Taken Over

Faye Grace Kallas hates the way things are now. Ever since World War 3 happened the Robos have taken over. Most people are stuck with them having to do what they say. Few people haven't been captured. One of the few is my brother, William David Kallas and I. My brother is 14 and I'm 17. I have always been careful not to get caught anywhere. I can't get caught. I have to keep my brother safe. But what happens when I got caught? I can tell you one thing. I sure as hell am fighting back.


2. Chapter 2 Our New Home

Chapter 2


Faye's POV (it will always be Faye's POV unless I say it is someone else's POV.)

I was freezing and disgusted sitting on the snowmobile. I had to keep my arms around Robo #1's waist or else I would fall off. Everytime I tried looking back at Will it wouldn't work out. I have been trying to think of escape plans the entire time. I thought about jumping off but I can't leave Will.

About 10 minutes later I saw a big building coming into view. It had a huge iron fence all the way around it. We got closer to the fence and it opened. The snowmobiles drove through and stopped quickly. "You can let go now." Robo 1  said. I looked down and noticed I still had my arms around his waist. I made a face of disgust and let go quickly.

I stepped down and slipped. I was close to hitting the ice under me but Robo 1 caught me. Robo 1 pulled me up and quickly stepped away. Will came over to me and asked,"Are you all right?" I smiled at him and said,"Yeah, I'm fine." "Awww, how cute. The boy is worried about you." Robo 2 said. I huffed and glared at him.

I heard a door slam open and turned around. A woman in a pantsuit was walking towards us with some guards. Will came and stood by me. The woman walked up. "What are your names?" She asked. I raised my eyebrows. "Faye, and this is my little brother Will." I said. I may not like her but I can't take the chance of her hurting Will.

"Hello! Welcome to Esclavage! My name is Holly Tranton. You may call me Ms. Tranton." She made a  motion with her hand for us to follow her. "Come. I will get you new clothes and some rooms." "Can we share a room?" WIll asked quickly, before I could stop him. Tranton looked at Will and said,"No. We will figure out your age. You will be with people your age. You will have the same jobs as them."

She ponted at me. "Now, you, I want with Donovan." I gave her a confused look. She must have saw it because she pointed behind me at Robo 1. I made a disgusted look. "Why?" I asked. "Because, you obviously need to be watched." She started to walk again so I rolled my eyes and followed her. When I got inside there were people all around.

Everybody was doing something. I saw some people cleaning the floors, carrying clean clothes and dirty clothes. Everybody looked so obedient and afraid. It made me sick. How could Ms. Tranton even do this? She is just as bad as the Robo's.

Donovan grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me forward. I clenched my fists and tried very hard not to hit him. "Keep moving." He whispered in my ear. I made a face of disgust for the fiftieth time today.

We continued following her and she pointed out the kitchen, laundry room, and the cafeteria. "There are rules here and you will follow them. There will be a pamphlet in your rooms. I expect you to follow the rules." She said looking at me pointedly. I rolled my eyes.

 We went to the left into a hallway. When we got to the 5th door on the left Ms. Tranton stops. She pointed at Will and said," This will be your room." Will looked back at me and nodded. I nodded back. He will be alright alone.

Ms. Tranton continued walking after Will closed the door to his new room. I followed after her reluctantly with Donovan right behind me. We resumed walking behind her. We took a left and stopped at the door all the way down the hall. She opened the door and what I saw in the room blew my breathe away. It was huge! It has 2 beds, one that looks king sized and the other that is twin sized. There is 2 closets and 2 dressers.

Someone shoved me into the room. As the door closes and I here Ms. Tranton say, "Remember to read the pamphlet and don't give me trouble."

I scowled and turned around to see Donovan nose to nose with me. I looked at him weirdly but all he did was go around me. I sighed and did a 180 turn. Donovan was by what I'm guessing was his bed. He was staring at me, as if he was waiting for me to do something.

I raised my eyebrows and walked to the only other bed in the room. "Stay on your side of the room and follow the rules. If you do that we won't have any problems." Donovan said distracted. He was looking at a picture on the nightstand right by his bed.

I moved to the side a little bit and saw a beautiful woman and adorable little girl and boy. The woman has blonde hair. The little boy and girl both had brown hair. "Who are those people?" I asked curiously.

"Nobody!" he said sharply and slammed the picture down with force. I winced and turned towards my new bed.

"Well, then." I said under my breathe.

Donovan shoved me against the wall. I yelped. "Leave it alone!"

I winced and my eyes started to water up. His hands were wrapped tightly around my arms slowly bruising them. His eyes softened and he let go of me. He moved away from and to his side of the room. "Go to bed. Lights go out in 20 minutes."

I rubbed my arms and tried to get feeling back into them. I could already see bruises showing up. I went back over to my bed and sat down. Looking around the room I see that there is nothing personal in here. The only thing that is personal is the picture of the woman and kids.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Donovan grab a towel out of a tall cabinet and go into the bathroom.



Hey everybody! Sorry it took me so long to update. I keep on coming up with new ideas lol. I will try to start updating more. So please vote, comment, and follow me if you like.  

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