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The reason why the rating is yellow is 'cause I curse a lot, and a few of the situations that will occur.

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6. Clean, Groggy and Ready for sleep.




Well, after last nights terrible sleep I woke up and grabbed a shower, positive my mom left for work I showered. My hair smells like mint and my face pimple free. I have some laundry to do considering all my boxers need to be washed but I can't seem to find time to do it, in between my friend asking if I'd like grade A anime titties, in a Kermit The Frog voice. As well as my virtual roll playing game where I am god, and I can control how I look! (Sweet Gods has) So, as promised I will tell you a bit about the people in my life, I have a "twin" brother. Now, heres how I'm going to lay it out to you. (With Letters!) allllllllllright! So, now. My dad will be repped by letter A, My mom will be prepped by letter B, his dad by C his mom by D. 

A and B split! As well as C and D. Now heres the funny part. We wen't to the same middle school, it was great. A and D ended up together. Leaving B and D to do whatever, now following him were his younger sister. (Who can be a pain considering I have a younger brother as well and a younger sister Kat, and another older bro from go knows where) So, for /my/ family (the people I consider me being related to) Theres: Me, Andrés, Kat, Arlo. Poor Kat though, she's the only girl. In a house full of testosterone. But not really, Arlo's moved out, Kat is with her birth parents, and Andrés moves between houses. Currently he's on vacation out my our county, lucky him. And I'm well... bleeding my thoughts out to the computer. 

I haven't been down stairs to greet Carlos yet, 'cause if I do go down stairs then he will go crazy and I'll have to let him out of his cage (that's his space don't even think about going in it he will drag you out) and take him out to pee. He's convinced me to take him for morning walks, but me not wanting to leaves him annoying and bored. 

But today I ACTUALLY have a plan, it's most likely going to back fire. Now, you're probably saying "Nah, E it will work out in your favor put you best foot forward!" and I'm trying to do that but I'm going to try and rebuild a lost friendship between one of my friends from kindergarten. Basically the last time she saw me was two years ago, when my hair was down to my ass and I was dressing in female clothing, and hiding in what felt like a costume. A costume that pleased my mom and dad. What you probably don't notice is your parents have cut an image for you, YOU MUST fit that image. (jk) that image can suck /it/ as soon as I buy an /it/ and get it attached. But anyway. They mold you and tell you to express yourself, but the second you express yourself in YOUR way that tell you it's wrong and don't bother to pay attention to how excited you are about a really cool shirt you got..... 

Now, I'm almost positive my mom is giving up on trying to make me her cookie cut out "daughter" instead of Son. But it's whatever, a few people I'm friends with use male pronouns and this dude stood up for me in class and He's the real M.V.P (ironically he plays basketball and he's really good at it) SO now back to what I was saying, I think the plan of her acutely not taking me as a joke is kinda low, I mean she stopped using my nickname "Em" which can still be applied to the name I'm using now and will be legalized soon. But she calls me by my too girly, too off name. 

Even this chick (who's cool) said that my birth name didn't fit. And she pronounces my other nick name Corgi, instead of Corvi (raven in Italian, old Spanish) So I got a few names for the places I go, but it's mainly "Em", anyway, I'm going to have to come out (AGAIN) to someone. Why can't they pick up on hints being dropped I GOT NO FRIKAN IDEA BRO but asking as well could cause some problems. I today I'm going to split the Blog up, but the next chapter in my life though pages will be running up soon. Now that the sun is in my eyes and the AC isn't on below freezing I'm going to get out of bed and try to find some pants.

(after my hair drys, I got you HA! for a second I bet you thought I was going to be productive!) 

UPDATE! After a "few" slices of pizza, taking Carlos out. Him not using the bathroom, and watching a bit of my show. It's 10:11 and Jade is out partying. (small party, she chill af and doesn't get crazy around people, only in the right place(s).) anyway, I think Carlos has a thing for his stuffed sheep, I watched him lick and bite it for about three minuets now, and he just got up to go lay by the back door, ashamed or tired we may never know. 

My brother, Colin is being a smelly-shit-bag and really needs to shower. And change his clothes. Carlos is now joining me on the couch being fluffy. He's basically a bare, and the progress on the friendship thing hasn't really been put into action..... I figured I'd text her to see if she want's to see Carlos (she loves him) And Carlos isn't being a dick. He's being adorable, he keeps mixing up the oven with the freezer drawer. He's special. Well, I think my progress was saved by the weather! It's about to rain and it's thundering, looks like I can't take Carlos out after all. 

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