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11. Feeling Good (Dec 30, 9:09AM)


As my man Michael Bublé said: It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life, For me, And I'm feeling good, I'm feeling goooood"

But that was only for a little, for the past few days I've been doing my hair different. I've been gelling it down on the sides and leaving the topped spiked and curly (My hair is so curly it's wonderful) I hung out with Andrés yesterday and we have to go get his phone fixed today because he's got a manufacturing issue with his camera so he's all upset about that. I'm kinda back with Jade, it's almost like we're going in a circle due to the fact we're friends with benefits again. Then before you know it we'll be together, take a break, can't stand the "loneliness" of not having another body, then we'll be FBW again. It's a wonderful circle. 


But anyway, I can look like a badass person on the streets then a responsible powerful professional man at other times. I've got on mostly black on at the moment so I kinda look like I'll break your neck. It doesn't help that I was up every five minutes last night so lack of sleep makes me look even more aggressive then I normally look. So I'll just use that to my advantage. 


One of the cars at the house is broken so we got a replacement, it's a red 2015 Camaro I love driving it BUT the amount of blind spots this damn car has is astronomical. Now you're sitting in a car that at each corner front and back the lower left and right parts of the windshield and the back window you can't see jack out of those arias. The key points that you should be able to see out of you can't...... But the acceleration is beautiful I love it. It really sucks that the highest speed in my development(s) is like 30. 


But I've had the car for about a day and it's nice but I prefer my (almost) classic Jaguar it's a 1998 XK8 silver convertible with a black top. It drives so nice and it turns on a dime, the vicious Camaro turns nicely but it isn't as slick as the Jag. But ay, I can't complain about the cars. But if you're looking into getting a Camaro take the blindspots into consideration it's just really annoying there's also no backup cam to look at so you have to crank your head to see past the blindspots. 


Oh, yeah. I might be going to a carnival thing with a few friends from school they're cool and pretty awesome. I'll try and post every day but I doubt I'll be able to do it I'm very busy with nothing to do. Oh, I got a new cologne from bath and body works and it smells wonderful. Woo, anyway have a good day/night/afternoon if I don't write again there's a good chance I don't have my laptop and I'm too lazy to download the app onto my phone. 


Stay chill I'll update you later on.    



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