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13. Moving Mountains Jan 6th 2016




Okay, so today I went to school with a list of tasks I needed to complete by the time the first bell rung. 

1. Get a book for my Public Speaking class (it was a hw assignment that I left to the last minuet) But I completed that task. 

2. Get Collin his work so I can send it to him (he's out of state due to a death in the family) 

3. Talk to a teacher about a personal thing. 


1 and 2 were easy but I stood outside of the teachers room for a bit, timid and not really sure if I should approach her about it but she's a really awesome teacher really open minded. I ended up coming out to another reacher and then I ended up getting offered a ride to the appointments I set. My struggle is coming out to my parents mainly because I feel like the older I get the more I realize they're bigoted. I'm not saying that their beliefs are incorrect, but I'd rather them listen to what I say before they say I'm confused. If that's the case then I've been confused since I was 5.... or even before 5! like 4-ish! But whatever, I ended up making a big improvement in my self confidence and kinda climbing up out of the deep trench of my self-hate. I'm getting happier the more I talk and come out to people, it's the acceptance they offer and the hug I get after I share with them, I've had an O.K day at school but it made my day, probably my week! The feeling of being accepted is better then the best weed you can get. It's like being loved all over again, you feel warm inside and you feel strong like nothing can knock you down. 

The first teacher kinda told me that she thought I looked a little upset on a daily basis and it really shows that someone is sad when no one is looking, I think when she watches everybody do their work she see's me when I think no one's looking. I try really hard to smile for real but the only time I do is when someone says something inappropriate (teenager) or when I pass and my pronouns are correct. Anyway That's all I gotta say on the subject, I'm exhausted and ready for bed (it's only almost 4 so...) I can't do that yet, maybe reward myself with a movie off of Netflix and a blanket and chilling with Carlos, he's been really cute and freaks out whenever I leave him, he's crying now so I think I'll get back to him. Anyway I hope you all are having a good New Year(s) and feel free to comment your resolution(s) or what you got for Dec 25th or anything, any questions anyway have a nice evening, afternoon, morning, or rest of the day. 

Adiós amigos, stay classy. 

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