned into a friends with benefits type of thing. And I'm not talking about her sliding answers to tests to me, or her giving me home work (HW/hw) answers. It was physical and I enjoyed myself, first gentle making out. I had never made-out with someone before so I probably sucked. (Jade broke up with her ex and needed some ~attention~ so I provided support) 


So, happy with my set up with Jade I began to question lots of things about me. 

She gladly helped (with a hand down my pants holding me to a wall with her other hand) She explained some things to me and I did further research. Now, back to the present. (all that was probably two/two and a half years old) 

I found out my predicament was normal (for some people) the problem was, I got put into the wrong body. 

(it explains why I got into fights and tackled people to the ground and couldn't wear a dress or a skirt and only jeans) 

There's a word for people like I am and it's a word that starts with a 'T'. (you can guess) 

Anyway, time went on and I was in a relationship for quite a long time. I spent many nights talking to Jade, telling her how my day was, asking stupid questions doing anything to hear her voice or her soft giggles. Don't get me wrong romance is nice and all but I'm not romantic (you can ask her) we recently stopped dating due to someone finding out about our long relationship and now we're both single. -sigh- but it's all good. 


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