The Dreamer of Killings

Sephora Ackerman goes to sleep one night and has a nightmare of someone being killed. She doesn't know what to do. It's just a nightmare. She doesn't know why she is dreaming of this. She wakes up and hears the news talking about someone being killed. It can't be what she dreamt of. She listens more and everything is exactly the same. How is it possible? She dreamt of something that actually happened. She soon finds out that the woman's oldest son goes to school with her. What if she keeps having dreams of killings? What if the dreams won't stop until this killer is stopped?


3. Chapter 3 My Barbecue Chips

Chapter 3

Shit! Mom  glared at me and said, "Explain now!" I winced there was no room for argument.

My shoulders slumped and I said, "You know how we were walking about Mrs. Cabalero this morning and how we were talking about her sons?"

"Yeah, what does that have do to with you skipping school and leaving in the middle of class?" Mom asked angrily.

I scratched my head awkwardly and said, "Well...." Mom raised her eyebrows and I continued to explain. "Well, you see I have 4th hour with Theo and right in the middle of class he ran out. So I followed him to see if he was all right. He wasn't and he needed to get out of there, so we left."

Mom paused and asked, "Is he alright now?"

I hesitated and thought about it. "I think so. We kind of just sat around at a coffee place."

Mom nodded. "Ok, I guess I won't ground you then since you helped a friend. Just please try not to make this a habit."

I nodded and said, "Ok, I won't I promise. And if I do then I will call you and let you know so you can talk with the school or something."

"Ok. I'm just glad your alright." Mom hugged me and I relaxed. I hugged Mom back and sighed.

"Sorry, for worrying you Momma." I said guiltily.

It's alright baby. Just don't do it again." She said warning me.

"Ok." She let go of me.

"I'll get dinner ready. And I'll  call your principal and explain the situation."

I sighed in relief. "Thanks." I walked to my room and fell on my bed. My bed was so comfortable, I could sleep all day on it. I closed my eyes and relaxed. All of a sudden Theo's mom flashed before my eyes, dead on the ground. I gasped and pushed myself off of the bed. My hands were shaking and my breathing was getting erratic.

"Sephora! Dinner's ready!" Mom yelled. My eyes scrunched up in confusion. I've only been laying down for a couple of minutes. I walked out and went to the kitchen. I snorted. There were leftovers all over the table. "Choose what you want to eat. I'm to lazy to actually make a meal."

I laughed and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich. I swear those sandwiches were sent from heaven. The front door opened and Dad came into the kitchen. Dad kisses Mom's forehead then came over to me and did the same. "Hey, Daddy." I said after I put the sandwich in the microwave.

"Hey, baby girl. How was school today?"

I chuckled nervously and Mom looked at me pointedly. Dad gave me a confused look so I started to explain. "Well, you see. I left in the middle of class because Theo, the guy who just lost his mom that was on the news. Well yeah, he left class so I followed him to see if he was alright and he wasn't so we left." I chuckled again.

Dad raised his eyebrows at me. "Do you like this boy?"

I blushed but luckily the microwave beeped so I had a reason to turn away from him. "Just as a friend."

I turned back around once my plate was in my hand and my face wasn't hot anymore. "Ok, good. I want to meet this boy sometime." Mom nodded along with that. "Maybe tomorrow for dinner?"

"I'll ask." I said in response.

"Ok." Dad looked around and saw leftovers all over the table. "Yay! Leftovers!" I chuckled. My dad may be old but he still acted like a kid. I sat down at the table and grabbed the barbecue chips. Dad gasped. "Young lady, you are not taking my barbecue chips."

I stuck my tongue out at him and held the chips against me. "Mine." I growled.

Dad's eyes narrowed and I giggled. He stalked towards me, then grabbed the chips. We were both playing tug of war. "Don't do that. The bag will r..." The bag ripped and chips went everywhere.

Mom sighed. "You both are cleaning this up."

"But, Mom.." We both started to say.

"Don't but Mom me. I tried to warn you guys. You could have  been adults and shared." She said pointedly.

We both looked at each other and snorted. Mom sighed and shook her head. Dad bent down to start picking up chips. He popped one in his mouth quickly when Mom looked away. I looked at him shocked and he mouthed '5 second rule.' I snorted and put some chips back in the bag.

"Don't think I didn't see that Husband!" Mom pointed her finger at him. He had chips stuffed in his mouth. I snickered.

We finished picking up the chips and Dad through them away with a sad look. "Goodbye, chips. I will always love you." I burst out laughing and Mom shook her head at us.

"I swear you both act like children." Dad chuckled and sat down at the table. "And that's why I got 2 bags of barbecue chips." We both gasped and she handed us another one. "Share it this time."

"Aye aye captain," we said at the same time and saluted her. Dad opened the bag and poured half of it on his plate. My mouth widened in shock and I snatched the bag from him. I grumbled under my breath and put some of the chips on my plate.

"That better not be all you eating." Mom said. Dad looked at her yet again with a mouth full of chips. Mom raised her eyebrows at him and said," Get more food." Dad reached for the chips again and she glared at him. I snickered and Dad took his hand away from the chips. Mom sighed and warmed up some lasagna from last night. She took it over to Dad after it was done warming it up and slammed it on the table. "You will eat this."

"Yes, Ma'am." Dad said and dug in. I snorted and took a huge bite out of my sandwich.

Mom sighed and we both looked at  her with food in our mouths. "You guys are way too much alike."

Dad and I grinned at each other and continued to eat.

After we all ate dinner we sat down on the couch and turned on the news. I stiffened up. "The police haven't found anything else yet on Caballero's case."

Mom turned off the tv and looked at me. "You alright baby?" She rubbed my arm and I breathe in and out slowly.

"Yeah I'm fine. I think I'm gonna go to bed." I said hesitantly.

Mom looked at me worried. "Ok, baby. Good night. I love you!"

Dad ruffled my hair and said, "Goodnight, squirt. I love you more." Mom rolled her eyes and I grinned.

"Goodnight. Love you guys too. And Dad, don't eat all of the barbecue chips." I said pointedly.

"No promises."

I laughed and walked to my room. I sighed and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and put on some pajamas. My bed squeaked when I sat on it and I laid down and put my blanket on over my body. I sighed and put my face on the pillow. I really hope I don't have a nightmare tonight.


Hey everybody. Man I am on a role. This is the second book I have updated today. :) Please like and comment!


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