The Three Hammers- Chapter 1

The Universe is under peril... a race of beings never seen before have returned to the universe to destroy everything in sight. The United Galactic Council, consisting of 12 species all from the Milky Way Galaxy, have found 3 heroes willing to risk their lives and sanity to protect the lives of those in the Galaxy... but can they beat this near-immortal race, known as the Eldritch?


1. Chapter 1- United Galactic Council

The President walked down the wide, empty hallway, his heart already in his throat. In the narrow hallway the President now walked down, he was sure anyone in the same area would be able to hear his laboured breathing rapid heart beat. The doorway he walked towards seem forever away, and yet he knew he would reach it in moments. The Presidents crisp new suit waved in the synthetic breeze coming from the air vents all over the space station. The interior of the ship was a lovely, homely sight, a rich red carpet spreading all the way down, an astonishing paint job, the cream colour spreading all the way 15 feet above to the rounded ceiling, where the glass allowed the viewer to gaze up at the stars and bask in their beauty, yet this time the President felt no such beauty, he only looked on and imagined how soon those stars may not even be there. How soon, none of this would even be here. The President realised he had stopped, and felt how peaceful everything still was. He coughed, straightening his tie, and walked forward until he reached the door. Placing his hand on the handle, he suddenly stopped. How could he do this? How could he walk into this room and tell those sat at the table, that soon they were going to die? Soon, all of their people, all of his people, every single living being might soon be gone completely. 
"Stop being stupid." He muttered to himself, shaking his head. They were here to figure out a solution to this problem. They could do that, at least. Forcing the door handle down, he pushed the doors open. The swish of the heavy, oak doors as they flew open gave the President a slight sensation of satisfaction as those seated at the table turned to look in his direction.
"As you were, people." He stepped in, moving towards the head of the table. Being President, he sat at the head of the table, staring at those along the table, towards the Vice President at the other end of the table. Knite already sat at the other end, looking towards him and nodding slightly. The President took his seat, coughed again, documenting those at the table. All different races, each the representative of their own race. At the table currently were currently two humans, himself and Knite. To his left, a Dwarf. Slightly smaller versions of humans, with naturally large stomachs and all with large beards, they were just like old tales from Earth. To his right, an Eltharian. This species was also rather humanoid, though they were very tall, stretching to about ten feet. Further down the table, the Drar. A species also having red skin, but small and slim, covered in a lot of fur, and a snout protruding from their face. The most disturbing features of this race were their human noses on the end of their snouts, and the long, scaly green tongue they owned. Next was a Lindohawp. This race were very strange, they were bulky things, with pure white skin. They had no mouths, but they had many invisible slits all over their body. These slits worked a lot like gills, though they didn't need to be in water to work. The Lindohawp used the slits to breathe, and they would filter any gas or similar atom they took in and somehow turn it into oxygen. The President remembered these people particularly. Back on Earth, the planet had become dangerous from the breakdown of the ozone layer and the carbon dioxide in the air. Deforestation and industry meant soon the planet was unsafe for forms of life to live on. The Lindohawp had been brought in, billions of them, and they lived on the planet for quite a few years. The Lindohawp had to have areas where they could breathe pure oxygen, the overdose of so much carbon dioxide and other gases meant some had started dying, but soon, Earth had become inhabitable and laws had been passed to prevent further damage. Up from there was a Drohnan. Drohnan were, in short, werewolves. More like humanoid wolves, though the majority of these creatures owned a hunchback that meant they sometimes walked on all fours. Across was a Revum, a floating orb of light. The Revum were a mystery to most scientific practises. They would float above the ground, about six feet off the ground. The orb would be randomly coloured light, and the light would be wispy, like gas. A seat was technically not needed for the Revum, but one was graciously offered to them, for professional purposes.The next race was a Togen. They were lightly skinned humans, with pointy ears. An exact copy of an elf from old fairy tales back on Earth. Finally, there was a Mechanicatronic. This was a being that not many really understood. They were, in essence, clockwork robots, but they had a mind of their own and had formed enough to follow humans in their evolutionary path. Some rumours went around they'd been created as AI and had overthrown their creator. Others thought they were partly biological. They refused to offer up any answers, claiming they did not know themselves. Nine species to make the Galaxy a habitable place. All of it would soon come crashing down.
"Good evening, people. I hope you are all well."
"Of course we are all well, thank you Mr President. May I ask why we have all been gathered to this emergency meeting?" The Eltharian asked. Many of them nodded. Knite just sat, staring ahead.
"Yes, we've arrived at that topic already." The President stood, feeling to jittery to sit still, needing to move. He began to walk around the table, looking all of them in the eye, or as best as he could. 
"I'm sure you've all heard of that planet being destroyed, of course." The President said calmly. 
"You mean that lump of charcoal inhabited by savages? They killed themselves off, right?" The Drohnan sniggered.
"No, of course they didn't, no race would be stupid enough, let alone powerful enough, to destroy an entire planet. No, they didn't. Their planet was destroyed by another race." The President continued. "We have a few clues, as to what they are. Clue number one is their means of transport. On the remains, a search team found parts of rock. But the rock was stained black, and seemed to have purple veins. Peculiar, but most of the destruction did to the small planet was made by the impact of meteors. That is as far as we can go in guessing what the rock is." The President turned, to see if anyone had questions, but nobody piped up. "Okay, clue number two, a few shards of crystal were found their. They had similar colours to the meteor, but they also seemed to be more scattered, and we know no other trace of this crystal is found inside the planet. It came from an exterior source." The President exclaimed. The Revum spoke, its colours flashing as it did.
"Sir, I'm terribly sorry to interrupt, but could this have not been just a meteor strike on the planet, just like the dinosaurs on Earth?" 
"We thought of that, but there is one big clue I probably should've started with." The President answered. "Clue number three, is however primitive this race inhabiting the planet was, they killed something. Something strange." The President pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, unfolded it and placed it in the centre of the table where everyone could see. "On this paper you see a fifteen metre tall being, black with purple veins running through out its entire body. It has something to do with the crystals and the meteors. We don't have many reports, but we know this is the only one they managed to kill. We don't know how either, it has mostly been burnt." The President turned to the table. "Not many facts, but since then, two other planets have been destroyed. None of those brought further any more clues, but one of those planets had our technology, our weaponry with it, and they didn't manage to kill them. They sent a distress message, about ten seconds long. We think this race has cut off any kind of communication so that people can't call for help. Here is the recording." He pulled out a speaker this time, placing it on top of the picture and pressing the play button. There was a moment of static before a voice could be heard. 
"Calling any body on this frequency, some strange meteors have just landed. They came straight through our missiles, ignored our continuous warning, and now people are being slaughtered out there. So many of them, some big, some wide, please send-" a screech cut across the room, the President pressing the pause button before it could continue. "After we received that message, we sent out a team again to the planet. There couldn't have been more than half an hour between them sending the message, and our team arriving, but by the time they got there, everything was... gone. It was wiped out, a smoking shell of what it was." The President breathed. We have named this new race the Eldritch, and classed them an A threat to us. We need solutions to this problem, in case they continue. Gentlemen..." The President sat back in his seat, exhausted. "We work together on this one, and bring down these Eldritch."

