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People will have fake names in order to protect their identity.

The reason why the rating is yellow is 'cause I curse a lot, and a few of the situations that will occur.

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8. Loosing A Battle Against The Universe

                                                                                                                                                             Dec 23, 2015                     (Some time in the morning probably like 9:30-ish)


Okay, so. I never got around to texting that girl from the last few chapters, I don't have my glasses so I don't know if I'm typing properly or not. I'm working on seeing Jade, her and I split (Can't remember if I said that or not) her parents are a bit timid about seeing me again.... It doesn't help that my dad decided to come home early (He doesn't live with me) So he's working from home, and the only car I'm allowed to drive is his car... with him in it. -_- He's got a 10 O'clock appointment and I made arrangements to see Jade at 10:30. Not only that but I had to clean up the kitchen from dinner.... I made a pretty awesome dinner and the only one who ate it was my mom. Colin was a dick and said he was "full" and didn't eat any of it. I made some meat sauce for some pasta. (Raised by people who moved here from Italy when I was younger. Like.... 6, 7-ish as well as people from Cuba) anyway what I'm trying to get at is the fact that would not have flown in those houses you sit and eat, until you finish your food. So, I made pasta sauce and it was pretty good. I haven't made it in a long time cause it always reminds me of my Zia and Zio. (really miss them, it's what I called the people I was with) So I made it tonight and it turned out really nice. I also made home made garlic bread. That was fire too. (like my mixtape) Anyway I have to listen to my dad talk about work stuff and hear him call Carlos useless. All while Andrés is chilling in Orlando because he got to go on vacation with his step-dad and decided to leave me because he had to bring his two kids too. So I have Carlos to keep me company. He likes sniffing the carpet and licking the bottom of my socks.... But yeah, it's like 9:31 thanks to Siri telling me, she's awesome but she can be a sassy hoe sometimes. I'm not sure if I'll be able to see Jade I really want to talk to her in person about everything that happened because almost all of it went down through texting, and calls on the phone. They're not good either because I can't comfort her if she needs it. I've been playing some Adele, mainly the song Hello. Cause she says my name in it, well it's hidden in a word but the way she says the word it sounds like my name and I think it's pretty cool to have a song that your name is in, or have a pretty women with a killer voice say it. On a side note from all the bad. My hair looks awesome today, BUT it's all rainy today. Well... look's rainy. Maybe things are turning around because the first meeting my dad joined was canceled. (YAS) But the 10:00 one is still on ugh. Whatever, I still have my Adele. :L ALSO! My friend and his smart self listened to me and he created an Avatar It looked like a dominatrix Adele.... I'll see if I can get a picture for you to see. But also He was like "Bro really?" (keep in mind it's late af and we're both delusional) and he flipped shit when he looked up Adele and compared her to his avatar.... It's pretty funny but yup. (9:40 at the moment) Dad's meeting was now put back on so it doesn't look like I'll be seeing Jade any time soon. -angry noises- Also I need to come up with a thing to do if you guess my name right, cause you diverse a metal or something. Anyway I'll be back later, I'll be "busy" playing that PC game I've been talking about. 


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