Taken Over

Faye Grace Kallas hates the way things are now. Ever since World War 3 happened the Robos have taken over. Most people are stuck with them having to do what they say. Few people haven't been captured. One of the few is my brother, William David Kallas and I. My brother is 14 and I'm 17. I have always been careful not to get caught anywhere. I can't get caught. I have to keep my brother safe. But what happens when I got caught? I can tell you one thing. I sure as hell am fighting back.


5. Chapter 5 Charlotte Part 1

Chapter 5

I sighed in relief. I finally got done with breakfast. It was awful, but at least we got food. Will, didn't have as much of a hard time eating it. Although I think that's because he's weird and he can eat anything when he is hungry.

I looked around the cafeteria for Donovan. He was standing by one of the doors. It's creepy how much they're all like robots. I got up and dumped my tray. Will was still talking with Blythe so I walked straight to Donovan. "I'm ready to walk around this place."

Donovan nodded and walked out the door quickly. I followed him practically running. "Human behind you that can't walk fast." I called out.

He sighed and stopped waiting for me to catch up. I caught up to him and we started walking again this time with him more slow than before. We walked into a room full of people working out, it was like a prison. I heard someone crying and turned towards it. A crowd was surrounding someone or something. "Hey." I yelled.

I pushed past everybody and got to where the crying was coming from. A girl who looked to be about 10 or 11 was lying on the floor cowering away from a Robo. My eyes narrowed in annoyance and anger. I walked forwards. "You dumb kid. I told you to go to the laundry room." He bellowed.

She whimpered and cowered away even more. I was seeing red. I ran forward and before anybody could stop me I turned him around. "Get away from her you jackass." I yelled in his face.

His eyes narrowed at me. "Make me."

"Gladly." I jumped at him and started hitting him on the human side. He moved to the side and hit me straight in the jaw. I flew backwards onto the floor in front of the girl.

"Beletov!" Donovan snarled. "No fighting with the humans."

"She attacked..."

I didn't here anything after that. My ears were ringing loudly and my head felt like it might explode. I felt like I was about to pass out. The pain was too immense. My whole face was hurting and I knew it would be bruised. I was holding my jaw before I felt myself fall back against the floor and pass out.

Donovan's POV

"Beletov!" I snarled. "No fighting with the humans."

"She attacked..."

"I don't care." I hissed.

He narrowed his eyes at me but I ignored him. I walked over to Faye and saw that she was passed out. The little girl was sitting right by her. I leaned down to pick Faye up. "Do you want to come with us?" I asked the kid.

She looked scared but nodded. I lifted Faye up and carried her bridal style. The kids footsteps tapped against the floor as she followed me. "What's your name?"

"Charlotte." She said quietly.

I nodded. "I'm Donovan."

"Why are you helping her?"

"Because Beletov was out of reason. We do not hurt humans unless they hurt us." I looked down at Faye. "And she wasn't anywhere near close to hurting him."

I pushed the door to the infirmary open. Multiple people were coughing and gasping for air. It smelled like death. I laid her down on a clean bed carefully and put a blanket over her. "Donovan? What are you doing in here?" Doctor Marissa Kantos asked.

"This girl got hurt. Beletov went crazy on her. Her jaw might be broken."

She sighed. "You guys really need to put a chain on Beletov. This is the third person this month."

"I know." I admitted. Everybody likes Beletov, we are the one of the only people that want him gone.

"I'll check her jaw." I nodded and backed away so she could look at her. She held her jaw and I flinched. That has got to hurt a lot. She sighed and pushed on her jaw softly.

I grabbed her hand. "Be careful." I growled. She flinched and I let go. "Sorry."

"It's fine. Her jaw is really bruised and will hurt a lot but it isn't broken. She is very lucky. I will keep her in here until she wakes up then she can go back to her room. Make sure she has pain meds and ice packs with her."

I nodded. "Ok, thanks."

I could tell in her eyes that she knew I cared but I would never admit it to anyone. I will not leave her to the same fate as my family. No one can know that some part of me cares about this girl.


Hey everybody! I am so sorry. I know its been forever since I updated but I've been having some writers block with this story. I know this is really short but I liked the cliffhanger and Part 2 will be longer. Please fav and comment.

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