Taken Over

Faye Grace Kallas hates the way things are now. Ever since World War 3 happened the Robos have taken over. Most people are stuck with them having to do what they say. Few people haven't been captured. One of the few is my brother, William David Kallas and I. My brother is 14 and I'm 17. I have always been careful not to get caught anywhere. I can't get caught. I have to keep my brother safe. But what happens when I got caught? I can tell you one thing. I sure as hell am fighting back.


3. Chapter 3 Our New Room

Chapter 3

Donovan's POV

I felt bad for hurting the girl but she couldn't know that I still had feelings. Most Robos don't. I'm one of the only Robos that still has a human part of me. I sighed and grabbed a towel to take a shower. I could feel her eyes on me as I closed the door behind me.

I looked at myself in the mirror and all I could see was a monster. I'm a monster. I look like a human on the outside and feel like one, but on the inside something is strong, fast, and something that will always be a part of me. I have one green eye and one red eye. My black hair overs half of the green eye.

When they did the treatment on all of us we thought they would use skin to put on our robot parts, like in Terminator, but they didn't.

The picture that the girl saw was of my wife and kids. It was before all of this happened. Before that sick excuse of a man raped my wife and killed her. He took my kids. I looked down when I heard a crack and saw that I just broke the counter.

I breathed out slowly and let go.

I turned on the water and let it warm up. When we we're made the surgeons put something with the metal to let us still take a shower without it messing with the electrical stuff. Nobody knows what they used to make us. If anybody asks then we get into trouble.

My hand relaxed at the warmness of the water. I pulled my clothes off and threw them in the hamper. The glass started to fog up as I slowly got in. I sighed. The water flowed all down me and calmed me down. I grabbed my shampoo and massaged it into my hair. My body moved forward so the water could hit my head. The shampoo flowed down my body. I scrubbed me head and watched the bubbles and water flow down the drain.

I wonder why Holly had the girl stay with me. She has never done that before. My nose scrunched up in confusion. This has never happened, not even with the other robos.

I gasped. She thinks she could be the one to help everyone escape. But why? She doesn't even know the girl.

Will's POV

When I opened the door to my room, I saw a girl sleeping in one of the beds. I was shocked, I'm guessing they don't care if you share a room with a guy or a girl.

I wanted to stay with my sister. But of course the dumb b*tch said no. Someone slammed the door into my back and I cursed loudly.

"How did you get caught?" The girl that is now awake asked.

"We went into a tunnel and didn't notice that the charcoal around the fire was still warm until it was too late." I said.

"We?" She asked.

I cleared my throat. "Yeah. My sister and I." I replied.

She nodded and made and Ahh noise.

"Yeah. What's your name?" I said.

"Blythe. What's yours?"

"William, but my friend's call me Will." I replied with a wink.

Blythe snorted, I'm guessing at my attempt to flirt. She was pretty cute. "Well tough guy, lights go out in 20 minutes."

"They have a rule for when the lights go out?" I asked exasperatedly. Blythe nodded and went to what I'm guessing was the bathroom. "That is so dumb!" I exclaimed.

She closed the door and said, "Yeah!", through the door.

I decided to look around my new room while I waited for her to get out of the bathroom. My bed was neat, in fact all of my side was neat. On Blythe's side the only thing that was out of place was her blanket on her bed.

I startled to whistle a song that my mom sang us when we were younger. "What are you whistling?" Blythe asked annoyed.

"Oh, sorry. It's a song that my mom used to sing to me." I answered.


"Yeah." I said in reply.

"Lights out in ten minutes." A voice came out of nowhere.

"They're really serious about lights out, aren't they?" I asked shocked.

Blythe snorted and said, "They're serious about everything."

I nodded and went to my bed. I sat on it and noticed that it was cold and hard. That's nice! I thought in my head sarcastically.

I smiled. I spend way too much time with Faye. That's exactly what she would say.

"Well, goodnight tough guy." Blythe said when she got out of the bathroom.

"Goodnight." I answered and walked to the bathroom. Man, I haven't been in a bathroom in a long time. I walked out after I finished my business and saw Blythe already asleep under her covers.

Everything was white in here. It was so dull and depressing. I don't know how people loved in these rooms. I sighed when I laid down on my back. It felt like I was sleeping on the ground like usual. The bed feels the exact same way as a cave floor.

I snorted at that and got as comfortable as I could get. I won't be looking forward to tomorrow. It will be my first day in this hellhole. And with that thought the lights turned off.

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