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A blog about me.
People will have fake names in order to protect their identity.

The reason why the rating is yellow is 'cause I curse a lot, and a few of the situations that will occur.

ALSO!!! MY HOMIES don't forget to leave comments, I'll try to answer back. If you ask a question I maaaaaay answer it but I will definitely respond.

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7. More About Me



I need glasses.... and mine are currently scratched and dirty, Carlos got to them a "few" times. But I can still see, I'm not sure how many people have actually read the "blog" yet but I hope you enjoy it. At times my life can be filled with a little havoc. 

For example. Being called out in my debate class, by someone I thought I could trust. She also called out another one of my friends, loudly, and in public. I made a vow to my 9th grade reading teacher I wouldn't hit anyone anymore. (I walked into his class with bandaged knuckles cause I was going to hit someone but they moved and I hit a brick wall instead) So, hitting was out of the question. I confronted this person, and she had an emotional break down. IT. WAS. HELL. I mean, after her broadcasting that I was put into the wrong body, and calling me a cross-dresser (which I have nothing agented them, you rock those clothes homie, strut!) But it was offensive to me. 

So my conclusion was to bring a Hotdog (-wink, wink- if u know what I mean) in a ziplock bag and hit people in the face with my "hotdog". Now, that's not one of my kinks, I don't enjoy being hit in the face with a dick. (I think cause I'm straight) I mean, boobs maybe. But still they're not meant to be thrown at someone's face I don't mind them in my face but still. Anyway, that was my conclusion to it. I go to a pretty (sucky) small school, like when I say small, (I have a 2 story house) I can continue classes in my house. (it's sortta a big house...?) But yeah, not many girls that appeal to me I mean, besides this one teacher... Who almost beat the shit out of me with la chancla (flip-flop if you Spanish you know) I'm not going to get into why because if it isn't known yet you will know now. I'm an idiot I don't think things with people through, just let it be known.... don't put your arm across a teachers shoulder, smirk and move your eyebrows and say hi to them then say their first name... It left me being chased around a clubhouse (it was prom *hint*) with a 20-something year old Hispanic women chasing you holding heals that look like they'd be able to bash your head in. And this was all happening while Andrés was sitting with another friend (who's really hot and I have no chance with) talking, or most likely awkwardly looking at one another.... 

But yeah, so I wasn't about to hit my hotdog on her, so I found my other friends (who are non-bitchy females) and wacked them with my hotdog. I had to stop though, Ms. Garcia (not her real name but close, she's la chancla teacher) walked out by the dismissal aria and I didn't feel like being dragged into her room (maybe I did) and lectured. I mean, don't get me wrong I don't mind listening to her talk.... or....watching her cause damn she got a killer body. Anyway, (sorry I get caught up in the booty and just about everything else with her) But yeah, so smacking people with my hotdog became the answer to the problem, I'm still not talking to the chick who called me out, mainly because Why should I? She was a HUGE stank-asshole to me and blamed it all on her disability, I have one too but I don't use it to be an ass, I mean if running my mouth off to the wrong people is a disability then sure I use it a shit tone. But I'm that one dorky boy with a dash of swagger (look up the old definition you obtuse-lime) that will in fact hit on the teacher in a joking way, and who will make them laugh. I mean, I'm pretty funny (looking) and I don't really have much to go on aside from a dorky grin (that has saved my ass soooo many times) 

Or... just completely laughing at the situation and faking an asthma attack as I frantically look for my inhaler as I laugh, that's saved me so many times. 

The one girl, who calls me Corgi. She's a real power player. She's cool and all but not my type. So I was eating lunch and Ms. Garcia walks up and I always smirk and yell "HI MS. GARCIA" And she turns around and smiles and said "Hi, Em." and walks away leaving me to my daydreams anyway. She game around and pushed the girl, lets call her.. Ella, she pushed Ella and Ella smiled and said to me "I'll get her back" and Ms. Garcia walked away, when she came back around, Ella yelled "Hey, Ms. G is mister Torrez your daddy?" I flipped shit and started laughing. Ms. Garcia didn't think it was so funny so she kinda hit Ella in the back and was close to coming to me and Mr. Torrez walked out of his classroom and past us, then Ms. Garcia walked away. It was hilarious, now I'm sure some of you are like "What's so funny about that...?" It's a BDSM thing, I don't know weather I should explain it or not but I will anyway! It's a practice called DD/LG and it stands for DaddyDom/LittleGirl it has to do with age play (changing ages and whatnot) If you want to know more read into it but don't forget to take care of the history, or use privet searches. It's to do with sex. (-gasp-) But it was pretty funny because many people at my school (including me) are kinky, and we kinda talk about who would do what and stuff and I definitely picture Ms. Garcia as a Dominatrix, she's already super strict (like seriously she don't mess around) I can picture her like that in the bedroom.... (ahhhhI) Anyway, Yup. That's when it gets pretty interesting. Ella and Ms. Garcia are pretty cool, but sometimes Ella can make me want to throw her across the universe. Now, I don't know if you've picked up on it. Lot's of people will have Spanish names in my blog (mainly cause their real name is Spanish so I keep with a team) but it has to do where I am in the world. (Yes I'm in the U.S) Anyway, now that that's done It hasn't rained yet (damn it) It still looks pretty cloudy out, it always rains where I am. I feel I should text my friends sister (she's a bit more appealing) but I'm making a really nice dent in my couch with my butt that I'm deciding I'll do it later, that's all for now. (10:54 AM) 

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