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The reason why the rating is yellow is 'cause I curse a lot, and a few of the situations that will occur.

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10. Almost Physically Here, Almost Mentally Here


Well, it's the 25th of December and I've been really busy I had to drive to mi tía y tío's house (aunt and uncle) For Noche Buena and I had lots of food and stuff. My cousin refuses to do anything for me now cause he's like "Remember when you lived here those few times? Yeah... you can go get the door." Or "You know where the water is you can go get it" Of course this is all this was in Spanglish (Spanish and English) But yeah, Jade got me an awesome shirt, Andrés wanted it. I told him nah I'll take you out to go get one later on. He's coming home today and had to go to the stepfamilies Noche Buena party. Which really sucked I saw some old relatives and they forgot about me and they were like "And who is this young man?" And mi tía would have to introduce me.... it was weird cause this really old dude came with like a really young hot Spanish nurse and she looked like she had some work done on her face (which isn't un-popular where I live) and he was joking around with her. I spent most of the time with my cousin and his friend (she's cool I guess) and yeah... I had to drive someone home and it took like an hour and 11 mins and I was like "Bed please." I couldn't wait to get home I was tired and stuffed. I had lots of flan and Cuban food. 

I got some clothes and Bluetooth headphones from Sony and they're so cool I can't hear shit from the outside only my music. My step-brother got a hover board but he's more entertained with his lego rollercoaster my step-aunt sent him for Germany. So I've been riding it, the only reason why I'm writing now is 'cause it died and I have to charge it.  I'm getting one for my birthday, my step-mom was likda like "That's what you want for your  (#th) birthday? and I was kinda like "Yeah... I'm not going to be getting a new car, my dad still needs his to drive back and fourth and I can't take the other car the insurance will be too high" (It's a almost classic jaguar I love it it will be my car when I'm older due to legal things and keeping it in the family) But yeah.... 

Carlos got a bunch of water bottles and tennis balls so he's in 7th heaven Santapaws was good to him this year. even though he used the bathroom in the house so many times but he's special. I spoke to Jade a bit, when I saw her it was good her brother Ray was cool he's awesome he's like an awesome friend to have. So far this Christmas has been really cool. I'll be seeing some other family later cause we have a HUGE party cause of my HUGE and mixed family, though many of them are in Colombia, Mexico and other Spanish lands. But yeah the people who aren't in Italy and Spanish lands are coming over tonight and it's going to be a huge party so if I don't write tomorrow it's cause I'm cleaning or escorting people home.... (lot's of drinks and stuff) But yeah, I'll be busy for the rest of the day 

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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