"We are all, going to die." The President sat at his desk in his office. The office was grand, if pretty bare. It held a wardrobe, a double bed, a chest of drawers and a desk. The carpet was a magnificent brown, and the curtains were a deep purple. Though there was no window, the curtains added something to the room that made it more homely. Inside the desk, the President held a few essentials. Paper, pens, staplers. There was one locked drawer though. From inside the President pulled a cigar and a bottle of whisky. 
"Oh, so very old, Mr President." Knite spoke from the door. The President dropped his cigar and spun round.
"Oh, it's you. One day, you will give me a heart attack Knite." The President picked up his cigar from the floor.
"Not before you give yourself one, I assure you. Sir, I listened to the meeting..." Knite began.
"Yes, yes. Of course you did, you were there. You heard what they all said. The old "lets make peace" or "find them and blast them out of the Galaxy" stuff. None of it will work. We can't find them, we can't communicate, they only ever appear when they destroy a place and then they disappear. Anything new, Knite?" The President babbled. He poured himself a large glass of whisky, and poured another. He drank the first, and held out the second to Knite. 
"No thank you, sir. No, there is nothing new. But I have had an idea sir." Knite took a seat next to the President.
"What is your idea? I'll take anything good right now at the moment." The President lit the cigar and puffed, breathing out. 
"Well, sir, the Three Hammers." The President coughed and swung around to Knite. 
"But... but thats been retired for years now, Knite. Two of the old members are dead, and I'm pretty sure the third member already has one leg in the grave..." 
"No, no, I know that, sir. I mean we recruit again." Knite smiled, pleased with himself. The President just stared.
"Knite, the Three Hammers are based on the best warriors, ever, period. Not anyone will do, there are recruitments, tests, things that need to happen, and we simply do not have time for that..."
"Nope, sir, I already have three perfect candidates. All skilled in different areas. I think one of them is even in the army..." Knite explained.
"Okay, Knite. Explain your three recruits to me. Impress me." The President leaned back on his chair. Knite just smiled even wider, leaning in, clasping his hands together. "Well..."

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