Puzzle Pieces

A blog about me.
People will have fake names in order to protect their identity.

The reason why the rating is yellow is 'cause I curse a lot, and a few of the situations that will occur.

ALSO!!! MY HOMIES don't forget to leave comments, I'll try to answer back. If you ask a question I maaaaaay answer it but I will definitely respond.

(title page taken from google images and from this website: http://www.puzzle-pieces.org)


5. Me.

I feel like we need to get to know each other. Now, you may not know my name but you can look through lists on Google (Boy baby names that start with E) Pick a name that you think is right and maybe when time passes you'll see if you're right. (Jade I swear if you say it I'll sneak into your house and take all your sweaters) Jade and I are still friends BTW. 


I'm short. (No body wants to date a short guy.) 

My eyes are a blue-gray, but turn black cause my eyes are strange af. 

My hair is curly and short, I'm rocking a new hairstyle, I got the back of my hair squared out and the sides trimmed short with the top left long. So I'm look pretty awesome. 

My teeth are straight (thanks to braces) 

I have freckles and a "wonderful" chemical imbalance in my face that makes half of it red and the other half not (FANTABUIOULS) 

Or my face will flare up and be hot as hell. 

I can move my ears.

I can cook really well. (love doing it, girls love a guy who can cook.... I hope) 

Jade's taller then me, a head taller than me.... 

She's got long black wavy hair and brown eyes. (Awesome, sexy eyes. They cool) 

I also got a smirk that drives her (Jade)  crazy. 

Okay, so I've made it to 1:06 AM this December, wonderful Tuesday morning. (That's a store and it smells so weird) 

I'll write some more about me and my life, I'll also tell you about my twin Andrés and my dog Carlos. (Carlos is a wonderful dog and he means well.)  

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